9 Top Delivery App Jobs

Bringing in some extra dollars every month is a good deal for your saving account. To earn this extra cash there are many legit ways and one of them is delivering stuff in people’s home. Now a days you do not need to be hired by a big company to deliver products, now you can independently work according to your time and set your own terms. Many online companies hire independent contractors to work for them and that makes the work easy for them as they do not have to hire a full time worker to deliver products. The companies that hire people for delivering products have some apps that help people to get work. So in this article I will discuss some of the apps that will help you to deliver products. One of the benefit that you get by working independently is that you can choose what type of parcel you want to deliver or what not to. So starting from the 1st app,


1 Postmates

On Postmates you will have to deliver all kind of products. The range of the products is very big like you will have to deliver grocery items, food or liquor orders. One thing that make Postmates famous than other apps is that they deliver every kind of product in an hour. You need to fulfill some requirement to be a driver at postmates that are you should have a valid license and a vehicle that qualifies in your city and you must be at least 18 years old. According to their website an active Postmates driver can earn $50 in just 2 hours. Postmates works in most of the big cities in the US like Miami, Chicago, Phoenix, Manhattan and New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Salt Lake City, West Palm Beach and some other cities.

2 Uber Eats

I am sure you have heard about Uber many times as it is a company that connect many drivers with people who need rides. On this app you can work when it is convenient for you and the registration process is very easy. Uber eats is an app of Uber which enables people to get food at their door step. You can use a scooter, bicycle or a car according to the rules of your city. On Uber Eats you will be paid for every delivery you do and you can also earn extra cash in the form of tips. The requirement to be an Uber driver and Uber Eats driver is the same and you should be at least 19 years old and your vehicle should be a made after 2000. Uber Eats is available all across the major cities of the United States.


3 Door Dash

This an app that specializes in delivering meals to peoples home or the specified places. Door Dash does not have their own restaurants and Dashers have to buy from the restaurant specified by the client and by this there is a lot of fun at Door Dash as you can learn about many new restaurants in the town and get to know about who sells the tastiest food in the town. There are some requirements you need to fulfill in order to earn from this app.
The requirements are –

– Driving License
– Insurance
– You must be 18 years old
– No major violations in the last 3 years

On Door Dash you get instant cash that means you get paid for every order you deliver. You can also earn tips that is completely yours. Door Dash is an app that is used in all majors cities of the US and Canada. One of the benefit that Door Dash gives you is that there is no restriction on the type of vehicle you want to use and you can even deliver by walking. You can use vehicle according to the rules of your state. So Door Dash makes a good deal for those people who enjoy delivering food.


4 Insta Cart

If you have a knowhow of buying grocery then Insta Cart can make a good deal for you and you can earn a lot of fast cash from it. It is somehow same like Door Dash where you have to buy items for your client and deliver them. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to earn from Insta Cart and these are that you should be of 18, you should have a vehicle with a smart phone and you should be able to lift 35 to 40 pounds of weight without any help. On Insta Cart you will get orders and you will have to shop for your client and then you will have to deliver it to their place. This could benefit you in a way that you will be able to know about the brands and shopping stores. By working on Insta Cart you will be able to know the basic layout of the stores of your town and by that you will be able to do more shopping that means you will have more opportunities to earn cash.


5 Caviar

This is an app that specializes in food delivery. People now a days want their food to be delivered at their door step so it could be an opportunity for people like you to earn. To register on Caviar you need to be at least 18 years old, you could use any type of vehicle that is allowed to be used for delivery according to your city rules and you should have a smart phone that you can use to get job. Caviar is a very user friendly app that has its own support team that will help you whenever you need them. Another plus point in Caviar is that before picking up an order you get the complete details of the order like where you will pick up and where you will drop and what earnings will you get. So after viewing this it is then up to you decide to take the order or not. If you want to earn $100 a day you would have to work for 4 hours a day on average.

6 Saucey

Saucey specializes in liquor orders that means you will have to deliver the alcoholic beverages to your clients door step. One of the important that you will have to take care of while working on Saucey is that you will have to deliver you order within 30 minutes. To work on Saucey you need to fulfill some requirements that are you should be at least of 21 years old and you should have your vehicle so that you could deliver your order within the time limit. You can earn instant cash while working on Saucey and you can work in your own area in your convenient time. Saucey operates in all the major cities of the US including Los Angeles, Chicago and Oakland.

7 Favor Delivery

Working with Favor Delivery is like you are a personal assistant of a person, being a runner on Favor Delivery you will have to do every task assigned by your client like you will have to buy a meal or some grocery or you will have to deliver a liquor order. On Favor Delivery you will have to deliver within an hour as it is their basic code. To register on this app you would have to be at least 18 years old and should have a clean driving record. This app works in most of the cities of the US. On average a person can earn $15 an hour and you can also keep all your tips


8 Deliv

Deliv is a kind of different delivery app in comparison to the sites listed in the article. On Deliv you would have to deliver any kind of order you are given like clothes, flowers or liquor orders. You would have to deliver the order within the same day and you would have to buy the items from local stores or malls. To work on Deliv you have to fulfill some of their requirements that are you should be at least 18 years old, you could easily pick 50 pounds of weight and you should have a vehicle of Model 1999 or newer. Another thing you require on Deliv is that you should have good communication skills and be able to speak English fluently. You will have to tell Deliv the time you will work so that they could give you work. If you want to get more work you should submit your work hours a week ahead so that you could be the first in Deliv priority list. On average a Deliv driver earns more than $20 per hour. Deliv is available in all the major cities of the US.


9 Order Up

A member of Groupon family, Order Up is an app that specializes in food orders. You would get food orders that you will have to deliver within the time. Order Up is available in all the major cities of US of the US like California, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia. On Order Up you earn your commission for every order you deliver and you could also earn tips.

To make your life easier I have wrote one of the best apps to deliver stuff that will help you to deliver in your town. Make sure you get benefit from this. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of earning through these apps.

Posted on: 07/25/2020

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