1. How To Navigate FreebieRush?

FreebieRush comes with 4 separate sections, where each section of the website is posted separately which offers easier navigation. Below is list of the 4 different pages on our site:

– FreebieRush: Freebie’s Page ( This is our “Home page” on FreebieRush.com)

– FreebieRush: Coupon and Deals Page

– FreebieRush: On-Line Deals Page

– FreebieRush: Contests Page

2. How To Follow FreebieRush?

To make it simple we also offer a separate Facebook page, for all the Free Stuff, Deals, Coupons and Competitions that we regularly post.

You are able to follow FreebieRush through:

– Twitter

– Facebook- For The Freebies

– Pinterest

– Email Updates

3. How Do I Get Free Stuff?

Navigate through our website to find the offers that you are interested in or that you would like to sample. Click on the “GET FREEBIE” button and you are then directed to the website of the company that is running a free-sample giveaway. You will need to follow instructions on the company website which usually involves typing in a few details such as your address and name before you are able to submit a form. The Freebies on average take up to 28 days to arrive, but will be dependent on the actual offer and the delivery policy of the company.

4. Should I Be Using My Normal Email Address?

We recommend that you create a separate email address using Gmail or Hotmail. This will stop spam from reaching the email address that you use all the time for personal and business purposes.

5. I Clicked On A Freebie, Why Has It Not Arrived?

Some of the freebies are delivered within a week, while others can take as long as 4 months. In addition, in some instances companies may have left forms up for the freebies that they are no longer honoring or when the samples have run out. In other cases, certain freebies will be limited to a specified amount of people, and when this number is reached, you might not receive your freebie (even when the form is still available on the website).

6. Are You Able To Send Me Email Updates When The Latest Freebies Have Been Released?

Yes, when you sign-up for the email newsletter which can be found on the home page near the top, we will then send you all our regular updates. This will include an email newsletter weekly which is inclusive of all the freebies available for that week.

7. When I Clicked On A Link There Was No Form To Complete Or It Says Page Not Found?

Freebies are usually snatched up fast and because we post so many freebies in a day, we are not always aware when a freebie has expired or has run out. Additionally at the moment there are few sites which are not compatible for use on mobile devices, which is why you will receive this. The best way to ensure you minimize losing out on your favorite Freebies is to make sure you are subscribed to our Email Updates, and that you are following us on RSS Feed, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

8. Is It Really Possible To Receive Free Goods, It Sounds Too Good To Be True?

You will receive free stuff and a lot of it. When you start completing the Freebie forms, within a few weeks your mailbox will always have Free Stuff, sometimes even daily. Many companies prefer that consumers sample and try out products and this is form of advertising. You are able to view all the Freebie here that our FreebieRush readers have already posted on Facebook.

9. Is There A Way To Contact FreebieRush?

You can either contact us through email at Contact@FreebieRush.com or through our Contact Form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.