5 Best Online Marketplaces & Tips To Use Them (To sell your unwanted goods)

People around the world are now convinced by the financial and environment benefits of purchasing and selling used goods. Most of you might be thinking about where should we go to exchange the stuff or which ones are the best online market places?
That’s not a problem because we made a list of 5 best online marketplaces and that’s not it because we also made the tips to use them to make it more easier for you! You can also check out the alternatives to eBay.


1 LetGo

LetGo is one of the great online marketplace and so easy to use, which has grown substantially in the past few years. It is based on the assumption that all of us have so much stuff that we can gain some advantage by selling some of this stuff and also benefit someone else during the process.

Why it’s Best:

It is so easy to use because the only thing you need to do is to take a couple of pictures of the product which you want to sale through your phone, add a description of few words and upload it. By following these steps, you would be able to upload your product within couple of minutes.

Best Recommendation:

Purchasers and seller of Letgo community can also get advantages from Letgo’s native rating and reviews system. Before you make a final decision about buying or selling something to someone, you can check their profile and take a guess about their experiences. LetGo users can also gain benefits through LetGo staff continuously monitoring for scammers or fake profiles, that’s the reason which makes that app harder for fake people and scammers (though it’s still possible make sure you check their tips for safe exchange).


2 Facebook Marketplace

To be very honest the time when Facebook launched its marketplace platform, most of the people were astonished and doubtful of it. As years passed that incredulity has been squashed because that Marketplace has become one of the most important and major secondhand exchange platform online today!

Why it’s Best

Facebook has made the trust issues less severe that normally exists while buying or selling something from random strangers online by having all of the related to those people who have already established their Facebook’s profiles.

Best Recommendations

You can switch your research and adjust the radius and location by your choice until where you want to travel for example 7 miles, 10 miles or 15 miles. Try to search locally in near you so you can meet in person to show or see the product.
If you are selling something then do not forget to add a description about the product so people can know that you are a real person.
The other plus point about Facebook is that you can join different groups related to buying and selling secondhand goods.


3 OfferUp

OfferUp is similar to LetGo, or you can say that OfferUp is LetGo’s younger sibling. It is that kind of platform that targets to brings garage and yards sales to internet. You can either download their app on phone no matter if you’re using android or IPhone because it is available on both or you can also use it through traditional browser and shop conveniently.

Why It’s Best

OfferUp is very viewable, so you can have a best look on what you are getting through listings. It’s interact nicely and generates a very community feel.

Best Recommendation

OfferUp also have seller rating available, although it is a younger platform so it might not help you very much on everything. The platform is instinctive to use and navigate. While making transactions the only thing you need is to use your common sense practices.


4 eBay

eBay is the genuine real-time market place. eBay has the largest selection and variety of items of everything out of every other option listed so far. Together with buyers, you can also lash successfully for rare, discounted refurbished and second-hand items. Other than that, you can also find amazing prices on new items as well.

Why it’s Best

Search for anything you want to on eBay and you will probably find it, or at least alternative supplement. It is also one of the great resource for sellers so they can get a sense of the price point for secondhand and limited items.

Best Recommendation

Take advantage from their great rating system. Best sellers have thousands of ratings and reviews and are posted on right side of each listings. Be careful of sellers with little ratings or reviews.
Build up your profile ratings if you are a new seller. Another best tip to start as a new seller is to start building positive by inexpensive items.


5 Poshmark

How about you buying clothes of Instagram famous influencers straight away from their closet? That is the assumption behind Poshmark. The only marketplace app that is made for the modern day and not stuck in past.

Why It’s Best

Poshmark actually makes buying secondhand clothing fashionable successfully, as it is supposed to be. The app experience is quite different from what we all are trained to think whenever we buy someone else’s clothing on the purpose.
Poshmark allows its seller and purchaser to combine their clothes with the top brands they are from and showcase them in a charming way.

Best Recommendation

The biggest seller on Poshmark are managing a brand as much as they are selling used and secondhand fashion. Well you will get a great chance to sell your products if you picture your product perfectly and also show it being worn.
It is pretty easy being a buyer on Poshmark and you are quite protected because Poshmark does not pay out to sellers till the product is in purchaser’s hand. Poshmark also allows buyers a three day time period after shipping to confirm that they have received the parcel and everything as expected.

Posted on: 07/10/2020

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