7 Simple Ways to Make Money With PayPal

PayPal is one of the most common and famous method to transfer and receive money. They are used mostly because PayPal is secure and it is fast. PayPal is used for transfer and payment of money for personal uses and business use. PayPal is in business since 1998 and was parented by eBay till 2015.

There are many easy and effective ways through which you can earn a lot of money and get paid via PayPal. Today in this article I will discuss some of the methods through which you can earn money and paid via PayPal. In some of the cases, there are small tasks to do and in some cases there are passive income sources through which you can earn. So starting from the 1st method,


1 Affiliate Marketing

One of the best way to earn passive income is to do affiliate marketing. This is one of those ideas that have change the lives of many people. In most of the cases you will make money via PayPal. For this you will need a website or a blog with some audience. If you do not have a site or a blog then the first step you have to take is to build a site or a blog and then engage some audience. After that you can post referral link on your website or blog and refer different products to people, if someone makes a purchase from your link then you will earn some commission.
This is a very simple task and you just have to pursue people to make a purchase and as someone makes a purchase you will earn a commission. In each case the working is a bit different and the amount earned is different and you can also use some affiliate networks to handle sales.


2 Ibotta

Are you the one who is always looking to save money? If yes then Ibotta is an app that you can use to save a lot of money while shopping for grocery. You will get this money in to your PayPal account so to start earning, firstly you will have to download this app on your smartphone. When you are planning to go for shopping, the first thing you need to do is open the app and choose which store you will go for shopping. When you will open the store, you will get a list of all the available offers for store, you can go through all the offers as there are new offers every day and then you can add these offers to your account. One of the best thing about Ibotta is that it works with almost 300 stores like Target, Walmart, Costco and Publix etc. After that you just have to shop normally as you do and when you are finished with the shopping just scan your receipt from the app.

By this simple way you will save money and earn points. When you will have enough points that can be redeemed in to $20 cash. You can then redeem and transfer this account in to your PayPal account. Other than that you can earn points for referring your friends and signing up for offers. This is one of the best way to save money without printing for coupons.


3 Take Survey

One of the easiest method to earn money online is to take online surveys. Online surveys only require a few minutes in a day and it can help you to earn some amount of money in a week. So if you have a few minutes in a day then you can use this time to share your opinions with others and get paid for it. There are many companies that will pay you for your opinion and these companies use the data they get from opinion of peoples for research and study purposes.

There are many websites that you can use to take online surveys but not in all cases you will paid through PayPal. One of the famous sites that will pay you for online surveys is Survey Junkie. If you are able to earn 1000 points on Survey Junkie, you can redeem them in to $10 PayPal cash. Other than that you can also redeem for gift cards with lower points.

Another famous website is Swagbucks and with this site you can easily earn points by taking surveys and performing some other simple tasks. On this site you can earn money by playing game, shopping online, watching videos and for searching the internet. When you have points equal to $5, then you can redeem this amount in to your PayPal account.

If you are wondering that you have to pay to join these sites then do not worry because you can join them for and they are legit sites there is no scam involved. You can also use smart phone app of both the sites to make your earning smart and fast.


4 Graphic Designing

If you are one of those who can make some good designs that can attract a customer’s eye then you can make more money in to your PayPal account. You can have access to an online platform named as CafePress and use it to showcase your skills and earn cash. You can design shirts, cloths, website graphics, logos and other custom designs for individuals and business on this site. All the payments will be paid through PayPal so the earning is legit.
If you do not want to use CafePress, you have to option to start your own business by making a website of your own and provide people’s the services they require but this will require some time and hard work and in this case you can also choose to stay with PayPal when it comes to payments.


5 Freelancing Writing

Another method to get money in to your PayPal account is to make money freelancing writing. Not everyone can write but if you are the one who knows to write the words that can attract people then you can make a good deal for yourself. You can write for business and peoples, you can write blogs, articles, white papers and eBooks and get money from PayPal. There are sites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can freelance your these skills and earn a good amount of money. With these sites you are directly paid via PayPal. If you are thinking that you will need a strong grammar then this is not the case, you just need some writing skills that attract the client or reader. Many expert writers makes in six figures and after some experience you can easily make it too.


6 Rent a Room

One of the method to get money in to your PayPal account is to rent your room, bed or full house. If you have some spare space in your home then you can add more money in to your PayPal account by using Airbnb. This is the app that helps tourists around the world to stay in people’s home instead of expensive hotels. This helps them to save money and live in a more home alike condition. You can charge money according to your own area and the number of facilities you can give to your client. People who travel for business or tours tend to use this app more than other people so chances of getting customers are very high. This site is used all over the world so the earning potentials are very high. You can earn $50 to $70 per night easily from this site. You can earn more in the season days when people are travelling more.


7 Declutter

If you have extra DVDs, CDs or any other electronic stuff, you can sell these on Declutter and get money in to your PayPal account easily. Declutter is a site that works very effectively and here you can sell CDs, DVDs, logos, Old smart phones and other electronics.
This site works very smartly as you just have to enter the barcode of the item that you want to sell or you just need to take some pictures of the product. After that you will be given a quote if it seems suitable to you, you can accept the quote and then you will be sent a free shipping label, you will have to dispatch your item to the company. Your item will be received by the company and as they will check the product they will transfer the amount via PayPal. Thus earning money is just as simple and one of the benefits of this platforms is that you do not have to pay any type of shipping fee and all this process is free and legit.

So these were some of the methods to get money in to your PayPal account. Make sure you check them all and boost your income effectively. Do comment in the comment box and let us know if you have any queries because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 07/19/2020

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