12 Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff

A baby brings in a lot of happiness to a house but it also brings in a lot of responsibilities to the mother and father. According to a studies, it will take $0 240,000 to raise a child till the age of 18 on average while another studies reveals that it takes 20 thousand dollars in the first year of the baby as most of the thing you are going to buy will only be used for one time or less.

So if you have a baby or you are having a baby in the coming months then you should get ready for that expense. Since this is a big amount and you will have to work very hard to get that so today I have come up with some of the best methods to get free baby stuff. I will tell you about some of the best ways so that you could have some cutting in your baby budget.

There is an opportunity for you to save your hundreds of dollar while using these methods. Sometime you would have to pay the delivery or shipping charges but you can save the amount that you were going to spend on the product. So let’s start from the first method,


1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading and famous online store and I am sure that you would have been a user of Amazon but did you knew that you could get free baby stuff from Amazon? The process is very simple and you could easily get a free box of baby simples of worth $35. To get the free baby box you will have to use the Amazon baby registry services and have to register your baby on Amazon but there are some requirements you need to fulfill in order to get this free box. First one is that you would have to be a member of Amazon Prime and secondly you will have to spend $10 in purchases from your baby registry. If you fulfill both the requirements you could get a free box that would contain free samples for your baby and you can also get the products that you can use too. Thus Amazon baby box is a good deal for both parents and the baby.


2. buybuyBABY

Another place to get free baby stuff is the famous store buybuyBABY that has a lot of baby products. You can get a free goodie bag from buybuyBABY and with that you will receive a discount coupon that you can use at the buybuyBABY store. With goodie bag and a coupon, you can also get free samples of baby products that can used by the mother or by the baby. To get all this free stuff, you would have to use the registry services of buybuyBABY store and you would have to register your baby through their store. After registry you can get all this free baby stuff.


3. Target

Target is famous store where you can find free baby stuff. It is a very easy process and all you have to do is to sign up for the Target Baby Registry. As you will sign up you will qualify to win a free baby box of worth $80. This box will contain a number of coupons and sample products like baby food, wipes, diapers, formula and other things like that. The products in the baby box can vary by the time of the month but it is never a bad deal of getting of free box of worth $80 with coupons.


4. Walmart

You would have heard of Walmart as it is one of the most famous stores but do you know that you could free baby stuff from Walmart? Yes you can get your free Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box by signing up your baby registry at Walmart. The box consists of the diapers, washing items, feeding items, formulas and much more. This box may consist of different things at different times because the items vary with the time. The box is completely free for you and as I told in the start of the article you will sometimes have to pay the delivery charges only.


5. Nature’s One

Nature’s One is one of company that manufacturers organic formula samples for babies. This is another place to get free formula sample for your baby. You will get a free sample of 12.7 ounce for your baby. You can get that for free and if it does not fit with your baby you can ask for a change. Nature’s One will send the appropriate formula for your baby that you can try. But as I told you in the start that you will have to pay the delivery fees in some cases so here you will have to pay $5.95 for shipping of your product.


6. Pampers

Pampers is one of the famous baby products company and if you are a regular customer to pampers then there is an opportunity for you to win their products for free. The process is pretty simple and you would just have to sign up to Pampers Rewards Program. You will have to scan the code from the pack of diaper you will buy and for that you will earn points. There are number of options to which you can redeem your points. You could either redeem your points to get free gift cards or could enter in to sweepstakes by your points. Other than that you could redeem your points for free diapers and other products from Pampers.


7. Enfamil Products

Another place to get free baby products is Enfamil. The process is very simple and easy and you will just have to sign up for their Enfamil Family Beginnings program. By joining this program you will be able to get gifts that may include discount coupons, formula samples, baby products and other samples of worth $400. Other than that you would be entered in to sweepstake by which you would be able to win free formula for the whole year.


8. Similac

Similac is another baby product company from which you can get free baby products like baby formulas. Basically by this method you will be able to save up to $400 from different products. To save the money you will have to sign up for the Similac Strong Moms Rewards Program. That is it, here the savings is started. Now after the sign up process you would receive coupons for Similac products in your mail box. By using these coupons you would earn points that can be further redeemed in to gift cards that you could use to buy more Similac products.


9. Baby Leggings

Baby Leggings is another company that sells baby products such as leggings. This could be a place to get some free products for your baby. On this site you could get free leggings for you baby that would keep the legs of your baby warm. To get these free leggings you would have to use the code GIVEME5FREE and you will get a discount of $50 on your shopping. In this case you would have to pay the shipping charges.


10. Huggies

Huggies is another famous baby products company. Huggies is one of the places where you will get free baby products. To get free products from Huggies, you would have to be their regular customers. You will have to submit your receipts of the Huggies diapers and wipes you buy. You will earn points for these receipts that you submit and after getting a certain limit of points you will be able to redeem your points in to gift cards or baby products like free diapers or toys.


11. Canopy Couture

Canopy Couture is one of the company that could be the one to give you free baby stuff. With Canopy Couture you can get a free set of car seat canopy for your child that worth $50. This is simply amazing as you do not have to anything extra-ordinary and you simply have to use the code COVER4BABY while you are shopping and you would get it for free. If you want a second one there is still a deal for you that is, you can buy the second car seat canopy for only $10. This is simply one of the best savings that you can ever make and other than that you would have to pay the shipping fee for your product.


12- Custom Pacifiers

This is one of the company to find free pacifiers for your baby. This company manufactures pacifiers and all you have to do to get your pacifiers is to use the code KCL30 while you are shopping. You can customize your pacifier according to your choice and you can choose from many styles and colors. This is simply an amazing offer by Custom Pacifiers. Here you would have to pay the shipping fee so keep that in your mind.


So these were dozens of places to get free baby stuff. Make sure you use and check all of them to maximize your savings. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of buying stuff for your baby in the past.

Posted on: 08/11/2020

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