5 Money Saving Tips to Help Plan Your Summer

Well at this moment, schools for most of the students are officially over due to the pandemic. Now this is the perfect time to think about and plan your summer vacations. To make the most out of your summer while not overspending you need a good strategy. Here is the list of things, which you need to plan fun days for your summer vacations before it’s time to back to school.

1. Summer Movie Plans

You can’t eliminate the fact that everyone of us love to watch movies in theaters especially during summer vacations. Weather it is about those outdoor movies on the lawn at Garfield Park or some special showings at your public libraries to movie camps at theaters, such as Canary Creek and Cinemark. You can quickly take your family for a show for free or as less as $1 per each person. As a part of your research now, you have to choose your favorite movie and plan on which night you will treat your family to a movie!


2. Local Festivals And Celebrations

When it comes about parades, art, fireworks or children’s entertainment, the greatest Indianapolis area has all of it when it comes to free local celebrations and festivals during the month of June and July. If I talk about myself then we never miss the PBS kids in the park at white river state on 21st June or Greenwood Freedom Festival on 28th of June. Whether it’s about “Touch a truck” events to parades or from free concerts to art shows there is always so many things to do and see in Indianapolis. Start searching today on your city parks and through out all of recreation websites for celebrations and festivals all over the summer to lock on those dates on your calendar.

3. Summer Reading Events

You can help those little minds grow during the months of summer by signing up for those reading programs that rewards you for spend hours and hours with your nose in a book. Always initiate by checking out what your local libraries has to offer first. Have you ever heard of those programs that even rewards adults for reading? Bookstores like half-price books, Barnes and Noble and other than them there are even online retailers, which offers you great incentives for reading in the months of summer, for instance you can check out scholastic.com because it is one of those online retailers.

4. Free Summer Affordable Camps

This summer you should quite familiar with the inside of your library. There are many offerings, which are similar for kids and adults; there is a class or club for almost every interest. By this way, you can learn and not connected to your community without spending a penny.
Your local city parks and recreation departments offers a great day camp and not only that there are some churches which also offers a great day camp at low cost. Even the Apple Stores also host a free summer camp every year don’t forget to check them out too.

5. Homemade Summer

Either it is about building our own sprinkler or using our projector to watch a film in our backyard; memories at home are the most treasured ones in our heart. You could make your own sidewalk chalk or you could hold your or you could head to Pinterest for more ideas on your own. Every new day is full of new opportunities. During months of summer every one of us love to eat ice cream, so don’t forget to look for a recipe for the perfect ice-cream and chart out a new bike route. Make a list of all of your nearby local parks and strategically plan one off for each week of the summer vacation. The simple things are really one of the best and might even become most favorite experiences over all of the pricey theme parks and weekend getaways.
Doesn’t matter whatever you choose to do this summer, start planning today. You can have plenty of fun without spending pretty much of your cash during June, July, and August.
Complete your research, mark out the dates, Get creative and crafty and make you’re this summer affordable and memorable.


So these were the list of those 5 tips by which you can make your summer actually affordable and memorable this year. So don’t waste your days by thinking only, start planning today and make your summer most memorable and affordable. You can also check out our kids freebies where we offer lots of free stuff that could help entertain your children in the summer.

Posted on: 06/05/2020

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