Is Couponing Worth It? Are You Saving Money While Couponing or Losing It?

If you use coupons to save you money then this is the time to stop and think are you using free coupons in a right way? Are you saving money while couponing? Or are you just wasting a lot of money just in the temptation of saving some dollars? This is a truth that couponing helps you save a good amount of money but there are some people who just fall in to that and buy many useless things they do not need just to use a coupons. So it is the time for you to think whether you are using the coupons in the right way or you are doing it wrong.

I was personally a big coupon user who used to buy many items for free with the help of coupons. I used to cut out coupons from the newspaper or anywhere else and collect that and used that to buy things and sometimes I used to buy many extra things just because I was having discounts. Now although I still use coupons but I have changed the way I was using it. Now when I use a coupon it is only for the thing that I ought to buy.

Coupons are one of the best way to save money on many thing. Suppose you are out at the store to buy a certain product and you have a coupon of $1 then you could save that $1 from the product you are going to buy.
People have used paper coupons in the past on a very big number but now the world has shifted to digital coupons that you can use and you will be amazed to know the fact that there were 1.05 million people who used 31 billion digital coupons in the single year 2019 and according to a study 91 million dollars will be saved by people with the use of coupons till 2022. These are very big numbers and it clearly shows that a big number of population is saving from these coupons. Now couponing is not limited to collecting coupons and printing or collecting them but these has gone to a wider and broader picture. You will be amazed to know that 25 million American are using these digital couponing apps to save them money.

In spite of all this fact couponing becomes a problem for some people as they get a habit of over using it. This can be explained that whenever this kind of a person finds a coupons he rushes to the market to use it and it always happens whether he needs the item or not. As with couponing you can save a good amount of money but sometimes this couponing can led you to send some extra money and you end up with buying things that you do not need. Buying useless things can stress your life more and it can end up with horrible results. So using coupons in a right way is very necessary.

You can find coupons in the newspaper or in your mail box and now as I said earlier that the world has shifted to digital coupons you can find them online on many websites, apps, in the emails or anywhere on the radio or TV. Finding it is very easy but using it right is the main thing you should now focus on.

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Why coupons exists?

This is one of the question that is in the mind of every coupon user. If you think that coupons are meant to save you money then you are wrong because coupons are a temptation and invitation for you to spend money. This is a tactics played by the companies to invite you for shopping. The retailers send the coupons as they want the people to come to their stores to buy items. To do so they always use the marketing strategy of discounts that many people like us fall in. There are some companies that are play other tactics like whenever they announce a sale or a discount or coupon they increase the price of the product before that. By this they do not get in to any loss and are able to sell more. The word sale always hits a customer’s mind so these companies always use the term sale more often so that people come to buy in the thought that they are saving. One more thing that usually these stores do is that they set a limit and then tempt you to get discount if you spend till that limit by this they are able to sell more items.


Why People Use Coupons?

This is question that many people need to ask from themselves as why they are using coupons and is it really worth it. As people are tempted towards sales and discounts so this is the biggest reasons of using coupons. Whenever a product is on sale it tempts people to buy that as they are thinking that it is a money saving opportunity that they are going to miss but actually it is the temptation to spend money. So this addiction of saving money can cause you to use coupons.


Drawbacks of Coupons

As I have said earlier that it is a common perspective that coupons save you money and why not because when you are saving some dollars on your purchase like getting $20 off from a purchase of $100 then you would definitely say that couponing is one of thing that is helping you to save money. But will all this there are some issues with the use of coupons that might hurt and you end up asking yourself that whether you saved the money or lost it while using coupons.
When you are using too much coupons you end up spending too much money in the temptation of getting a discount. This may cause you to spend extra money that you could have not spent and saved. Sometimes coupons tempt you to buy those things that you do not need and you buy that just because you take coupons as a money saving option. Here you should ask yourself a question that how could couponing be a money saving thing if you are buying thing that you do not? People tend to buy the extra things and this happens mainly because people think if they will not use this coupons they will loss an opportunity of money saving and they do not know that they are wasting money. So you need to understand that coupons are not incomes you lose, they only help you to get discounts.
Another issue with coupons is that sometimes they are for unhealthy or unhygienic food. Though it is not worth to buy unhealthy or unhygienic to save money. One more issue that arises with the use of coupons is that it also tempt us to spend more in a way that if we save $20 from an item we usually spend that $20 to buy another extra thing. By this we destroy the saving process and use the amount we saved from the coupons. So to save money from coupons you need to know all these problems that arises from the extra use of coupons and now if you want to save money always use your coupons wisely.


How Can You Use Coupons Wisely?

So this was the question for which I was writing this whole article. I need you to understand that you should use the coupons wisely so that you could save money but not waste it. To save money on coupons you should first ask yourself that whether you would have bought that item if you would not have the coupon? And if the answer is yes then proceed to ask yourself that whether you need that item and where would you place that? Because these are the questions that you clearly need to answer in order to save money. Now for the last always ask yourself when you are going to use a coupon that have you got addicted to the coupons or is it really worth it for you? To save money in real meanings you really need to stop and ask yourself these questions because this is the only way to save money. Otherwise you will spend extra money on things you do not need thinking that you are saving money.

Sometimes it could be difficult for you to do the above mentioned things but when you will start doing so you will be able to answer this question in a positive way that yes you are saving money while couponing. As money saving is very vital for a person’s future and it could help you to achieve what you are working or it could help you to retire earlier than you have thought and enjoy your life in peace.
In the end I am sure now you will use coupons wisely. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experiences of how you saved money from these coupons and how you were using these coupons before reading this article.

Posted on: 08/12/2020

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