10 Ways to Make Money in College

Being a student of a college many a times you come across situations where you need cash. In these situation you hustle for work to get some cash. To avoid this kind of situation you should better start working in your college so you could make yourself a bigger shark in the pool. Being a student you have enough time to do a part time job or you can do side hustles to make a living! There are two type of opportunities available one is the in-campus jobs which usually pays little and in which the number of applicants are in big number. The in-campus jobs are easy and who would not like to walk to the computer lab and earn. The other is the off-campus jobs these are usually part time jobs and side hustles that pays you well. You can find a one that is more suitable to you and can make money every month. So in this article I will discuss some of the ideas that will help you to earn while you are studying in college. Let us start from the 1st,


1. Taking Survey

One of the easiest methods to earn cash while staying in campus is taking up survey forms. This could be one of the easiest method while you do not have to do anything extra ordinary and just provide some information or your views about certain ideas, products, trends and current issues. As a college student your views means a lot for other people. One of the best place to taking up survey forms is Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is one of the most famous website where you can find survey forms to fill and you will get points for that. Another famous website to fill up survey forms is Opinion Outpost. You will also get points for taking up survey forms on Opinion Outpost. You can redeem your points in to gifts cards that you can use on number of retail products or you can redeem your points in to PayPal cash. This cannot be termed as a part time job but this could be side hustle which could earn you some dollars in a week and you can fill up survey forms according to your convenience time while in the class breaks or meal time.

2. Tutoring

One of the thing that will benefit you in many ways is tutoring. As a college student if you start tutoring you will be able to earn cash and also you can make a firm grip at your subjects because teaching gives you the ability to revise your previous knowledge and once you teach anything you cannot forget that. You can teach according to your courses. There are many websites that you can use to find an opportunity to tutor and the least amount you can earn is $10 for an hour. For instance you can check Tutor.com where you can find students who need assistance.


3. Rideshare Driver

Being a car owner can give you many benefits, one of them is that you can make a living from it. There are online apps like Uber and Lyft that will help you to earn money by driving people around. On these apps you will have to meet certain qualifications and after that you can start earning. One of the benefits that you can get from driving with these apps is that you can work according to your convenience time and set your own schedule and this is because you are an independent contractor. You can switch between both of the apps at times to get more work. To start earning you need to download their app and register and after that you can start getting rides when you put your status as online.


4. Mystery Shopping

One of the easiest methods to earn money is mystery shopping. As a student you do not have enough to do shopping all the time and if you have to save and meet your budget you have to spend a lot of time in order to find the best deals in town. Do you know that you have an opportunity to earn cash while you visit stores? Yes by visiting stores and scanning items you can earn cash and gift cards. There is an app named as Shopkick on which you can gain these opportunities. You can find one of the best deals there and you can still earn without any shopping. To make a earning, you would have to step in to a store and open your app and start a mission. You can earn points for scanning the prices of some items and if you buy something you earn additional points. To earn more points you can watch sponsored videos that makes it an in-campus opportunity of earning points. Shopkick points can be redeemed in to gifts cards that you can use on Amazon and your favorite restaurants.


5. Achievement (Get Reward for Exercise)

Working out for staying fit is always a priority in this young age. If you want to earn from this activity then I got a method for you. Achievement is an app that helps you to earn rewards for healthy physical activities that you do. You can connect Achievement with another 40 apps to get money. You can earn by taking part in health research surveys, doing exercise, counting calories or even for sleeping. One of the benefit is that in college you do not have to take any extra gym membership because you are charged in your fee for the gym services. So you can easily work out there and get a good amount of money.


6. Donate Plasma

Plasma is something that does not allow blood clotting in a human being. You can donate plasma and could still be healthy. There are many centers that will collect your plasma and you can earn cash for that. So if you do not get frightened from needles then you can earn about $400 a month from this donation. For every donation you can earn from $20 up to $50 according to the amount of plasma you donate and being a healthy person you can donate twice a week. It could cause you dehydration but you can keep yourself fit by taking some precautions.


7. Task Rabbit

If you are a healthy man who can be a helping hand to anyone in their daily routine works like mowing lawns, painting and other tasks etc then you can find opportunities on this app to help people with these kind of daily routine work and earn some fast cash. If you do not want to get in to a full time or a part time job then this type of work is best for you. By this you will not be putting extra pressure on yourself and you will have more time to study. So Task Rabbit is there for you every time you need an opportunity and it will provide you opportunity near you.


8. Pet Sitting

Another type of work in which you can earn a good amount of money is pet sitting. Some professional pet sitter earns in six figures in a year. You could earn by walking dogs around the park in the evening or pet sitting for some hours or days when their owner is not in the town or is gone to a business trip. You can ask owners to get work while they cannot take care of their pet. To gain more from this job you would have to do some courses so that you could have the basic knowledge. To get work you can look at apps like Rover and Care.com where you can find work while you can also connect local pet stores and veterinarian office to get you work while an opportunity develops.


9. Delivery services

You cannot be a pizza boy in a young age as you are in college. There are some food chains that hire students as cooks or cashiers. But these jobs won’t give enough. You can earn more by delivering food to people’s home or offices but in this age you will not get as much opportunities because of your younger age. If you are 18 years old and have a driving license then DoorDash provides you the opportunity to earn some good money. You would have to deliver food items to people homes or offices and there are opportunities for you to earn tips too.


10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is great if you want to make a little money on the side. Being a college student you do not have to do much to get paid through this website. You will be paid for doing tasks that you do on your daily routine. You will get points for surfing the internet, taking up survey forms, watching videos or playing games. You can redeem your points for gift cards that you can use on number of outlets or you can also redeem them to PayPal cash.

So these were some of the legit methods that will help you to earn cash while you are in your college. Make sure you get something out of it. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experiences.

Posted on: 08/10/2020

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