10 Top Game Apps to Win Cash

If you waste your time all the day by playing games or you are playing games and doing nothing in your free time then you are not utilizing your time well. Today I have come up with game apps that will help you to earn some cash by playing games and achieving certain levels. It could be much fun because you would be earning while having chill. These games would not make you rich and give you enough money to fulfill your living but it can give you extra cash that you can put in to your savings account. There would be a thought in your mind about the legibility of earning from the games that’s why I have come up with the list of those apps that let you earn legit cash. These apps can be a very good option if you waste your time while playing candy crush or other games. You can choose any option below to make your time valuable. Every app differ in some perspectives and you can choose that suits you the most.

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1. HQ

If you have a lot of trivia knowledge that you love to show off then HQ is a place for you to earn and you can earn a lot of cash prizes while using HQ. On this app you would be asked multiple choice question that you will have to answer within 10 seconds. If you answer the questions right you can win cash prizes. This site resembles to a live show and there are shows at 09 PM Eastern Time daily while in the weekdays there is another show at 03 PM. You can win daily cash prize that is up to $5,000. To win that you would have to answer 12 questions right and if you do so you will win the amount, if more than one person’s answers are correct than the amount is divided to the number of winners they have. On Sunday this app gives a big reward to its users and the wining amount is $25,000 and on some big occasions the amount can reach up to $400,000. You can find this app on the Google Play store or iTunes App store.


2. Lucktastic

Do you love to play scratch off games? Or love to test your luck? Lucktastic is one of the best and free app that will let you win money and you would not have to buy tickets anymore. You will be awarded points or cash prizes on this app and these cash prizes could be high enough as $10,000. So it is one of the best place to test your luck. This app has one of the lowest payout that is 25 cent and if you are lucky enough on a day you can earn a good amount. The points you earn on this app can be redeemed in to different gift cards from the prize store.


3. Swagbucks

One of the most famous app in town that gives you cash for little tasks is Swagbucks. It will pay you for taking surveys, surfing the internet or voting in polls while playing games is one of the other option. After reaching certain levels or for playing certain games you would earn SB points that are Swagbucks points and then to turn it into cash you can redeem them in to PayPal cash or gift cards that you can use on retail products. You would have to reach a certain level of points to get paid. By playing Swagasaurus Run or Swag Memory on this app you can earn SB points but as there is a limit on how much you can earn in a day so you have to come up every other day to increase the amount of SB points you earn.

4. Mistplay

One of the best app for gamers is Mistplay and as a gamer this app can give you a lot. You could find new games on this site to play and by playing these games you can earn points and then you can redeem your points in to gift cards that can be used to famous retailers such that Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, Xbox, Google Play and iTunes etc. One of the best thing about Mistplay is that it really takes care of what you like to play and it will usually come up with the games that you would like to play based on your previous experience of playing games. You can find Mistplay on Google store but a drawback of Mistplay is that you cannot find it on the iOS store.


5. Brain Battle

Brain Battle is very fun, this app can bring you good amount of money. You do not need to win certain levels or to purchase something on this app to earn. You just need to play games and collect a token so that you could be selected in the lucky draw. To have more chances of winning you would have to collect more tickets. The winner of this draw gets an amount that is a portion of the advertising revenue of this app. You will get your amount in the form of PayPal cash. You can find the app on Google Play Store or iTunes App store.


6. Inbox Pays

Another website that resembles with Swagbucks is Inbox Pays and this site provides you really opportunity to earn real Dollars. This app has a lot of opportunities on this app, you can play a number of free games and paid games that you can play and these games can win you cash prizes. The number of free games that are available is around 30 that includes chase, Sudoku, card games, word search and others. The amount you earn can be ranged from some cents up to $5. Inbox Pays have many other methods to get you paid that includes surveys, watching promotional videos and more. To get paid you will have to reach a certain amount of points and when you reach that amount you can redeem your points in to cash that you can directly deposit in your saving account or bank account.


7. Bananatic

Bananatic is the place where you can earn rewards by reviewing games and giving feedback so that the developers could make the game better. On bananatic you would mostly find new games as this app is used by developers who are seeking for feedback from people to improve their games. On this app you can find a lot of game developers with whom you can discuss games bugs and their development. The reward you get could be in the form of games points, increased levels and you can redeem your earnings in to gift cards or premium games. This site could bring a lot for those people who like to play new games and write reviews.


8. Long Game

Long Game is an app that lets you earn in a different app than any other app. On this app you will have to verify your identity and after that you will have to link your bank account to this app. This app will help you to attain your financial goals and you will have to set your financial goals on this app and as you set your goals then you can start earning. The amount you can earn in a day depends upon the amount you add in your account every day. As you will add an amount to your account, you will earn coins from which you can play games and win cash prizes. You do not need to worry about the amount you add in to your bank account as it belongs to you and you need not to worry about the security as there is there is a FDIC-insured layer.


9. Lucky Day

This is an app on which you can earn by zero investment. If you are fond of playing casino games then this site is a good option for you as this app brings Casino at your fingertips. You could play slots, scratch off and games like raffles on Lucky Day that are completely Casino games. You can win cash prizes for every game you play and win and you can win $100,000 daily by participating in the daily poll. The points you earn can be redeemed in to gift cards that you can use on retailers like Amazon. Every new day brings a new opportunity for you and you get an opportunity to scratch off every new day.


10. Pogo

This a pure game app that lets you play a number of free games. The number of games that you can play is very large and the games include card games to arcade games. There are two versions of this app one is the free app and the 2nd is the paid app. On free version you would play games and enter draws to win cash whereas on the paid version you would be able to join tournaments where you can earn extra points with ad free experience. The number of games you get to play on the paid version is more than of the free version. You could get $50 by winning the daily draw or could get a jackpot of $500.

So these were some of the free game apps that help you to make money on the go. Make sure you use one of them and make a good deal out of it. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of playing games on these apps.

Posted on: 08/20/2020

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