Top 5 Alternatives Apps to Instacart

Everyone wants to make money and to make money you have to work. If you are doing a full time job then it is difficult to make extra income than your usual income. But fortunately, you can take a lot of side hustles to earn you extra income. These side hustles or jobs do not require you to work in fix hours for a longer period of time but you can work and earn whenever you want. One of the apps that help you in this regard is Instacart and I am sure you would have heard of that.


Instacart is an app that is in business since 2012 and from that time it is helping people to receive groceries at their doorstep without leaving their homes. This app makes it easy as the process only takes minutes and you after sometime you can receive your order. You open the app and place the order, after that an Instacart shopper accepts your order and then buy and delivers the products you need at your doorstep and you then pay the amount to the shopper. You can also add any coupons or offers in the order if you have any.
This app has enabled those people to buy groceries that have a busy schedule or they cannot leave their houses due to some reason. Sometimes you have kids at home or a patient at home or sometimes you just do not want to leave your comfort of home. Whether the reason this app is the best to receive grocery at your home. You can also use the app if you do not have something to take the products at your home. Here you can also place your order and pick up the order directly, by this you would save your time that you have to spend in the store for finding products and this will be done by an Instacart shopper.

You can join Instacart as two different positions, one is the In-store shopper and second is the full-service shopper. As an in-store keeper, you would have to buy items on people’s behalf and then they would pick that up. In this case, you would have work in fix shifts of 2 to three hours and you can work a maximum of 29 hours a week. As a full service shopper, you have to go to the grocery store and buy the products on your own and after that you have to deliver the products to the client’s home. In this case, you would have to fulfill certain requirements and you can make $15 to $20 an hour depending on the type of work. As a full service shopper you can work whenever you want and there is no hour’s limitation or fixed hours of work.

So this is a brief intro of Instacart, Now its turn to let you know about the alternatives that you can use to earn money instead of Instacart.


1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is parented by the famous Uber ride share company. Uber Eats was started in 2014 and it enables people to order food from different restaurants and food chains. To join Uber Eats, you will need a bike or a car whatever it fits you according to your state law. This app has a number of requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get work. If you fulfil the requirements you will go through a short verification process and after you are verified, you will be able to get jobs from the apps. You can simply sign up on the app and after you are verified you can just turn on your status online when you want to get work. As there are no time requirements and you can work whenever you want.
When you are online, you will be notified when a person near you will place an order and you can accept or reject it. If you accept, you will have to go to a restaurant and pick up the food and then deliver it. You will earn according to the deliveries you make. The amount you earn depends upon the city you are working in, time it took and the distance you traveled. You can also earn tips if you provide good customer service. To boost your income, you can work in specific busy hours in which you earn more amount and sometimes you are also offered bonuses.


2. Grubhub

Grubhub is one of the companies that people can use to order prepared online food. The company is in business since 2004. You can earn from this app by delivering prepared food to people’s home that you will pick up from a restaurant. You can use a car or a bike according to your city. There is a certain set of requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get a job from this company. You will need to sign up on the app, where you will have to submit you ID and insurance documents. After you get approved, you can get work from the app.
The amount you earn depends upon a number of factors such as the time taken and the distance traveled. The time taken means the time you take to get to the restaurant and the time that the restaurant takes to prepare the food and at last the time you take to deliver the food at the person’s home. You can earn more amount in busy hours. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you will have to make sure that the food remains fresh and for that you can buy warming bags. This will help you to earn tips.


3. Postmates

Postmates is in business since 2011 and is operating in almost 3 thousand cities of the US. This company enables people to receive restaurant meals and other goods at their doorstep without leaving the home just like Instacart. If you want to join Postmates, then you should know that in this case you will have a lot of other orders other than of groceries like you can be asked to delivered meals or office supplies. This means you will spend you day in a single store and you will have to travel around the town and buy different products. One of the benefits of this is that you get to know about your town and you get information about where you can buy any kind of product.
On this app, you will earn for every delivery or pickup you do and you will also earn money for the time you wait in between an order. Other than that you can also earn tips. The amount you earn depends upon number of different factors like the location you are shopping in or the type of job you get or the distance you have to travel. One of the best thing about Postmates is that you will get to know the exact amount that you can earn from an order. So the earing is legit.


4. Door Dash

Another alternative job of Instacart is to become a Doordasher. This company is in business since 2013 and was started by students of Stanford. On this app, you will have to pick up food from restaurants and food chains and deliver at people’s place. You are hired as an independent contractor with the company just like a full service Instacart shopper and you can work according to your own schedule. You can use any type of vehicle permitted by your state’s law.
When you work as a Doordasher, the amount you warn consist of a base pay of the job you take. This base pay depends upon the distance you have to travel for the job and how much a similar job like that could pay. According to the site, you can earn in between $2 to $10 for a single delivery. Other than the base pay, you can earn from promotions. For example, you will earn more in busy hours or if you are working in a busy area. Apart from that you can asked to take certain challenges and if you are able to complete the challenges, you will earn a bonus. Other than these two incomes, you can also earn tips by providing good customer service.

5. Favor

If you live in Texas, then this is one of the apps that you can provide you a job that can serve as an alternative of Instacart shopper. On Favor, you could be asked to deliver anything like food, grocery or anything. You will get orders from the app and you will have to buy them first and then deliver it to the person’s home. You can work part time or full time according to your own schedule. According to the app, you can earn an amount in between $10 to $18 for an hour depending upon the task and tips.

So, these were some of the legit and famous alternatives that you can use instead of Instacart. Thanks to these apps that it has become easy to earn money. Before you take a start, make sure you choose the one that suits you best and pays you more. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries regarding this article because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 08/15/2020

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