How Our Database Works

With hundreds of verified freebies on our website, we are well-established as the leading database for all relevant freebie offers. To keep up with the latest releases, our website is updated every single day.

Companies around the US are committed to using free samples or “freebies” as a marketing tool for brand awareness and general exposure. According to studies on the subject, individuals with a free/trial offer are far more like to purchase the product. This is why thousands of US businesses continue to employ this successful marketing strategy.

How It Works

1) Begin by going through our comprehensive database of freebies. Once you’ve found the right freebie, please click “Get Freebie.”

2) This will lead you directly to the company’s offer page. At this stage, please fill out your details (i.e. name/address).

3) Once the company has your details, they will ship it out immediately. The delivery may require 3-4 weeks to arrive.

With regards to the shipping process, it’s important to stay patient! The company has to verify each request and may need to process thousands before coming to yours.

In most cases, these companies are handling multiple requests and various offers at the same time. The database is home to a comprehensive selection of offers including makeup samples, baby-related samples and more. By going through our website, each and every person can find an offer to their liking!

For more information, please visit our FAQs page.