Top 5 Simple Ideas to Get Free Food Samples

It is all about Food! And when you can get it for free it’s a good deal. There are some ways through which you can get free food samples. Although the food you get does not enable you to feed your family for a week but you can have a single meal for free and by that you can cheat your budget in a way in which you would save some dollars. You can get new products for testing and promotional purposes and it is a good idea to eat something before it gets too famous.

On some of the places you will not only get free food samples but you can also get samples of other products like beauty or cleaning etc. So today I am going to tell you about some of these 5 places from where you can get free food samples along some other bonus samples. So let us start from the 1st.


1 Freebie Sample Sites

There are many freebie websites that will help you to get a lot of free samples or freebies from the manufacturer or stores. These sites help people about free samples and let them know that at what time of promotion or how they could get free samples of products. Sometimes you just have to visit the store and sometimes you need to follow a set of instruction by the manufacturer depending on the product. Let us talk about some of these sites.


Another free freebies site to get free food samples is Freeflys. On this site you can get information about every type of freebies available and they have a separate page for the food section where you can find the best free food samples. In order to make sure you get notified for a new freebie, you will have to be there member. You can join this site for free and become a member.

Bzz Agent

BzzAgent is a bit different from all other freebies sites listed here. You will have to give your worthy opinion on the products and food samples that you will receive. This site is one of the ways through which manufacturer tests their new products. You will have to become their Agent and for that you will have to go through a simple sign up process. After you become an Agent, the site will send you free sample of food or other products and you will have to give your opinion to the site about the product. Bzz Agent will transfer your thoughts to the manufacturer so that they could improve their product.

Freebie Rush

We are one of the sites that allows its users to get free samples of food and drink through various means. They have a page for food related samples only and you can find many free samples of food there. You can also get coupons, information about sweepstakes and other contests from this site. It is absolutely free to use and you can join them for free.


2 Local Grocer

Your local neighborhood grocer is one of the places from which you can get some free samples. Some of the stores that want to compete with the big stores and want to promote themselves, they tend to give away free sample food and other products. There are certain days in a month when they have special discount offers and on some days they are offering free samples products to their customers for promotional purposes. The size of the grocery store will matter a lot in this case as if they are a small store they would have less opportunities like that. So in order to get some free sample food, go talk with your local grocer so that you could know at what time of the month you could get free samples.


3 Walmart

As we are talking about the grocery stores through which we can get free food samples. So it is impossible to skip without talking about Walmart. It is the one of the famous store in the world. They have special sample stands in there grocery sections where you can find products like Snacks bar and yogurt. The company hires brand ambassadors who enable people to test the company products for free. On weekends and days like Thursday and Friday, the chance of getting free sample events from your Walmart store is much more than other days. So it is better to visit your nearest Walmart store in these days so that you could get free food samples.


4 Warehouse Club Stores

They are the same like other stores but Warehouse Club stores offer much more variety of merchandise that attracts small business and bargain hunters. So that means the Warehouse Club stores attract much more people than the other stores. Thus companies tend to have free sample events here on priority basis. When you will visit a Warehouse Club store you will see a larger number of free food stands. You can try some of the delicious foods for free and as there are number of free food stands you could eat up to your full appetite. Mostly on the weekends you could get much more food stands than any other days. So you should not skip these days or you could ask your club administration about the details of the free samples events.
You can plan your shopping on these days and you can take your kids with you on these so that you could have a free meal at a Warehouse Club Stores.


5 Directly from the Manufacturers

Not all the time you have to visit the freebies sites or stores to get free samples products but instead of that you could get them in your home directly from the manufacturers. There are some food manufacturing companies that give away free samples products to people for promotion and testing purposes. Although it does not seems an attractive way to contact the manufacturer for free sample of foods but there is another way. There are some companies which have a mailing list or a club which you can join for free. Being a member you will be notified when there is such kind of promotional activity or they are sending free samples of food to people. Being a member of them would bring in some other benefits to you as you will be able to get discounts on the products or you can receive coupons and different vouchers.
So if you want to avail all these offers, check your favorite food manufacturer’s website on the first instance. You can also use some coupons site to get free samples of food such as


So these were 5 of the best ideas that will help you to get hands of free samples of food. The requirements and eligibility may differ in some of the cases but the result is always fruitful. These free samples can worth you a free meal outside that could also help you save some money from your budget. You can get promotional offers that could also help you to save money.

So you should take advantage of all the methods above and try to make a good deal for yourself. Do comment in the comment section below and let us know how many free food samples you got from the list.

Posted on: 07/21/2020

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