5 Legit Ways to Get Laptops for Free

If you ever do a research on internet about how to get a free laptop, you will get thousands of results out there, but most of them are fake or scams. First of all to get a laptop for free is seems impossible anybody, on the other hand there are some circumstances in which you can get a laptop for free.

Well there are certainly some cases in which you may be able to get a laptop at a well-discounted price. In this article I will show you some legal and authorized ways to get a free laptop. And I will show you a route about how to get laptops at highly discounted price.

In this modern era, there are many of today’s function which are also necessary and require some sort of computer, either way it’s a laptop or a computer. You should check out these options in case if you are in a situation where you need a computer or a laptop.

Allow me to tell you that most of these options cover people in one of two parties. Usually you need to be college student or you need to be in the lower income tax bracket.

And if you fall under any of those two above mentioned classes then you will get many more options to a get a computer or a laptop and that would be totally free of cost.

Simply take a look on the options which we have mentioned below to see if any of them will work best for you.

How to Get A Free Laptop

If you are deemed as a part of the lower income tax bracket (for each organizations definitions are different), chances are that you can get a laptop free. The companies which we have mentioned below are those companies which give away free laptops to families under some specific circumstances. Stick to us to find out more.

 1. Computer with Causes

 Computer with Causes is an organization which collects those computers which are donated so they can give them to kids and to others. As their website says, they give computers to those kids who are disadvantaged, returning military members and to the households in need.

Other than that, they also give computers to the educational programs and the foster homes. You’ll need to fill out an application and elucidate your need to get a free laptop. The aim of the Computer with Causes is to ensure people with the highest need gets computer first. Thus, prepare yourself to answer those questions which are in connection with your application.

Also, the organization has announced on their site that receiving a free laptop from them may affect any benefits which you receive from government. For instance, before applying for a free computer you may want to check with your benefits department. Computer with Causes operates in all the 50 states of United States.

2. Attend an Online Public School

 There are some public-school districts who have online options for those certain students who are willing to attend public school from home. going with this one can be a good educational option for those families who are taking homeschooling in the consideration but they are not confident in their teaching schools.

Also, this option can be a good alternative for those students who don’t fit well in traditional school for some other reasons. Once in a while online public school also offers a free laptop to those students who choose their school. Don’t forget to check with the district of your local public schools for the availability of the online public-school option.

Also keep in mind that with both, online public school & online college, that you are obliged to return the computer back to them when you are finished with your schooling.

3. Alliance with Technology Refurbishing & Reuse

AFTRR which is also known as Alliance with Technology Refurbishing & Reuse works with local based organization in cities and states. The main goal of AFTRR is to provide free computers to those who are in need.

You will find an access to a locator map only if you visit their official website. By using their locator map you will get directed to the organizations in your area which provides free computers to those people who are in need.

Keep in mind that there are some organizations that AFTRR links to may provide only discounted computers.

In case if you are looking to have more options to get a free laptop or a computer, then there are people you can ask. Talking about myself I would take a start with your local department of human services because they might have information about getting computers for free or at discounted price.

4. With Causes

 With Causes is another charitable organization that accepts those donated laptops and other computers to give to those people who are in need. To get a free laptop they have some specific requirements which you need to fulfill, and those requirements are:

– Live in a women’s shelter for battered women

– Live in a low – income family

– Veteran of the military or a military member.

You’ll need to fill out their online form to see if you qualify to get a free laptop from With Causes. Also prepare yourself because you will be asked what is your specific need and situation are.

Same like the other charitable organizations, receiving a laptop from With Causes may be the reason of the affection of your government assistance benefits. Before receiving a free laptop, make sure to check with proper authorities.

 5. Komputers 4 R Kids

Komputers 4 R Kids is a well known and a non – profit organization which give away free laptops to the kids of the Southern California. The computers which they use are donated by several businesses, refurbished or individuals and given to the disadvantaged kids.

Other than that the organization also give away low cost computers to the schools and the several other non – profit organizations. The main goal of the Komputers 4 R Kids is to help them to build more computer labs so by that way they can make research and education easier for children.

This was the list of those 5 legit ways through which you can get laptops of computers for free or at least at discounted price. Also we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a comment below and share your experiences with us and also let us know which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how did it helped you out.

Good luck and have a nice day from all of us at FreebieRush!

Posted on: 06/01/2020

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