15 Places to Sell Your Used Electronics

We live in the era of electronics where everything is made up of electronic components. As the time is passing we are getting new technologies day by day. So definitely we go for the newest technology that causes our house full of electronics gadget that now we don’t use and sometimes we just want to upgrade our gadgets such as cell phones so we let go our old ones. Now instead of placing these gadgets in your house you should declutter your house and sell these items. Today in this article I will tell you about 15 such online stores where you can sell your used electronics. Every online store has its own rule and regulation for buying and selling but the selling process is very easy for all and you will be able to sell your items in very easy steps. So starting from here,


1. Craigslists

Craigslists is one of the famous online store that you should have heard of before. You can sell any of your electronic item on Craigslist like mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, tablets and any other gadget. You have to put your item on their website and then have to wait for a costumer and one thing you must do is you must take your safety precautions before meeting the client or you should to keep the meeting in a public place because sites like these don’t ask or verify details of costumers.

2. Green Buyback

Green Buyback is one of the fastest and highest online paid stores to sell your electronics items. Like others you put your item on their website then they offer you a price. According to their website they pay you the highest price more than any other website. After you accept their price they send you a free shipping label and you have to box up your item yourself and send it them. As soon as they receive the item they send the money to you through PayPal. However if you want a pay check then it will take a day or two to deliver.


3. Swappa

Swappa like Decluttr deals with electronic gadgets like old cell phones, tablets and laptops but they only deal with the products that are in working condition. They don’t buy broken electronics gadgets. You can sell your gaming station to Swappa and they will not charge a listing fee however they will charge for selling fee that according to them is much less than other online stores.


4. eBay

eBay is also one of the largest online store you can sell your products on eBay and its customers are highly satisfied by their services as seen in the website reviews section. One thing you must keep in our mind that eBay charge you for selling and listing so it would be a better idea to put that amount in your selling price. You can sell your broken gadgets here too because they are bought by the recycler or those which will use the electronic components.

5. Gazelle

If you use the products of Apple, Samsung and Sony then you can sell your products on Gazelle because this store only deals with limited number of brands. The selling process is just like Decluttr but in this case you don’t have to scan the barcode but you have to put the details of the items you are selling and they send you a free shipping box in which you send your products to the company for free and then if the product you sent is according to the information you have provided them they pay you the cost on the day but if it doesn’t they offer you again according to the condition of your product.

6. Facebook Marketplace

I am sure you will be a user of Facebook then why not sell your products on Facebook through Facebook Marketplace. This is also one of the easiest methods to sell your online products. You just have to put your item with your demand price on the marketplace and one of the benefit for your security that you will get to know the person you are selling your product by their Facebook account. This Facebook Marketplace will not charge you any fee and although it is new in business but because the number of user Facebook makes it popular in no time.


7. Amazon

Amazon is the world largest online store, selling your products on Amazon is a good idea. The process is very easy. The thing you should do before putting your product or item online is that make sure that is someone else is selling the same item or not? If yes, then you should put a very reasonable rate as compared to sell so that your product should be bought soon. The rate of your product will depend upon the condition of the product that you are selling. And for your information the selling and buying process on Amazon is very safe because you will have to pay to Amazon directly.

8. Decluttr

Using Decluttr for selling your gadgets will be the easiest part because the process of selling your electronics here is totally free. Decluttr deals with products like old CDs, old DVDs, old cell phones or tablets and LEGOs. You just have to scan the bar code of the product and Decluttr will give you the best possible rate available. You don’t have to worry about the payment because you will receive the payment on the next day when Decluttr receive your product through PayPal.

9. Offerup

Offerup is another online store like Letgo that is serving in almost every state and every city. The process is very easy and you can sell anything you want you just have to put your product and wait for a costumer. You must use safety precautions before meeting. They do not charge any selling or listing fee.


10. Letgo

Letgo is another online store like Craigslist where you can sell almost everything you can want. These website do not charge any selling or listing fee you just have to put the thing on the website for selling and then just for any client. One thing you should make sure on selling on this website is that you should take the safety precaution before meeting the client.


11. SellShark

SellShaark is also an electronic store that will buy your electronic gadgets even they are broken. But the only drawback of this website that they only deal with a limited number of brands. You just have to put your product on their website and they will offer you a price and you will get your price as soon as they received your product. So it is safe and easy.

12. Item Cycle

To sell your Apple and Mac gadgets you can use this website. The process is quite easy you just put the details and then they offer you a price and if you accept it then they send a shipping label. On receiving Item Cycle checks your item and pays you.


13. ItsWorthMore

ItsWorthMore is also the same type of stores as mentioned above but they are quite more efficient than others because they offer you a price in no time means you get it as soon as you enter your details. You can accept their price in next two weeks and after they send you a free shipping label and after receiving they check your sent item and if it is okay to them then they pay you through PayPal on the same day or through check in a day.


14. GizMogul

GizMogul is another online store like ItsWirthMore, Green Buy Back or Item Cycle. They deal with any of your used electronics gadgets like smart watches, cell phones or laptops of any brand. One of the good thing about them is that buy any of the brand and also accept the damaged pieces. After you accept their price they send you a free shipping label and box to send that item and as they receive your item they pay you instantly in a day from PayPal or through check if you ask for it as it will take more time.


15. Buy Back World

Buy Back is another store like Decluttr where you can sell your products safely. You have to put your items or product specification on the Buy Back World Site and then they offer you a price. You can accept that price within a month on which it is given. After you accept that price the company sends you a free shipping box and you receive your payment as soon as the company receives the product and if the product you sent is not in the condition you told them then they offer you a new price.

So these were the 15 online stores or websites where you can sell your old electronics gadgets in a very reasonable price. Drop your comments in the below comment section box and don’t forget to share your experiences of decluttering your house using these stores.

Posted on: 09/28/2020

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