8 Top Apps for Money Saving this Year

Saving Money is one of the essential of a common man now-a-days. People have different perspective of saving money and everyone has its own way. While with the rapid spread of technology there are some apps that you can use to make money. Apart from that there are some apps that helps you to save more money or they help you to save money in an effective and simple way. Saving money is an important thing but know that not everyone saves money.

This is the main reason behind many budget fails and debt. So if you do not want to get in to debt or want your budgets to succeed start saving money today. Money looks difficult to many people that is why I am writing this article today so you enable yourself to save more money. There are many apps that can help you in this regard. I will write down about some of the best ones. Most of the apps are free to use so do not worry about that. So lets start from the 1st,


1. Qapital

Qapital is an app that you can use for short term money saving goals such as saving for holidays or a vacation. This app is a bit different from the others. Here you can create triggers with the help of your savings goals. For example, if you have a saving plan to buy a new LED then you can choose your cable TV or other streaming options payment to be rounded off and put off in the savings account to buy a new LED. This simple technique can help you to save for each goal separately.

On Qapital three different programs are offered to you. First is the basic one in which you have to pay $3 per month and it helps you to save money for you goals. While the other two are complete program and the Master program in which you have to pay $6 and $12 respectively. In the complete and master program you can get help to invest your money in a safe way.


2. Chime

Chime is a very interesting saving program that you can use. It is basically an online bank that will help you to fill up your savings account. The bank has two different options for you that you can use to save money. For that you will have to open a checking and savings account on Chime. The first option is that you can have the Automatic Savings Program. This program is somehow same like Acorns, here you will have to link your Chime Visa Debit card with the Chime app and it will round off all the purchases you make from this app. The rounded off amount will be put up in your savings account.

The second program from Chime is the Save When You Get Paid Program. In this program whenever you are paid, 10% of your amount is directly deposited in to your savings account. This is a very simple method that you can use to transfer money automatically in your savings account every month.


3. Acorns

Acorns is one of the best site that you can use to save money. In this app you only have to link your accounts to them. After that all the work is done by Acorns and you just save money. The process is pretty simple. On Acorns, all the purchases you make are rounded off in to the next figure and the remaining change is transferred in to you Acorns account from there this amount is invested in to your saving account, retirement fund or investment account. This app basically helps you to save money on long terms. You can choose the account in which your money will be transferred. It could be retirement account or non-retirement account according to your wish. As a said your money could be invested too as Acorns has some investing portfolios to choose from. You can choose according to your preferences and invest in them. If you choose the investing plans you will have to pay a fee according to the plan you take, the fee vary from $1 to $3 per month.


4. Clarity Money

Another app that you can use to save money is the Clarity Money. This is a very simple app in which you select an amount to be deposited in to your account every month and then every month a part of your income is deducted and put up in the saving account. Here the amount of money is deposited in to a Marcus high yield savings account. You can set your own goals here and you will also earn a high interest rate of 1.55% on this app on your savings account.


5. Simple

One of the easy to use website to save money is Simple. On this site, you can put your money for each specified goal separately. You can deposit money through your pay check or directly from the bank. One of the best feature of Simple is that you can set up automatic transfers for every month and then every month a specified amount of money will be transferred in to your Simple account. Another feature of Simple is that you can set up automatic round off option same like Acorns. By this a small amount of money is transferred in to your savings account whenever you make a purchase. Simple is basically a short term money saving website but you will be amazed to know that you can earn an interest rate of 0.01 % on your simple account. If you have a projected goals account then you can earn an interest rate as much as 1.40%.


6. Trim

Trim is much different from other apps listed here. As the name suggest, Trim helps you to cut off your unnecessary expenditures. The process is very simple, you have to link your credit and debit card with Trim. Trim will then find out any hidden charges that are cut off from your credit or debit card. There are many automatic subscriptions that we do not know about like gym membership, magazine subscriptions. These subscriptions are automatically renewed every month. What Trim does is that they notify us via messages that whether we know about these subscriptions or not? Or do we still want to use these or not? If not then Trim contacts the providers and cancels our unnecessary memberships and subscriptions. Trim will help you to get a lower rate on your cable provider or insurance. This is a very safe and secure app and you do not need to worry about the your information and about the credibility of this app.
Just simply sign up to the app and save money and use that money to save for your future financial goals.


7. Joy

Joy is a very simple and easy to use money saving app. It is absolutely free to use Joy. You will have to link your accounts with Joy and it works in a very simple way. Joy looks at your spending through the information you provide and it suggest you about which section you can save money. It will suggest you that how much amount of money you can save from each category. Unlike the others, Joy will ask for your approval before transferring amount in to the Joy savings account. It will suggest you an amount and you can reduce and increase it according to your expenses. Then the amount is deposited in to your savings account. This is a very simple way to save money and all the work will be done by Joy and you will only have to approve or disapprove its suggestions.


8. UNest

UNest is one of the best apps that you can use to save for your kids college. It works very simply and the amount you put in UNest is invested according to the time remaining for your kid to join college. On this app you save money for your college through a 529 account. It’s not only you who can deposit money in to your kids’ college saving account but you can also ask your friends, family and well-wishers to deposit money in to your kids college account via the app of UNest.
Unlike most of the apps in the list, UNest is not free and you will have to pay a $3 a month to use UNest.

So, these were some of the best collections of apps and sites that you can use to save money for your future. There are many other options too and now it is not difficult to save money for your future with the help of these kind of platforms. You can use these platforms to save money for short term, long term or for some specific purposes. Make sure you get advantage from these all.

Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of saving money in the past. Let us know if you face any difficulties then.

Posted on: 08/07/2020

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