12 Ways To Comfort Yourself For Free

Fed up of feeling exhausted?

I don’t have any idea about you but I mostly have pipe dreams spinning around having the time and money to be able to manage eventual comforting experience. With essential oils, robes, spa bath, the whole deal!

Although this might be inaccessible for a bit, being on a budget doesn’t mean that you should be careless about your self-care totally.
Right now, I’m going to share some of my favorite ways to comfort yourself for free.

1 Remove unnecessary items from your house:

You might be thinking that comforting isn’t alleged to involve any kind of work, but here is the thing that how are you supposed to relax when your house is full of unnecessary stuff?.

Clear space = clear mind
As you’ve filtered your house by throwing away unnecessary stuff, now you can start thinking about your beauty products and wardobe:
– Is there any chance that you will ever put on those uncomfortable tight shoes again?
– Are you actually going to take advantage of that last smidgen of shower gel sitting in your bathroom cabinet.
Never thought of it?
Eliminate everything that does not suits with you or have a happy place in your home as long ago.
Moreover, if you have a great common sense then you can earn some money on your decluttering session.

2 Clean your lavatory

Once again the same conditions apply, lets say you’re willing to set the right mood for your comforting session, I don’t think that a dirty bathroom will surely help you to pamper yourself. So simply follow these steps to set a perfect mood for your comforting session.

1- Clean up everything.
2- Dismiss any tubes of shampoo, toothpaste or of shower gel that are almost empty.
3- Light up some candles, pick up your bubble bath and you’re ready to go.


3 Take a bubble bath

As soon as the candles are well lighted and you have already hit the play on your relaxing play list, now relax and rest for a while. You may deal yourself with a glass of wine… you deserve it!


4 Prepare a DIY face mask

You don’t need to spend some pounds on a high street inexpensive substitute. Distinguish how to make your own natural face mask exploding with natural goodness, with ingredients like oats, avocado and honey.


5 Head Massage

You can also get a head massager to massage your head but that’s not necessary. Just take advantage of your hands to rub your head gradually and massage your temples by using your fingers. Place away five minutes to finish up this and you will feel super relaxed.

6 Hand Massage

If you have some hand cream lying around which you forgot you had. Rub the cream on your hands to assist them to experience softness full of moisture. Provide yourself a manicure or pedicure
Put away a couple of hours to deal yourself with a proper manicure.
1- First of all pick a nail color for yourself, select the color that calms you and will flatter your outfits for the next week.
2- Record your nails into the finest shape which make you feel comfortable. Prefer squared shape to oval? The choice is yours.
3- Start painting with color. Paint in three’s for example one stroke in the middle and then one on each side
4- Don’t ignore the base coat. This is the most important,even more than a top coat because it gives something for the color to stick to.


7 Cook something classy

I care to buy expensive meat when its on discount and freeze it for when we have guests but why should they have all the fun?. Cook your favorite meal for yourself while listening to your favorite music or podcast which calm you for sure. Don’t forget that saucy glass of wine.


8 Add on some fruit to your drink

An immediate and refreshing pick me up, adding fruit to your drink can be helpful to root out any sort of unhealthy toxins. Addition of some extra lemon and cucumber to your drink can be used as an extra boost.


9 Light scented candles throughout your home

Don’t let the goodness of fragrance end once you’ve finished your comforting bath. Light scented candles throughout your home to make your house smell magical.


10 Get a cup of your favorite tea in your favorite cup

A cup of tea in your favorite mug with your most relaxing music is one of the most greatest pleasures of life. Turn the kettle on and play your favorite music.


11 Rest on fresh sheets

Laying in bed with fresh bed sheets is something really unequal to anything else. Sleeping on fresh sheets is something you’re most guaranteed for better night sleep and it surely make you feel relaxed. You should change your bedsheets before you start getting tired of it.


12 Address yourself to an early night

This is one the best comforting tip for yourself I can probably give. I know this might be a bit difficult when you have a family with kids or your partner works on a different schedule compared to you. But the best way to comfort yourself Is treating yourself to an early night whenever you get a chance to. You must be exhausted after completing all of the above. If you love our tips please check out our free stuff blog.

Posted on: 06/14/2020

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