5 Ways to Make Money From Driving

Buying a car could be easy but using and taking care of it and using it could be a difficult task. So owning a car is an expensive thing and would take a big percentage at your budget. A report says that the average payment of a car could be $480. It is a very big amount so you should do something so that you could easily afford a car if you have limited amount of income. Do you know that you can earn from your car? Or do you have ever thought of earning from your car. There are number of ways in which you can earn from your car. For example there are companies that allow you to work through your car and pay you. A car can cost you expenses like payments, insurance, maintenance and fuel cost etc. you can cover your these expenses by earning from your car. There is an eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill before you are able to earn from your car. For example this criteria could be that your car should be neat and clean or you must have a driving license with a clean driving record or your vehicle should be in good form and your vehicle should be insured. By fulfilling these simple criteria you could easily earn from driving your car.

Your earning can be categorized in to different categories. People need comfort and their comfort seeking can give you an opportunity to earn some extra cash, for example you can earn by delivering groceries to people who because of some reasons cannot leave their house or do not want to get out from the comfort of their home. So you can earn by delivering grocery items to those people house. Another way to earn some extra cash could be to drive people around, there are online apps that help you to connect to people who need transport for going to the desired location. These apps can benefit you in a lot of ways such that you can work in your comfort hours. If you do not want to drive your car and want to earn from your home you can rent your car and earn some fast cash easily and if you move around the city in a day you can also earn by advertising on your car that is some quick and easy cash for you.

There are certain apps that help you to earn by these above mentioned categories, so let me tell you about some of these apps –


1. Postmates

If you want to make a $100 in just 4 hours then this app can help you. Postmates is another app that delivers grocery, food and liquor items. The process is quite easy and fast. To join Postmates you do not need any money you just have to download their app and create your account there. The registration process has little requirements and once your account get approved you can start earning. A benefit that Postmates have is that you can work according to your free time.


2. Instacart

Instacart is one of the leading apps that helps people to get grocery items at their door step. Instracart hires independent car drivers to deliver grocery items to people’s house. You can apply at their website to be a driver then a local employ of Instacart of will contact you and interview and then He will brief you about how you will deliver grocery to the person. In this process you do not need to buy items for people that is done by some other employ you just have to deliver it and you can get your cash. You can earn $50 approximately for 2 hours, this amount can vary by some factors. To get registered to Instacart you need to be a licensed driver with an age of above 21 with a clean record and a smart phone with a good internet connection and at the last your car should carry at least 30 pounds.

3. Shipt

Another famous app that help to get grocery items at your doorstep is Shipt. It is the same like Instacart but you in this app you have to shop for you client. The process is quite easy, you need to be liscend driver with an age above of 18 with a smartphone and you should have car of model of 15 years old or less than that. Another requirement is that you must be able to lift at least 25 pounds. If you are eligible to drive you can download their app and when you get approved you can take a start. You will be notified when a person needs some grocery the app will calculate the total amount for you and it is up you to take the delivery or not. You will have to shop for the items and then deliver it. You will get a pay of $5 with a commission of 7.5% of your total order amount. With that you can also earn some extra cash in the form of tips. Adding all of this you can make an average of $15 to $25 an hour on Shipt. The only drawback of Shipt it does not function in all over the US and they only operate in states like Albama, Washingtion and 14 more.


4. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is another app that helps you to earn some fast and extra cash by delivering goods to people’s house. People around the world use Amazon for online shopping and Amazon needs to ship these items to people’s homes. Amazon hires independent drivers to deliver items to their clients. On average you can earn up to $25 an hour. The registration process is as easy and all you have to do is to download their app and put up the required information. You can get started as you get approved. Another benefit is that you can work according to your own time schedule and you are not bound to work in the selective hours. A drawback of Amazon Flex is that there are not available in all the cities of the US, they are only available in some major cities of the US. You can still apply if they are not hiring and they will put you on the waiting list and will contact you whenever they are hiring.


5. Uber

Uber is ridesharing company that allows people to get rides whenever they are in need of a ride. To register to Uber you should have a valid liscence with a driving experience of at least 1 year. You should be at least 21 years old and for the vehicle, your vehicle must carry an insurance and you should have a 4-door vehicle. Working on Uber is very easy you need to register to Uber app and as you get approved you can start. When you are online Uber will notify you when there is a ride available and you will get the location as you accept the ride. After accepting the ride you will pick the client and drop them off to their desired location and you will get paid. Uber will pay you instantly if your credit card is connected with the Uber app or if you are not connected Uber will pay you on weekly basis.


6. Lyft

Lyft is a ride share app that enables you to earn by picking and dropping people around the city. The registration process is very easy you download the app and just put up the required details and you are ready to go. But this process has some requirements that you need to fulfill before you start to earn. These are that you must be at least 21 years old, your vehicle must be insured and you should have a valid driving license that is 1 year old. To start earning you need to open your app and get online and then whenever a person near you will need a ride you will be notified. If you accept the ride you will then pick the passenger and drop off. Lyft pays it drivers on weekly basis. Lyft will take a percentage from every ride you make and in case you get a tip that is completely yours.


7. Advertise on your Car

Another legit way to earn from your car is to advertise on your car. There are many companies that pay people for putting ad on their back screen or wrapping advertisement on their car. There are some requirement that you need to fulfill in order to be eligible for an advertisement for example you must be living in a big city and you should be driving in the city for a number of hours specified by the company. This type of advertising is very effective and cheap for the companies so there are many companies that are offering people a good amount for that. To start earning you need to put up an application to the company and then after satisfying their conditions you will be able to earn from your car.

So these are some legit methods that will help you to earn from your car. Hope you avail these opportunities and make a good deal after reading this article. Do comment in the comment section and share your experience of earning from your car.

Posted on: 08/08/2020

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