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Welcome to our site. We’ve put together a large database of freebie offers in America. As of now, we’ve listed over 350 freebies, and we often list up to 10 new freebies daily.

There are thousands of companies in America that are giving away free samples. It is a marketing ploy designed to gain more exposure and increase sales. In our experience, more than half of people who try a product for free are likely going to buy the product at some point.

Hundreds Of Freebie Offers

We have listed hundreds of freebie offers from numerous companies. Some of the companies we’ve partnered with in the past included Dove, L’Oreal and Huggies. Others include Gucci, Rimmell and Gillete to name a few.

Getting Started

First, browse our site to find stuff you want to try. When you find something, click the Get Freebie Button. Next, you’ll be taken to the company’s website and then you can fill out your name. After you do this, simply wait for the freebie to be shipped to you, which can take up to a month.

Be patient when you request your freebies. Many companies get hundreds of requests daily. It can take time to get your freebies.

Various companies give out freebies and they give away all kinds of items. This includes makeup samples, baby stuff and much more. We firmly believe you will easily find something on our site. Just make sure you check out our website daily because we’re always updating it.

Do you have any questions? If so, visit our FAQ page. You’ll likely find the answers to your questions there.

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About Our Team

The team at Freebie Rush spend all day searching for new freebies. We constantly update the website with the best samples, freebies and free offers available each and every day.

The samples and free offers available are provided by companies in the USA as part of advertising campaigns or promotions. They are attempts to attract consumers to purchase products in the future. Our team finds the freebie offers and lists the offers on our website. All you need to do is complete the freebie order form filling in your name and address, and then click the “submit” button. It really is that simple!

The freebies on offer are provided by several companies in the USA, such as Dove, Nivea, Simple, Colgate, Oral-B, Garnier, L’Oreal, Head and Shoulders, Fairy, Gillette, Pampers, Pantene, Olay, and many more. You can obtain everything from free tea bags to free baby nappies. The majority of these free items can take approximately 28 days to arrive.

Unlike other types of freebie giveaway websites, we list exclusive and genuine freebies that are independently verified, as well as being helpful to the entire community. Our company does not post spam offers designed to steal the consumer’s details or pass their details onto any third parties. We hate those websites as much as you do!

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You can also become involved with our community. Our team maintains all the pages on our website ensuring they are updated regularly with the latest freebies available.

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