Simple Ideas to Get Free Toys This Year

How can we get free toys? Many of the people want to know the answer of this question. If you have kids or someone who is closer to you have kids then you might know the worth of toys. Toys are not soo cheap and they can disturb your budget if you have not planned to buy toys. Kids want toys all the time and they break their toys more often that means you have to buy new toys all the time. Sometimes you have to give a gift to one of your niece or nephew and it could be expensive to buy new toys.
Thus today I am writing this article to solve your this problem. There are some legit and genuine ways through which you can get free toys that you can use for any of the above purpose. Each method works in its own way and has its own limitation and could take more time. But in the end you could earn some free toys easily. So let’s start from the 1st way,


1. Freebies Website

One of the best way to get free toys is from the freebies toys. Freebies sites are made for people who want to get free stuff and these site help those people to get free stuff. On these sites you can get every type of product you want. Companies love to give away free samples of their products to people for promotional and testing purposes. Most of the things that are given on these sites are not much expensive but they are still free so you should get them.

There are number of sites that you can visit to get free toys for any purpose. Instead of searching for the products individually, you can look for the categories in each site. Every website has a special section for every category. So if you want to get free toys go on to the toys section. You will get complete information about how you can get a free toy and you can also get information about getting in to mailing list of the website so that you do not have to use the site for the upcoming promotion. The toys you receive could be small in most cases but as they are free then why should say no to them.
Each company has its own requirement set, some will ask you to sign up while the others will just give away. Make sure you visit these sites to get a good deal.


2. Life Care Centers

Your nearest life care center is one of the place where you can find free toys and other stuff. The basic purpose of the life care center is to help those moms who are struggling for their children or pregnant women. In a life care center you can get free toys, baby clothes and other baby stuff for free. There are some requirements to fulfill in some of the life care centers such as you might have to take a class to learn how to manage your pregnancy or how you can manage your finance after your baby comes to this world. After each class like that you earn a coupon at some centers and you can use these coupon to get things from the same center. These toys and other accessories are donated by other people for others.

So if you want to get a hand on free toys and baby stuff go and search for your nearest life care center where you can also find medical assistance. Sometimes these centers are limited to give away products such as they will provide stuff to you if your baby is less than 2 years old.


3. Garage Sales

For most of the people the purpose of garage sale is to declutter and not solely to earn money. Thus Garage sale could become a place where you could find some free toys. You will be surprised to know the fact that how people give away some items for free just to clean their homes. There is a free bin in a garage sale where the host put that stuffs that they want to give away for free. You can find some good toys in the free bin for sure.

While searching for the free toys in the garage sale there are some things to keep in mind. Try to find wide garage sales, you could get a bunch of free items from your neighborhood. If you want to find some expensive or good stuff try to find garage sales in wealthy areas, by this you have a chance of getting expensive toys for free. If you can’t find something for free try to bargain as much as you can as the host would want to declutter that so he would sell it in the lowest price.
So always look for the garage sales in your town or the nearby locations and you will be amazed to know that how could people give away such expensive toys for free!


4. Toy Tester

As like the other companies that need people to test their products and rate them, the toys companies need the same. Most of the toys companies wants to hear kids’ opinion on the toys so that they could make products that kids love. They usually want the opinion of kids below the teenage. The process to get free toys is much easy and you do not have to do anything extra ordinary. You will have to follow your favorite toys company or website on regular basis, as by that you will be able to know that when the company need toys testers. You can join the social media groups of your favorite Toys manufacturer or follow their page. If you tend to stay a positive and active member you have a higher chance of getting free toys for testing. If you have a famous and well maintained social media account your chances are higher to get a free toy for testing. The company will ask for the toy testers or will send you directly.

Now in return of the free toys the company only needs to hear your and your kids’ reviews and opinion about the toy. They will ask you to post comments on the site or to post it from your account as this is sometimes for promotional services. If your kid is not a camera shy then you have a greater chance of getting free toys often from the manufacturer.

If you have a blog relating toys or your run a parenting blog then these companies look for you. They search for such bloggers and send them free toys so that they could promote their products on their blogs.


5. Toys for Tots

Another place to get free toys for your kids is Toys for Tots. It is basically a program run by the US Marine Crops for the children whom parents cannot afford to buy toys for them on the Christmas. From Toys for Tots, you can only get toys when it is Christmas and when you are facing some hard times. You have to qualify for Toys for Tots and the qualification criteria requires that you must have some financial problems in the recent times.
Other than the Toys for Tots program, you can look in to your Church and other places like that because you can get some good gifts for your kids there.


6. Craigslist

I am sure you would have heard of Craigslist as it is one of the platforms that are used to sell and buy every type of product and service. There is a free section on their website where you can find free products that people want to give away. The purpose of people can be different as they want to clean their house or make up some space for the new things. There are 3 sections that you can use to get free toys on craigslist and that are free, toys and games and baby and kids section. You can get a variety of toys from these sections for free or very little cost. If you spend some time on the site for looking for the perfect toys, you can find a complete collection of toys for your kid.


7. Facebook Marketplace

Just like Craigslist, Facebook is another place that is used by people to sell and buy goods and services. Here you can also find free toys as people use this site to declutter so there are chances that you might get something good. To find some free toys go on to Facebook Marketplace and search for free toys. You can get a variety of toys from there for free.

So these were some of ideas through which you can get free toys. Make sure you take advantage of all these and make a good deal for yourself. I am sure after reading this article you will be not spend money on toys or if you do so you will not pay the full price.
Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of buying toys in the past.

Posted on: 08/03/2020

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