A Complete Guide to Life Points

Life Points is one of the get paid to website which you can use a side hustle. If you want to earn money by some side hustle or you out of cash and just want some extra money every week you can use this site. Taking surveys online and then getting paid for it is one of the best way to earn from a side hustle because it does not take much hard work to do so and you can do that in minutes. You can redeem your points in to gift cards or cash according to your choice.


Brief Intro

Life Points is one of best survey sites available and it is highly trusted by its user as it has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5. You can easily join the site and it is completely free to join. One of the best thing about Life Points is that it is working in 40 countries across the world and has over 5 million users. The company is in business since 1946 and from that time they are conducting surveys. Life Points is one of the genuine site on which you can take multiple surveys a day. The topics of the surveys are very interesting and mostly are about your interests and habits. You will earn points for the surveys you take and you can redeem the points in to PayPal Cash or donations and you can also redeem the points in to gift cards that you can use at your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart etc.


Requirements to Join Life Points

As I said you can access Life Points from 40 plus countries of Asia, Europe and America and to join the site you should be more than 14 years old. You can access the app from your personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Life Points is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera 12, and Microsoft Edge etc. The process to join the sites is pretty simple and it only takes minutes to complete and you can take your first survey within 10 minutes of joining the site.


Signup Bonus

In most of the get paid to websites you can earn a bonus for signing up and that is the same with Life Points as you can earn points for just signing up. On life Points, you will earn 10 points for signing up and after that you can earn an extra 10 points for filling up a brief survey form about your interests. This is amazing as you earn extra 20 points for doing the thing that you already has to do in any case.


How to Earn Points?

The best way to earn points on Life Points is to fill up survey forms. You can take multiple surveys at times and it takes 10 to 20 minutes on average to fill up a survey form and sometime it can also take an hour depending upon the size of the survey form. Unlike other sites, there are no focused groups or other ways through which you can earn points as on other sites you can even earn for shopping online. You can also earn money by taking part in contests.
If you fill up more survey forms, you can payout from often. The minimum payment option is 550 points that means you can cash out after filling up 6 survey forms of 100 points. This means you can cash out every week. This is the best way to earn because most of the other competitors sites does not allow you to fill up multiple surveys forms a day. For an average survey of 10 minutes, you can earn 75 points and for a survey of 20 points, you can earn 125 points. Sometimes you can also get a survey of 500 points which may take an hour or less.

After completing your survey, you will instantly receive your points in to your Life Points account and if you earn more points every day that means you can ask for payout twice or thrice a week. When you will open your Life Point account, you will see a list of available surveys with the points and time that it will take. To earn more, always try to fill up those survey forms which can give you the most point.
One thing you should keep in mind is that the time written on the survey site is not exact and it is the estimated time, you can save your time by filling up the surveys quickly.

On life Points you can get surveys on a number of different topics. General topics may include the grocery store which you use to shop, food and drinks you take, upcoming expenditures, tech devices, cars, brand items, your habits and views, your upcoming tours and the type of commercials that you would like. Like other survey sites, you do not know the topic of the survey before you start a survey. Thus sometime it can be annoying. Another thing that can annoy you is a pre-qualifying survey that you have to take and this determines that whether you are eligible for a survey or not. If you qualify for a survey, you will earn full points but if you get disqualified, you will only earn 2 points for the pre-qualifying surveys. You will have to sometime attempt 3 to 4 pre-qualifying surveys before you actually qualify for a survey and on average you will be asked 5 question regarding your age and other factors.

Sometimes apart from the regular surveys, when you open your account, you can see questions that you can answer to get points. These are fun questions and are not considered as surveys and you get single point for a single question you answer. Apart from this, you can view there community page on which you can get chances of entering in to contests from which you can earn cash prizes. These contests are limited to time and you have to do a task in order to qualify.


Redemption Offers

Filling up online survey forms is a good way to earn money and you can make some extra dollars every week. But you cannot earn an amount like a full time job and you will not get rich by just filling up survey forms. You can redeem your first 550 points for a $5 reward. One of the benefits of using life Points is that they have one of the lowest payout options while others sites require a high payout as $25 that can take a lot of time.

Firstly, you can redeem your points for e-gift cards that can be used at a number of different outlets. The gift cards can be of cost $5 to a maximum of $100. If you want to use your money for shopping then this is the best option to use because you will get different redeeming options for different points. One of the best option of gift card is the Amazon gift card that worth 550 points and you can get a $5 discount. There are other options if you are looking for a gift card but for these options you would need point’s equivalent to $10. The famous stores for which you can get a gift card of $10 are Bass Pro Shops, Starbucks, Google Play, iTunes, Domino’s and CVS Pharmacy. You can receive these gift card in your email.

The most famous option for redeeming your points is to get money in your PayPal account. If you need cash instead of gift cards then this is the best option and to get $5 in to your account, you will need 600 points. This is one of the lowest points ratio if we compare this to other competitive websites on which you can only payout for PayPal if you have a very high number of points in comparison to the redemption options of gift cards.
If you do not want e-gift cards or PayPal cash, you can also ask for a physical gift card but for that you will need a high number of points as they usually come from $25 to $50. Other than that you can also use this amount to help others by donating it and you can have an option of donating $5 for 550 points.



Life Points is one of the legit sites having a high rating from there users. Their Trust pilot score is 4.3 out of 5. You need to keep your account active in order to redeem your points as your points will expire after 3 years from which they are earned. To keep your account active, you need to attempt a survey every 3 months. If you face any issues in the website, you can contact them by mailing your issue to them. Life Points has a strong history in the field of research and surveys. Life Points is preferable from the competitor’s websites such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie because they offer a low payment option.

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Posted on: 08/31/2020

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