10 Best Apps to Sell Your Stuff Online

With a rapid success of e-commerce industry, now it has become easy to sell and buy products and services. Now if you want to sell and buy anything you make money on your smart phone through an app. If you are the one who wants to sell his items locally then you can take help from the apps listed below. These apps will make it super easy to sell products and you will not have to pay for the shipping in most cases. These apps can be used to sell anything you want in your local market. These apps has taken off the hard work that was required in the past to sell an item but now it is much easier thanks to these apps. So let’s start from the 1st app.


1 Decluttr

Deccluttr is a famous app that you can use to declutter your home. You can sell your extra stuff here. But this site has a limitations on the things you can sell. You can sell CDs, DVDs, Legos, video games, gaming station, mobile phones, tablets and textbooks. This is a site that you can consider when you want to sell your products fast. This site has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Trust pilot. You can sell your item in a just a minutes and you can receive the payments in few days. If you are using the app version, you can just scan the bar code of the item that you want to sell and then you will get an instant quote by Decluttr. If you accept the quote than the company will mail you a free shipping label and a box if you want. You will be paid the next day when your item arrives at Decluttr store. You can get your payment via PayPal, direct check or direct deposit.
This app is simple and you can sell easily but make sure you only sell items that could pass the quality control test because if the items is not in the condition you told them they will offer you a new quote and there is no returning.


2 Chairish

Chairish is in business since 2013 and this app is helping people to sell their furniture, home decorations, art pieces and vintage jewelry. Chairish has certain limitations and one of them is that this app is only available for iPhone users. The minimum price to sell a product on Chairish is $75 and for that sale you will be charged a 20% commission. You an avail free shipping on certain products via the UPS store while you will have to pay for some. If you are shipping the products then you will receive the payment after 48 hour because this time is given to the customer so that he can check what he bought and if there is any issue he could return it easily. But if someone is picking the item by themselves then there is no policy of return.
This app is best for you if you have quality products to list because there is a different type of traffic on this app. People are looking for quality products for which they are willing to pay higher prices so you can also get higher profit in spite of a big commission.


3 Facebook

Everyone knows how famous is Facebook and they have a very large number of users. That is why you should consider this to sell some stuff. There are many online groups that you can join and you can list your items. One of the benefits of Facebook is that it is absolutely free and there is no listing or selling fee. You can search for these groups by clicking Buy and sell Groups button in the explore menu. You can find many groups near you and easily list your product.
Facebook is an easy platform that you can use to sell your products to your friends, family and neighbors easily. If you do not want to use the groups, you can sell the item by listing it on your timeline.


4 Letgo

Letgo is a famous app that you can use to trade your items locally. You can sell your products and buy the items you need from this app. This site is considered an alternative of the famous Craigslist website. If you want to sell items on Letgo, you can only do that with their app, you will have to take some pictures of the product and add the necessary information required with it. That is it and then your product will be listed for sale. As a buyer you can use both the website and app to buy products and both of them are very user friendly and because of this many people prefer Letgo to buy things. When you search for an item on Letgo, you will notice that the products that are near you will be listed first this means that your product will be on top when a local buyers search for anything.


5 eBay

eBay is one of the biggest multinational online store that people use to sell and buy products. This site has buyers all around the world but you can still make some good deals from the people of your area. As it has a number of users, so you can easily get the ones leaving near you. By that you will not have to ship anything. You can get rid of shipping cost by ticking the Local Pickup Only button before the listing.
On eBay, you can sell any type of products you want to sell and there is no listing fee. Whereas, you will have to pay a fee when your item is sold. By using the eBay app, you can list your items quickly and easily because their app is much better from others.


6 Poshmark

Poshmark is an app that people use to sell clothes. You can sell old and new clothes on this app. You can list cloths of kids, women and men for free on this app and when you make a sale you get a free shipping label by Poshmark. For listing your clothes on this app, you will have to take some pictures and write down the required information. You can set different clothes in your closet and when someone search for a specific product they can also look at your other products that are listed for sale. That means there are much more chances of making a sale here than any other clothing website.


7 Instagram

As we talked about Facebook, Instagram is also a famous social media platform that engages a lot of traffic from around the world. Instagram can help you sell your products and your items can be seen by many in a short period of time. People and business use these apps to list their products and many have become famous by that. You can list your product for free by taking a picture of it and posting it with the necessary information. You can engage local and international traffic on your products.


8 Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most famous platform that is used to sell and buy products and services. You can use the app of craigslist to list your products for free. The app is just like the website and it is not much designed but the number of people that use craigslist are much more than other sites listed. You can use this app for free and the chances of making a good deal are higher than other apps.
You can list any type of item or service that you want to offer for your own price and if someone is interested they will contact you. As craigslist do not charge any commission of fee so it is up to you and the client to exchange the products and cash.


9 Zaarly

If you are a resident of Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City and Northern Virginia and you also have a small business that offer services for locals then this is the app for you. This app helps homeowners to find services easily and have some good service providers. To maintain good services they keep a very strong check when someone wants to list their services. If you need a service like landscaping, electric service, garage service in the above mentioned cities then you should consider this app and if you are seller then you should use this app as it will help you get customers.


10 Recycler

If you want to sell any type of item in your local area then you should consider Recycler as an option. This app works the best in California, Midwest and the East Coast. They were one of the first selling apps so that is why they have a big number of clients. Thus you can list your items for free and the items may include used cars, pets, services or renting of houses and other products.

So these were some of the best and legit apps that you can use to sell your products locally. All the apps has its own benefits and specialties. You can use the ones which suits you the best and you can also use more than one app to make a quick sale. Do comment in the section below and also share your thoughts about these apps because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 07/24/2020

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