10 Easiest Ways To Make Money By Using Your Smartphone

The one thing we always make sure to never forget is our smart phones, and that’s what actually happens because most of the time it is more likely that you will forget your wallet or driving license rather than your phone, so is this good or bad? Well, at the time when a wallet that makes it easy for yourself to spend money, your phone helps you to make money! And to make money on your phone you don’t need your wallet.

Well we know it is hard to know where to start, considering that there are many ways through which you guys can make money through your phone. So to solve your this problem we have put our heads together and made some extra effort to come up with this list if 10 easiest ways to make money thorough your phone and that list also depends on how much time do you have.

Complete Micro Tasks from Your Phone

Completing micro tasks from phone is one of my favorite ways to make money. Most of the time the thing you need to complete those jobs is a 15 minutes from your valued time. There is a large range of tasks and for completing each task you will get paid. As they have a vast range of tasks, you would never get bored too.


1 CashCrate

CashCrate is another fun multi – purpose platform through which you can make money on your phone. For completing each survey you will earn cash as an reward and also you will earn points for playing each game online and also for referring your friend.
You can also make money by shopping on CashCrate and not only that, you can also make money by cooperating with other CashCrate members.


2 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is known as a virtually universal favorite for getting paid to do small tasks. There are some tasks on Swagbucks which only takes 5 minutes to complete them, daily surveys, playing games, watching videos are included in these type of tasks. Also Swagbucks pays you to search the web too! And every so often it feels like that these tasks are not even “work”. For completing each task, you will receive points, which you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash. If you go for gift cards then you redemption will start at $3 for your most favorite stores & restaurants, and the best part is that you can earn your first $5 as a bonus for signing up.


3 MyPoints

MyPoints is known as a sister site to Swagbucks. MyPoint’s earning options are similar to Swagbucks but its award option can be dissimilar.
For example, there are chances that at MyPoint you might earn $1000 as compared to Swagbucks where you will only earn $500 for an activity, or maybe MyPoints have a gift card sale when on the other hand Swagbucks doesn’t.
Maybe you will appreciate the intersection with Swagbucks but now at least you know what to expect from MyPoints!


4 InboxDollars

After Swagbucks the next largest “get – paid – to” platform is probably InboxDollars. With InboxDollars there are numerous ways to make money. Taking surveys, reading email and seeing videos are some of those ways.
In case if you are willing to increase your daily earning potential, then the thing you should do is to join other platforms. In addition, with joining InboxDollars you can also join Swagbucks or any other platform from the platforms which are mentioned on this page to double up your daily earning potential.
InboxDollars can be a great option in case if your priority is to paypal cash or gift cards. Also you will receive a bonus of $5 for joining.


5 Mechanical Turk

Are you willing to earn Amazon gift cards? If yes then you should consider Amazon Mechanical Turk also known as MTurk, which is an income stream. Honestly speaking, for computers & tablets MTurk is the best. Yes there is a possibility that your apple iPhone might not be MTurk – friendly, but no need to lose hope because there are some tasks which are mobile – friendly as well.
You will need to ascertain that what works for your phone in a better way, and the two options you’ll have includes entering data from images and taking surveys.


6 Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another survey site but with daily options. If you are using Vindale Research site for completing surveys then you will earn up to $75 for completing each survey.
Furthermore, while using Vindale Research site you can also earn some extra cash by leaving feedbacks, sharing your opinions and by watching videos, and other than that you can also earn additional cash by looking for special codes by Vindales on select website.
While using Vindales you can get paid through paper check or via PayPal cash. You can request instant payment right after your account balance reaches $50.


7 Panel PayDay

Panel PayDay is a site which helps you to connect with mystery shopping jobs and paid survey panels. You can earn up to $75 for completing each survey with Panel PayDay. With Panel PayDay you can earn money with several ways which are mentioned below.

– Focus Groups
– Mystery Shopping
– Discussion Groups
– Online Surveys
– Online Mini – Jobs

You can earn more than $150 per job if you do a mini – job. Which is pretty much impressive to be honest! Also being a new Panel PayDay user will let you earn your first $25 as a bonus. The only thing you need to do to earn a bonus is to just complete your first survey.


8 Ibotta

While talking about Ibotta, let me tell you that Ibotta is a mobile application which helps you earn some cash back each and every time you visit the grocery. You’ll just need to activate the cash back offers within the Ibotta app before you check out every time. Nearly at any grocery store you can get a cash back with Ibotta, also the Ibotta mobile app works at the discount stores such as Target and Walmart too.
The cash back offers which you’ll need to activate has two different types. Let’s suppose, for buying 12 – pack of coca cola you might get a cash back of $2, or maybe when you buy a loaf of bread you’ll get a cash back, indifferent of the brand, and especially to enjoy savings you don’t have to clip paper coupons.
You can receive your payments through Venmo, PayPal or gift cards.


9 Jobs2Shop

With Jobs2Shop you will get paid for mystery shopping. You’ll need to share your feedbacks on the application of Jobs2Shop right after completing your mystery shopping at a restaurant or a shop.
While using Jobs2Shop you can make money with some other online activities too other than mystery shopping.

Playing Games
Mobile Surveys
Redeeming Digital Coupons
Shopping Online

Also if you are working with Jobs2Shop then you will get paid in cash and also you will earn a $5 as a bonus for joining Jobs2Shop.


10 Qmee

Qmee is an online site which pays you to search online at with your favorite search engine. Right next to results of the regular search engine, Qmee shows you the product listing in which you might have some interest. The best thing about Qmee is that just with a single research, Qmee double up the results.
There are three different ways in which you can possibly earn points, those three ways are mentioned below.

– Taking the daily surveys
– Redeeming digital coupons
– By watching videos

Another best thing is that there isn’t a minimum payout limit, which means if you are an active researcher then you can request your PayPal payment every day.


This was the list of 10 easiest ways through which you can make money by using your phone and it will only take you few minutes to complete those tasks and in return you will earn some extra cash. Also we would love to hear from you guys, so simply drop a comment below and share your experiences with us and also don’t forget to let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how did it helped you out.

Posted on: 07/03/2020

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