14 Effective methods to Earn Money before Christmas

Here we are in September and you are getting ready for Christmas. You have created a list of the things you are going to gift to your friends and family this Christmas. But unfortunately you have spent your year in wasting your money around in trips or buying some use less stuff and now you do not have much to pay and you do not have any savings left so that you could buy gifts for your friends and family. Now most of the people like us prepare the list of what to buy and from where to buy but they do not think about how would they buy and from where the money will come and in the end due to incomplete planning’s they go for debt and the only option they got at that time is debt, do you know that in holidays like that the credit card debt increases by huge number. So I am writing this article for people like these to tell them about ideas and methods from which they can some extra money in their holidays to avoid debt.


1. Fiver

Fiver is a very famous website for freelancing. You can freelance your talent on Fiver.com although whatever your talent or specialty is. You can have jobs like writing a content, making a blog, designing a logo, graphic designing, making a website, making an android application or writing a story. You can start your work for $5 per task and earn more as your portfolio becomes stronger. You just have to make a profile and set your preferences on what type of job you can do. You will earn according to the task you do and you would first know the details of what you have to do and it is up to you if you want to take a job or not so you can earn some fast cash in doing just simple task online.


2. Car Driver

You can also use your car to drive people around by using applications like Uber and Lyft, you can work in your convenience time and hours and how much you want to work depends upon you .You just have to sign up at their application and can start this job. You will have to pick people from the given location and drop them at their desired location and you will be get paid.


3. Car Rental

Do you have a car and you are you earning from it? If your answer is no then you are not using your car properly. You can rent your car at services like Turo. You can make $200 to $25o in a month on average by just renting your car.

4. Do Deliveries

You can deliver food to people if you have a bike or a vehicle that consume less fuel. You can work as a part time pizza by or you can work with online stores like Amazon where you have to deliver parcels to the given location in your car. So this side job can also give you more and as you will be working in the holidays then you would get more work than the usual days.


5. Insta cart

Insta cart is an online application where you have to shop for people and then deliver to their location. If you know a lot about products and have a good shopping sense then you can earn more from this job. You will earn as much as you will work that means the more work you do the more you earn. You should only pick jobs/tasks which you can do.


6. AirBnb

AirBnb is an online application that a hundred of people around the world use for finding place to live. If you live in a house where you have a spare room or a bed or a seat then you can rent your house or room or bed on AirBnb. You can move to your friends for a week or so to earn more for Christmas. As in the holidays people tend to travel more and look for locations to live so it is a good option renting your house because the rents are much higher in the holidays due to jam Pack hotels.


7. TaskRabbit

Task Rabbit is another online website where you can find task around you from which you can earn some extra cash. Getting tasks depends upon where you live because Task rabbit work in some areas of the countries. You will get task like buying something for people, doing some research, helping people to decorate and doing some stuff like these. So this is better idea if you want to work according to your free time.


8. SwagBucks

Do you surf the Internet daily? Do you watch videos online? Do you play games online? If your answer to any of these question is yes then you can earn cash for doing that. Yes! You can earn for the time you spend on the internet through websites like SwagBucks. You can join SwagBucks for free and then starting earning. You will get SB points for every task you do on SwagBucks. You can redeem your SB points into cash which you can get through PayPal or you can redeem your SB points into gift cards which can be used on Amazon and other famous online store, so this is a good idea to buy gift for your friends and family before Christmas for free.


9. Craigslist

Craigslist is a website that can help you to earn more cash than you think. There is section of “gigs” on their website from which you can get tasks around you and earn some fast cash you can get task of almost every field around you can. You can also earn by getting the freebies from the craigslist and just cleaning it and selling it again on the same site. You can also buy some damaged gadgets from this website and repair them by yourself and then re sale it from this website. So these are some ideas from which you can earn some very fast cash by using the craigslist website.


10. Pet sitting

Do you love animals? Do you like to spend time with animals? If your answer is yes then you can earn by this. You can find animals to pet on website like Rover.com and you can earn some extra cash in your free time. You can book your weekends and evening with people for pet sitting. You can also walk dogs around and earn from it. You can fix your time with clients for doing walk with their dog and earn a fixed amount every month or earn by the hours you work.
11. Freelance Writing
If you are a good writer and can write what you think and your writing can attract people than this side can give you more than your job. Content writers around the world earn $200,000 per year. So you can earn by writing online for websites and business or for bloggers.


12. Virtual Assistance

Being a virtual assistant to someone you would have to answer emails for your client, you would have to post content for them, and you would have to look and answer the reviews on their website. You can earn much cash in this field. So this could be a better idea for earning some extra cash just by giving your some hours to your client a day.


13. Usertesting.com

If you do not have time to make a commitment to a job and still want to earn extra money then I have a solution for you. There is a website named userteting.com on which you can earn by just testing websites and giving your reviews. You can start just by joining their website and start working. You can work in you free time and you can work as much as you want. You can even work in your lunch time and even in the bus when you are coming back to home from work.


14. Upwork

Upwork is another website like fiver where you can freelance. People around the globe use these websites for finding and posting work. You can have different type of short time works here for which you can be paid well. You can earn $5 to $10 for an hour if you work on these websites. You can get online teaching jobs from this website. You can start working from this application by just signing up to them and making a profile their and setting your preferences on what type of work you can do.

So these were the 14 methods for you from which you can earn some extra cash before Christmas. You can work according to your free time and in holidays as there is more work in some cases so you would go for it and earn some cash extra fast. Do not forget to comment in the comment section below and do share your experiences with us of making some money extra fast.

Posted on: 09/17/2020

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