7 Effective Methods to Lower Your Energy Costs in Summer

Here the summers are getting started and many of the people are very happy because they are going to get holidays. There are many who don’t like summer for some reason, these reasons could be increase of rates of flights during the holidays, increase of Hotel rents and some hot blooded people like me would hate it because of the sweating. Summers could be very annoying at times to some people. Your Energy costs increases to a very big percentage in summers because your appliances that keep your house cool starts and other charges add up on their maintenance. On average in the summers the 17% of the increased bill is used up in cooling. If you are a worried like that for summers then I have 7 solutions for your one problem that is the increase in your energy costs. By applying the methods that I will tell you now you can save money in energy costs because as the summer arrives you have to maintain your air conditioner and some other appliances to get started and that cost much so starting with the 1st method,


1. Avoid adding up heat

Do not add more heat into your house by cooking inside your house in the summer days. When you cook inside your house in the summer days you increase the temperature of your house that your air conditioner has to overcome. If you even use an oven inside your house that also increase the temperature. So instead of doing this you should try to cook on the stove or microwave. If you want to save more than you should try to cook on grills during these days this will give you two benefits one is that your house temperature would not be affected and your air conditioner would not have much load and the other benefit would be that you would use the heat energy from the sun. So if you know how to grill then you should go for it. It would be better if you use charcoal grill because it will be more efficient in that atmosphere.


2. Surge Protectors

When you leave your house it is difficult to turn off all the appliances, as you know that many of the appliances use energy even they are turned off this energy is known as phantom energy. This phantom energy is consumed by appliances so that whenever you turn on the device t would not take time to start and will start soon. As you should save this phantom energy by means of surge protectors these surge protectors help devices to consume much less energy as possible. There are some upgraded devices that have surge protectors installed in it but the old ones do not have it so we have to install them manually. One thing you should keep in mind that there are devices that take a lot of energy to start so you should never unplug these devices because due to unplugging when it will start it will take more energy than it consumes in just off time. So plugging out every device is not the right option but applying surge protectors is!


3. Use the Natural Cool Air

Do you know that the temperature in the summer night is quite less as compare to the day in the summer? In the summers night the temperature tends to drop and there is a lot of fresh air in the atmosphere. So why should you waste your Energy on air conditioner when you can have fresh air for free. Just open your window in the night with a fan combination you will get a very atmosphere in your room. Do not forget to power off your air conditioner because it stays on then this will be a very big energy loss. So open your windows and let the cool and fresh air in your room you will be amazed by the power of fresh air that how will it make your room temperature down in minutes.

4. Using your Thermostat

You can save a lot of money only by upgrading your thermostat. If you are thinking how then I will answer your this question very precisely. The new and upgraded thermostat automatically observe your time of when you go and come and then these automatic upgraded thermostats program themselves in to the time and set the temperature up and down according to your time. If you are still using an old thermostat in which you have to turn the temperature up and down manually then you should upgrade it because these old thermostat take consume more energy and there maintenance costs more. On the other hand applying an upgraded thermostat will help you to save more because of the updated systems that will consume less energy. The new updated thermostats adjust themselves into the timetable you have for your 7 days and that is why the systems consume less energy.


5. Close the House well

If you are using an air conditioner in your house and you have points in your house or rooms from which warm air enters and your cold air loses your room then you are doing a very big energy loss. Yes why are you letting your cold air loss your room? Because of this you air conditioner has more load and you are not letting the cooling stay in your room. Try to close the space between the door and floor also close all the points around your windows when you air conditioner is in working. You can save up to $200 per month by your this act because this sealing your air conditioning space get less load on the air conditioner. So for energy saving this tip can really help you a lot and you will feel the difference yourself.


6. Upgrade Your Appliances

One of the best method to save energy cost is that you must upgrade your old energy consuming appliances by more energy efficient appliance that consumes less energy. There are devices in the market that consume 75% less energy than the old ones so you should look for them. One of the other thing is that these up gradation could be act heavy on your pocket at that time but these energy efficient will decrease your bills by almost 50% to 60%. Try changing your old bulbs with the less energy consuming products because the cost of energy consumed becomes more than the price every month. So you should take this hard step and then this will pay off and your energy cost will reduce very effectively that you will notice very soon.


7. Cleaning your AC filters.

You should know that when an AC gets running dust and a lot dirt sticks between the filters and as there is more dust and dirt on the filters the more power it will use to such the air to make it cool so the more energy means the more cost will it take. Cleaning your AC filters from a repair man will also increase your energy budget. So to save in this regard you should roll up your sleeves and start cleaning your Air conditioner filters because experts says that cleaning your AC filters can increase their life and performance and they also use less energy so you should clean your Air conditioner filters after every 20 to 25 days to make it efficient and cost effective. This will also help you to gain experience of air conditioner mechanism and you will be able to repair also when you start cleaning and observing the mechanism of your air conditioner.

So here were the 7 effective methods from which you can save energy costs in summers. Yeah summers could be annoying but you can change your this thought in this summer by saving from these tips and going to a fun trip with family or friends and you could either go to a hill station. Saving Energy costs is important for both you and the society because the more you consume the more you have to pay and the more government will have to make from it sources. So you should save energy for a better society. Drop your comments below in the comment section and do share your experiences of saving your energy costs by the effective methods explained above and tell us how it worked for you. We will be waiting for you precious comments.

Posted on: 08/22/2020

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