5 Ways to Live Rent Free

There are many different ways through which you can live in a home or an apartment totally rent-free and mortgage free and there is a possibility that you might not be aware of them.
The reason behind that is that most of the people just assume that paying rent to live in an apartment or a house is a part of life and that’s why they don’t consider or think about the methods of reducing or eliminating those type of expenses.

The best part about living rent free is that it leaves you with a plenty of surplus cash to fund your financial goals in a better way, whether that means getting retired early, saving some cash to pay for your new home, to get yourself out of debt or for any other dream you can think of.

Don’t you find that marvelous? Well to be honest I really find that appealing because finding a way to live rent free or mortgage free can actually help you in accelerating your path towards achieving your financial goals.

So if you are willing to achieve your financial goals by living rent free then simply stick to us and we will show you 5 mind blowing tips through which you can live rent free and also you can have that dream cash balance in your bank account.


1 List You Room Using Airbnb Service

It doesn’t matter if you are having your own home, townhome, condominium or you are renting your living place, you can use Airbnb service for listing your living place with them and finding guests on services like Airbnb can be an amazing way to cover up your rent amount or mortgage payment.

Airbnb has helped out a lot peoples in earning millions of dollars by simply listing their places on it for both casual and business travelers. Other than booking apartments or hotel rooms, Airbnb travelers book rooms or complete houses from Airbnb host.
Travelers like Airbnb options as they are quite different from standard hotel stays and also they cost a lot less that than hotel stays and they also provide comfort of home.
Now there are many people who must be thinking that listing your room with Airbnb can actually cover your rent or mortgage amount?

Let me tell you that it is quite common for an Airbnb host to get $45 per night for a room. The average host of Airbnb earns $450 per week in my hometown metropolitan city, and I think that kind of cash can actually cover a rent or a house payment up to $1600 or above.

Also if you have got some extra rooms in your home then consider yourself making enough income though Airbnb to cover your rent or mortgage payment by listing them on it.
The best thing about Airbnb is that they are actually serious about the securities of both hosts and guests and they screen both of them thoroughly, they work hard to make sure that both hosts and guests are actually safe as they are sharing living place.


2 Keep An Eye On Rent – for – Work Opportunities

There are many property owners out there such as, farm owners or many other people who have their own businesses on the same site. Where their home is, usually look for those people who will live rent free as in exchange of work program.

Let’s suppose that you are living on a farm rent free and in exchange you will be responsible for mucking stalls(cleaning up animal’s doo–doo) unloading bales of hay, milking cows or maybe you will be responsible for helping in managing vegetables crops and fruit.

Usually it isn’t as much as a full – time job if you comparing the working hours of both, working on a farm and working hours of a full – time job, you will still get pretty much of time to work at an income earning job but your rent will be still free totally.

There are some farms which will allow you to live in tenants for free for some specific reason of teaching them how to be a farmer.
WWOOF it stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms which connects people who are looking forward to learn how to live more self – sustainably with farmers to help them on their farms, but currently this site is listing the destinations for rent free living at thousands of farms all over the world.
If you love to travel and also you are quite interested in learning more about how to live a sustainable lifestyle then this is the best option for you to go with and at the same time you can also live rent free.


3 Look For Roommates

This is an another option to live rent free by this way you get roommates to rent out those extra bedroom which you have in your home or apartment. You can earn enough cash to cover the payment of your rent or mortgage depending on how many extra bedrooms do you have available so you can rent out them to cover your rent payment.
Let’s suppose you own or live in a 3 bed house and it’s monthly rent is $900, so you can rent out each room for $450 per month and by this way you can cover your rent or mortgage payment and you can live for free.

Your rent or mortgage depends on the living cost of the area you live in and it can be higher or lower because of that and the monthly amount of cash you get from renters can be higher and lower too. Just keep in mind that you are finding a balance between charging a reasonable rent to renters and it is also covering your monthly rent or mortgage payment.
Also don’t forget to get all the tenants sign a contract that covers the rental amount, the rules of living with you and also any damage deposit amount.
You can get standard rental forms online or you can also get them at office stores such as office depot. If you don’t know the people who are asking for room to rent from you then the good thing to do is to do background checks and employment verification’s for tenants.


4 Look For Live – In Nanny Or Pet Sitter Opportunities

There are many parents and pet owners out there who are always looking for quality pet or childcare by someone who they can trust with their beloved children or pets.
Well usually a live – in childcare provider earns a free living quarters along with extra pay as well. You can live rent-free if you love being with children and caring about them and if you don’t mind doing it as it your part – time or full – time job.

There are many pet owners who like the idea of having a live – in pet sitter. Most of them are usually travelers, for either work or vacation or they just don’t like the idea of leaving their pet alone at home for almost 8 – 10 hours while they are at work.

If you are willing to work as a nanny then don’t forget to take a look on one of the most respected companies known as Care.com. Care.com is a company which works to partner quality childcare sitters with those parents who are looking for responsible nannies and also they might be offering an opportunity for a live – in nanny in your area.

If living rent-free is important for you than simply create your profile on Care.com and explain that you are seeking an opening with a live – in situation.
Many local sites out there advertise for people who need childcare or pet care help and one of those sites is Craigslist. Pet sitting or baby-sitting is one of those side hustles that could turn into a very profitable business for you and not only that because it will also find you a place to live rent free.


5 Live With A Relative & Do Routine Tasks For Rent

Do you have a relative that would let you live them or that would be willing to let you live with them rent free in exchange for help around the house in routine tasks? Well there are many people who are able to live rent free by simply moving in with a relative that needs or want a help in with different routine tasks around the house.
Maybe you have an elderly grandparent or an uncle/aunt that is getting on in years and cant take care of their house anymore as needed. They probably need help with lawn care, snow removal or in minor house maintenance or repair, or maybe they need help in managing their daily routine activities and necessities like they might need help in taking medications or getting to doctor’s appointment.

Well it could be that also that they are not comfortable to live alone at home anymore and they need someone to live with them at home too.
So don’t forget to check with relatives and close friends about living with them rent free in exchange of help in different routine tasks around the house or companionship.
Once again, it is important to know that what the next person is expecting from you before you agree to this type of a situation.
After all maintaining the peace is vital when living with the loved ones.

We hope you like our 5 tips which you can use to live rent free. We would love to hear from you guys that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how did it helped you out so simply drop a comment below and let us know and also share your experiences with us.

Posted on: 06/12/2020

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