9 Best Places to Get a Job as a 14/15 years old

Many teenage boys and girls want to work and they have their own reasons for it. If you are 15 years old and you eagerly want to work then you are on the right place. Here I will tell you about some of the companies that hire 15 year olds for different positions. If you have high plans for the future and you want to earn money from a small age or you are the one who is wants to start earning money just to buy a new car for himself or herself when he/ she turns 18. Then this article will guide you about some of the companies that hire 15 years old.

If you are a 15 years old and you want to do have a job then this can bring in many benefits for you as you can understand the value and importance of earning money, you learn to save money, give money, you get to know about the spending, you make a budget, you set goals for yourself and the best of all you learn the responsibility of work. This could be the best thing that you can do while you are a teenager.

You need to get information of your states rules before starting a job. So that you could know that whether your state allows a 15 year old to work for a job or not. If you know what the laws of your state are, you can get a job easily and you will also remain protected if you have the knowledge of the laws. Make sure you check out the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to look at laws for 14-15 year olds working.

The most important law is that you cannot get a job if you are under 14 and this is the minimum age for employment. There are number of hours in which you are allowed to work and you cannot work according to your own time. The Fair labor Law states that a 15 year old can only work 18 hours in a school week and 40 hours in a non-schooling week. Other than that you can only work from 7 to 7 in the day and after June 1 this becomes 7 AM to 9PM.

The amount you earn at this age depends upon the type of company in which you are working and the type of your job. According to the law, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour but according to some other laws you could be paid $4.25 per hour in the first 3 months of your job. Every state has its own rules and you can paid according to type of your job.

There are many restaurant chains, entertainment places and grocery stores that hire 15 year olds for a job. These companies are always looking for responsible kids for their companies. So you can easily apply to one of the companies listed below. Let’s start from the 1st,


1 Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robins is one of the America finest restaurant company that has a specialty in cakes and ice-creams that was founded in 1945. They got 5636 location all over the world and 3000 of them are in the United States only. This company has one of the finest flavors of ice-cream. The company is located in 92% of the states of America. You can easily find a store near your home and could easily join them. If you are older than 14 you are eligible to join one of the location of Baskin Robbins.


2 Chick-fil-A

Another food chain that will hire a teen of age 16 is Chick-fil-A. You can apply for the position of operator if you are aged 16 or more. As an operator you will have to perform the duties that you are asked too and they mainly include preparing food, taking orders and cleaning etc. Chick-fil-A has over 2300 branches in which you can apply for. There is an extra advantage for you if you are working with Chick-fil-A and that is you will have a one day off in a week at this restaurant because they are closed on Sundays. So this will make yourself more comfortable and you could earn $10.55 on average per hour if you work at a Chick-fil-A location.


3 Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is one of the best fast food restaurant company. It was founded in 1940 and now it has almost more than 4400 locations all over the world. This company is owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. You can join any of its location if you are more than 14 year old. The type of job you can get depends upon the location and availability of the job. This company hires 15 years old for the position of food preparer, restaurant cleaner, dish cleaner and cashiers.


4 Culver’s

Cluver is one of the top fast food restaurant company that is privately owned and was founded in 1984. It has 748 locations in all over the United States. They are not located in all the states but you can find them in 50% of the states. You can join one of their location if you are more than 14 years old. The type of job you can get varies on number of different factors like the available job, the state in which the location is etc.


5 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

One of the finest Ice Cream parlor company of the United States is Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. They are in business since 1989 and are located in the 20 states of the country. They have over 160 locations and you can join any of the as an ice cream scooper if you are more than 14 years old. This company need young professional kids who can work in a team and have a helping attitude towards their other colleagues.


6 McDonald’s

One of the finest and famous place in the United States to buy a burger is McDonald’s. This company is world famous and is in business since 1955. The company has over 14,000 locations in the United States only so there is a chance that you can easily find a location near you. if you more than 14 years old then this is the best place to find a job because the company hires people of age more than 14 years old. In McDonald you can be hired as a cooking helper, serving and could be asked to do restaurant maintenance.


7 Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee is from the best grocery stores of the United States. This site has more than 240 locations in the United States and you could easily find a one near your place. The company was founded in 1930s and has been operating in the major states of the country. Whether you will get a job or not depends upon the franchise and the available position. This is because every store location is independent so they have their own rules and regulations.


8 Six Flags

If you live in North America then Six Flags could be the best option for you. They have one of the best amusement and water parks in North America. If you are more than 14 than this is the best place for you to have a job. Although the type of job you can get depends upon a number of factor like the season and the availability of the jobs but if you can get a one then you can make a good deal for yourself.
If you do not have six flags location near you, you can still get a job at your local amusement park. You can check your local park for details and there are chances that you can easily get a job too.


9 Start your Own Business

Instead of starting a job you can simply start your own business. This could be one of the best options because you will be independent to work instead of being an employ of a company. Business can bring in a lot benefits like you can control your income, you can gain confidence and the most important you can gain experience. It would take some time and hard work to build your name but after that time you would easily earn the amount you wanted too.
One of the best business to start at this age is to provide babysitting services. This is termed as the best job for a teenager. If you love to spend time with kids then just by learning some professional skills you could be the best baby sitter of town.
Another business that you can start is pet sitting or dog walk. By providing these simple services you could easily make a good deal for yourself for a month. In these types of jobs you do not need to work for fixed hours and you will have to work according to the availability of work.

These are some of the places where you can work as a teenager. You can work according to your convenience and time flexibility. In my opinion the last option could be the best for any teenager. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries regarding the article because we would love to hear from you. Best of luck!

Posted on: 07/23/2020

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