The Best Debt Blogs of 2020

There are many people that does not take loan seriously and then they end up in a huge amount of debt. This is a situation which happens with a lot of American, the reason is that people do not manage their finances and they did not have the management skills to do so. So they face budget failures and get debt many times in a year to cover up the expenses. Some people go for debt to fulfill their desires but they did not plan well to pay it off and they end up in huge loss.
Once upon a time this was the case with me as I unknowingly got in to a trap of debt and when I realized, I was already drowned in debt. So I decided to pay it off as soon as I can and I did not knew from where to take a start. So I just opened up my computer and searched how to pay off my debt. The internet provided me several options for blogs where people have shared their journey to pay off their. This motivated me and also learnt a lot of new tricks from some of the blogs, I begin to read them on regular basis and this become one of my biggest motivation as I was learning more and more day by day.

So today I thought that I should share some of the best blogs that can help you tackle your debt. There are many finance companies that can help you in this regard and a lot of platforms that you can use. Debt blogs are written to help people, so you would find them frequently. Other than that you will see blogs about financial independence and to retire early. You will learn a lot from these, so starting from the 1st blog,


1. Money Peach

Chris Peach the founder of Money Peach is one of the best financial writers. This website has become a place where people have gained a lot of confidence to pay off their debt. You will be amazed to know that Chris and his wife paid more than 50 thousand dollars of debt in just 7 months. This sounds really unbelievable but they did it and became a motivation for many. On their site, you will get blogs about money saving, money making and living frugal blogs that can help you to pay off your debt. If you want to learn more about finances, you can take their course that is named as Awesome Money Course.
You can get more information about the tools and apps that you can use to get debt free and the course will help you pay off the debt step by step.


2. Life and My Finances

These financial websites are designed to help people achieve their goals. One of the debt blog that you consider is Life and My Finances. This site works with a purpose of helping people to get out of debt, saving money for their future and in the end becoming rich. Everyone wants to be rich, Derek Sall, the owner of the site will take you through his experiences and will let you about the methods through which he become rich and through which you can!
Derek Sall writes about the tips and methods to get out of debt, you can gain a lot from them. Apart from that you can learn about budget making, saving money, making passive income, money and its different perspectives and planning about the retirement. This site is a platform where you can also learn a lot about real estates because Derek gets its most income from real estates.


3. Making Sense of Cents

One of the best blog to consider for tackling debt in my recommendation is Making Sense of Cents. This blog is one of my favorite as it covers a number of topics. This blog is owned by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who paid almost 40 thousand dollars in only 7 months, this is amazing. This happened in the year 2012 and after that she never looked back and earned a lot of money by blogging. She became a financial analyst and now she earns a very healthy amount of money every year. She usually travels a lot and both her and her husband lives on a sail boat.
She focuses on the art of minimalism and on her site, you can find blogs of paying off debt, making money from side hustles, making effective budgets, travelling and real estates. This blog can help you learn about many of the financial skills and you can learn all the ups and downs of personal finance from this site.


4. Debt Roundup

As the name suggest that this sites mainly focuses on paying off debt. The blog is owned by Grayson Bell and you will find a lot of blogs about paying off deb or making and saving money from different methods. Grayson Bell has the same story as I do, in the year 2012, he realized that he has to pay $75,000 in debts only at the age of 25, he started working to pay it off and after 4 years of hard work, he was debt free. He is one of the best blogger and financial expert from which you can learn a lot. When it is about paying off debt, then you cannot get any better blog than this.



One of the famous and older debt blog is The site is owned by Jackie Beck and she works hard to help people to pay off their debts. She with the help of her family paid of almost 150 thousand dollars of debt in a smaller time than any would could think of. The helping nature of her enabled him become one of the best blog writers and now she and her team is helping a lot of people by writing and sharing a lot of information about debt.
One of the best things about Jackie Beck is that that with her ambition of helping people to pay off the debt, she made an app that can help people to manage and pay off their debts in less time.


6. Club Thrifty

The site is owned by two partners named as Greg and Holly Johnson. They started a website that helped many people to manage and pay off their debts easily, in the start they were only writing about how can a person pay off his debt but after sometime, they started writing on many other topics such as saving money, earning money and travelling. On their site, you will find a lot of success stories of people who have paid huge amount of debt in a shorter period of time.
This couple also struggled with their finances in the start and they were facing many difficulties. By using the technique of zero-sum budget, this couple managed to pay 50 thousand dollars of consumer debt and also paid their mortgage. In this process they also increased their income by working online. Now the couple is debt free and they are enjoying their life.


7. The College Investor

The blog is not only about investing, it also covers a lot of different topics. Robert Farrington is the owner of this blog and in 2009, when he started his blog, his only ambition was to help people getting out of debt and to make them rich. On this site you will get some interesting articles about paying off debt, making and saving money, investing and budgeting etc.
One of the reasons of putting this blog in to list is that they have a special forum, where people can share their loan issues with other people and can get advices. As you know that student loans issues are increasing day by day in the country so the site specially focuses on student loan issues and tries to resolves them. If you have student loan then this is the type of blog, you should be looking for.


8. Young Adult Money

One of the writers to study to get rid of debt is David Carlson. He writes on Young Adult Money about personal finances and has helped many people to pay off their debts. Hustle Away Debt is one of the best creation of David, in which he nicely explained some of the methods to get rid of debt. This is a type of blog where you will get a lot of information about a number of different topics.
On this site, you will get advices to live a frugal life, you will get side hustle ideas, travel advices, money saving and earning tips and of course the most important tips to pay off debt.

So, these are some of the best blogs that you can consider to tackle debt this year. There are a lot of other blogs too but these are some of mine best picks. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 10/09/2020

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