Proficient Tips & Trick to Save Money at Macy’s

If you are willing to take a look on the latest fashion, makeup, paramount home decor or on the shoes for whole family then the best place for you to go to is Macy’s. You can also find on great deals at Macy’s, but sometimes shopping at Macy’s can be a bit expensive for you, but you don’t have to worry about that because in this article we have mentioned some of our favorite & expert ways through which you guys can save each and every time you shop at Macy’s.

Simply stick to us and we will show you how you can save some extra money for yourself whenever you shop decide to shop at Macy’s.

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Download The Macy’s Application

You can download the Macy’s application to get the 25% off on your first order via application. This app will keep you updated with exclusive deals and promotions on Macy’s products and it will also help you to track your orders and also allows you to compare your prices online and in – store.

Price Match

The working strategy of Macy’s store and is different, which also means that the price of products online and in – store can be different. In case if the price of an item is less on the Macy’s website as compared to the in – store price, then just show that price to the cashier and they will grant you a discount. You can check out the Macy’s pricing policy to get more information about that.

Sign Up For The Macy’s Credit Card

If you are a Macy’s regular customer then with Macy’s credit card you can save in a great way. If you spend $499 per year then you will earn points for Star Money Rewards, which is actually equivalent to cash discount. At this point you’ll also be able to get a 25% off a day and also you’ll be able to get birthday surprises.

You will get a free shipping on all of your purchases if you spend between $500 to $1,199 per year and in case if you spend more than $1,200 per year then you will get 5% cash back as a reward.

Sign Up For Emails

With Macy’s you can get both text messages & emails discounts. Their actual discounts will fluctuate across the year but they can be major at some points. Macy’s new subscribers will get a 25% off for their next purchase. These discounts will value the time itself. And you can look forward to receive the other discounts across the year. The only thing you need to do this is to get your self registered with the Macy’s profile and it will hardly take 3 – 4 minutes.

Take A Look On The Macy’s Friends & Family Sale

One of the best time to shop at Macy’s is when their Friends & Family sale is on the go. Their Friends & Family sale is usually on the go throughout the whole year. Normally the company offers a certain promo code for their customers to use to get the lowest price. You can get up to 30% off merchandise on the Macy’s Friends & Family sale.

Check Out the One Day Sale

Macy’s One Day Sale is a day which commonly happens on every third Saturday of each month, however there can be the change of time across the year. In simple words, this is the day when Macy’s provides the great prices on a large range of merchandise. At this moment of time there are also some additional discounts offered on the clearance of merchandise purchases, and honestly speaking this is the best time of the month to shop for yourself.

Purchase with the Macy’s WOW! Pass

You don’t have to be worried if you don’t want the Macy’s Credit Card. Simply hold on tightly for a WOW! Pass. These coupons are for the non – cardholders. You’ll be only able to get one WOW! Pass or Macey’s coupon per each visit or shopping trip on While shopping online, you can use the code of Macy’s coupon which you have found on your WOW! Pass.

Get The Last Act Sale

Other than Macy’s One Day Sale it also offers the Last Act Sale, which is also similar to the big clearance savings. You’ll also find out these items marked down in – stores, but the great options are on their website. You can save here up to 80%, including everything from clothing to appliances. Obviously, these changes very frequently and there is literally no way to figure out what merchandise will hit the Last Act Sale. However if you are shopping for something then it is a good place.

Start at RetailMeNot

By just checking Macy’s storepage at RetailMeNot you can save on Macy’s purchases and it is one of the simplest ways to save money at Macy’s.  Also this is one of the greatest places to find Macy’s promo codes and coupons. As an instance, you can usually find coupons for up to 30% discount on your purchases, and not only that because you can also get cash back offers and department specific sales. The weekly ad of Macy’s is also listed here which can be a great opportunity for you to save even more.

Shop When Seasons Are Changing

Another way to save on shopping is to shop when seasons are changing, and the reason behind that is that you can get nice and great benefits by buying merchandise when seasons are changing. In the first 3 – 4 weeks after the season is changing, Macy’s perform a great job of cleaning out products and in that time you can gain advantage of that.

Shop Semi – Annual Sales

If you are on this article means you are also willing to save on shopping at Macy’s and the best time for you to shop inexpensively is to shop in January & July, and the reason behind that is that Macy’s announce their semi – annual sale in January & July. These significant sales provides you up to 75% off of the clearance prices.

So guys this was the list of those proficient tips & tricks through which you guys can save money while shopping at Macy’s. So don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and share your experiences with us, also let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried out and how much did you saved.

Good luck & have a nice day!