6 Best Apps and Companies to Earn by Walking

Are you the one who is always looking to earn money by new ways? If so then let me tell you that there are apps and companies that you can use to earn money by simply walking. Walking is one of the tasks that we usually do all the day. We travel all the time for different purposes, whatever the reason may be we can still the use the apps and earn.

Many people need cash, so for that they have the option of using side hustles ideas, these ideas are used to earn money other than your primary job as they do not pay that much amount. These ideas can be fun and you can simply earn a small amount of money every week by just doing some simple tasks that would not disturb your routine at all.
This can also be a good way to motivate yourself to be healthy and fit because you are getting a reward in the form of money. So let us discuss the companies and apps that can pay for walking,


1. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens is one of the famous and largest pharmacy store chains that was founded in 1901. They have over 9 thousand location in the US alone. They also has a reward program that you can use to earn money by walking. One of the drawbacks of Walgreens Balance Reward Program is that you cannot get direct cash in this case and you will get Redemption Dollars that you will be able to use at the Walgreens Store. This is a good idea to use this app if you are a customer of Walgreens because you can then save the money you need to spend on the items you will buy.

If you want to take a start on Walgreen Balance Reward Program then you will have to make an account on their website and after that you can simply log in to the app. This app pays you for walking and for that you will have to link this app to a fitness tracker app or this can be done by sensors of your phone. If you walk a mile in a day, you will earn 100 points every 5 days and you can only earn a 1000 thousand points in a month. Apart from walking, this app also pays for other healthy activities such as blood measurements and weight losing etc. Thus this reward program can serve as a good option to earn money if you are a shopper of Walgreens.


2. Higi

Higi is a private business that will help you earn for your healthy activities. This is a health care company that has stations in pharmacies all over the country from which you can take any kind of your health data. This app lets you earn money for walking, doing exercise and following other healthy routines. In this case you would not earn hard cash but you can redeem your points for different offers. So if you are looking to buy one of their products then this app can serve in a good way and you can save some money. You can also redeem your points for charity purposes. Talking about the company, it has a number of stations from which you can measure blood pulse, blood pressure and other things. By using their, you will get points for exercising and also checking in at their stations. To check your exercise routine, the app requires you to connect to a fitness tracking app that enables the company to keep a check on you. If you complete the challenges assigned by the app you will earn more points. Thus it keeps you motivated.


3. Achievement

Achievement is a highly rated app that pays you record your all healthy activities. You can earn money for taking a healthy diet or doing exercises. This app simply motivates you to stay healthy and fit and pays you for it. This app pays you for walking, running, swimming, biking or any kind of healthy activity.
Here you will earn points for activates you do and to earn points, you will have to log in to your account and write all the activities of your day. By sharing your diet intake, Sleep time and how much weight you lost and gain, you can earn 6 points for a day. By sharing you r daily exercise routine, you can earn a maximum of 80 points.

When it comes to redeeming, 1000 points means a dollar and you can ask for payout when you have 10 thousand points. This means if you earn the maximum points then you can earn a $10 after a time of 4 months. This means that by just sharing your exercise routine and diet intake, you can earn a $30 for a year. To increase your income, you also have the chance to take part in surveys related to health and fitness. Apart from receiving cash, you can also donate the income you get through this app as there are a number of charity options listed on the app.
This app has a very user friendly interface that motivates you to work out every day. The app is easy to use and easy to install and they do not require any sort of requirements to fulfill. If you use this app make sure you payout regularly as your points will expire after a year they were earned.


4. FitFetti

One of the app that you can use to earn by walking is FitFetti. This is one of the app that will not give hard cash but you can earn gift products and free samples. This app lets you enter your daily exercise routine in app and when you reach certain fitness goals, you are rewarded with free products and discounts that you can avail on different products. The app contacts with companies that care about the health of people and these companies then sponsor health care products and different other products that you can get by achieving certain in app goals. As you proceed further in the app and unlock more goals, you can get more products and discounts.
One of the drawback of this app is that it does not work on android versions and it only works with iOS operating system, although the company is working to launch an android supported app.


5. Rover

Rover is a different kind of company in comparison to the companies listed above. This company is more than a reward app but it is a continuous earning opportunity in which you can make hard cash. This app lets you earn money by walking dogs of other people. To take a start, you can sign up on their website or the app simple. If you are looking to earn more money in a short time then this company is the best because you would earn a $20 for a short walk with a dog. If you compare the earning with the above listed app this is higher than all. This can help you in many ways as when you walk with a dog you usually walk fast or sometimes run, so it will keep you healthy and fit. It is difficult to get a job of this kind but Rover makes it easy as there are number of people who are looking for people who can walk their dogs. You can also use other methods to advertise your services and as you get a job the only thing you have to do is to take the dog for a walk around the town.


6. Wag!

Wag is a competitor company of Rover and it works same as Rover does. Wag was founded in 2015 and this pet care companies not only helps dog owners to find dog walkers but they can also hire services like dog training and other pet care services. You can say that this company is much like Lyft but as lyft is used by people to move around, Wag is used by dog owners. It is easy to earn from these app and you can simply sign up on their website to be a dog walker and then you can use their app. After you get approved from the company, you can see the available jobs on your app dashboard. According to the company, you can earn $12 for a single walk of half an hour.


So, these were some of the apps and companies that will help you to earn by simply walking. As I said above that walking is essential and it keeps us fit. So doing this work for free, we should use these companies and earn something that could help us. Using multiple apps at the same time can help you eat more and if you sign up with a friend, it can help you keep motivated as both of you can do that better together. If you want to earn more money you can use the apps Rover and Wag and this cannot be much easy than that.
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Posted on: 08/06/2020

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