7 Legal Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon is the world largest online seller with a net worth of 602 billion dollars. The company was founded in 1994 and started as a small website which sold used books. Now the company is selling almost everything and has provided a platform to millions of people to earn money. In 2017, the company also started to sell groceries.

Now the company is not only limited to sell and buy, now they are producing TV shows and movies with a name of Amazon Studios, the company also owns a lot of other companies. As with the rapid growth of the company, the company has also produced new jobs and methods from which people can earn a lot of money. Thus today I will talk about these ideas through which you can earn from Amazon. So if you want to earn money then Amazon is one of the platform which has number of different ways through which you can earn money. So starting from the first method,

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1. Sell via Amazon’s FBA

The best way to earn money from Amazon is to sell your products on Amazon by using their FBA program. FBA means that the orders will be fulfilled by Amazon. In this case, you ship your products that you want to sell to Amazon warehouse and then whenever a product is sold, Amazon ships the item on your behalf. This method has its own advantages and disadvantages but you can calculate easily that whether it would beneficial for you or not. Sometimes, sellers do not use this service because Amazon charges a fee and they think that they could save more money but it depends upon many factors and is different for each case.
This is an easy and the most profitable way to earn money by using Amazon but this also needs a lot of research to make a good deal because if you will not do your research then you will end up in the loss. There are many people who have ended up in the loss because they did not make their research complete.

One thing you should keep in your mind is that there is a lot of competition on Amazon. So it is up to you to research that what product will be sold for the maximum price and profit. You should know what the rules of Amazon are so that you could make the maximum profit.
There are some tips that you should keep in mind so that you can make the best deal. You should buy those items which are in the range of $30 to $50 and try to make a profit of $20 from a single selling. Try to stock the items for a time period of 3 to 6 months and try to sell your items on holidays and events where there are more sales. Another thing to keep in mind is the Amazon fee, shipping fees and subscription fee when you want to sell on Amazon. There are number of different calculators that you can use to keep the cost in mind before selling the product. Also along with these Amazon’s fee, you should also keep in mind the shipping price as they also play a big role in your sales.


2. Retail Arbitrage

Apart from selling your own items on Amazon, you can also do retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage means that you buy an item for a low price and then sell it for a higher price. There are many people that are making a living out of it.
The best way to make more profit on retail arbitrage is to buy the items locally. By buying items locally, you will reduce the amount required for shipping. Shipping cost can eat your profit sometimes if you are buying an item from a country like china. So, what many of the retail arbitrage people do is that they go to the local stores on sales and buy the maximum amount of products that they can resell. After that they resell the items on Amazon.
Retail Arbitrage is not for everyone and if you want to make a living from retail arbitrage then you should do a lot of research on products, you would have to keep in mind the holidays and the sales so that you could make the maximum. You can also use apps that will tell you about the comparison of the price of the products.


3. Amazon Flex

If you have a car that you can use to deliver products then Amazon Flex provides you a facility to drive and earn. Amazon’s Prime same day delivery option has attracted many customers and many people use this option. So this has caused a great earning opportunity for many people, so if you have a smartphone and a car, you can make a good amount every week.
To start working with Amazon Flex, you will have to download the app and then answer a few question on the app. After answering the question you can take a start. Like other driving apps, you cannot work whenever you want but you will have to work in shifts of few hours. You should be available for the shifts in order to make a good amount. You can earn an amount of in between $18 to $25 for an hour. Although there are not as much work available but it depends upon the area in which you are working from.


4. Amazon’s Work from Home

You can also join Amazon as a customer service representative by staying at your home. Amazon has a virtual customer service team that you can join. Like other jobs, this also depends upon your area because Amazon does not have positions in every area and they hire people from a selected area. You will have to fulfill the requirements of Amazon to get hired. Part-time and full-time positions are only available in specific areas but you can work to get paid for the hours you have work. You can search Amazon to know whether there are available opportunities in your area or not.
These type of home based jobs are kind of seasonal and are for a short period of time but you can make a good deal if you know more than one languages. If you do not want to deal with customers directly, you can also apply for the positions like tech account manager or a technical assistant.


5. Amazon Affiliate

One of the best way to earn money from Amazon is to become an Amazon Affiliate. In this case, you partner with Amazon and earn commission for every sale that have made through your website or blog. This can be your passive income source and you can make the maximum amount of money by not even touching the product physically. So if you have a blog or a website with a lot of traffic then you can make a good deal.
The basic theme of Affiliate marketing is that you promote products and if someone’s makes a sales from your provided link then you can earn 4% to 8.5% of that sale. Thus if you can find products that match with the idea of your website, then you can make a good deal. For example, if you have a website about night lights, you can put some affiliate links and when someone will make a sale through that, you will earn a good amount.
The commission is not enough to make a living so you will need a good amount of traffic to visit your website or blog on regular basis that means that the amount you earn will depend upon the clicks and sales made from your site or blog.


6. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a project of Amazon in which you can earn money by completing small tasks. The site is like a get-paid to website in which you can earn points for completing surveys and watching videos. This site has jobs that cannot be completed by computer like you can do date entry, image recognition, categorizing, transcription etc. You cannot make a lot of money through this but this can be a good way to bring in some extra dollars every week if you have some minutes in a week.


7. Amazon Trade-In

A simple way to earn from Amazon is to sell your old products on Amazon. If you do not have enough time to get in to the selling process then this is the best option to use because all you have to do is that take pictures of the products and then provide the required information on the website. Amazon will provide you gift card that you can use for further purchases.


So these are some of the methods through which you can earn money via Amazon. Some of the methods require a lot of hard work and some require a little time so you can take any option according to the available time you have. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 09/02/2020

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