9 Useful Ways to Save Money on Fashion

Want to save some money on fashion and shopping? Here are 9 most simple and useful ways by which you can save a handsome amount on fashion.

Look outstanding while spending less money

If you love clothing and shopping then you must be aware that it can be quite costly sometimes. Either you are fond of being up to date with latest trends or pretty much obsessed with discount sales or have a mysterious craze of shoes then you must know that shopping is a very expensive business. Almost every one of us is looking for different ways and ideas to cut this cost down without compromising on our shopping habits as far as possible. Fortunately we have pooled together all of our best tips to help you to save money on shopping and even make money on them. These are some of our best tips for you to look outstanding while spending less.

1. Interested in designer stuff?

Are you are interested in designer’s stuff? But your bank balance won’t stretch? These are some of the sites which you can check. GetTheLable and Zalando are the sites which offers you the same branded stuff but with a discounted price instead. The world of high-end designer clothes are more closer than you would think!


2. Shop for Style Instead of Fashion

How about buying the things you like instead of buying the latest trending stuff that everyone seems to fawn over.
By implementing this you will develop your own sense of style other than following the fashion craze like everyone else out there and by this you will also save money in different ways, because you are only buying things that you are willing to wear for years to come.


3. Shop for quality rather than quantity

Mostly people will might think that it is useless to advice spending more on clothes to save money but let me explain the logic behind this madness.
Before buying cheap clothes just for once think that there must be a reason behind, that they are cheap than the rest. There’s the possibility that they might be made of low quality material, maybe they’ll discolor or get shrink or need to be replaced much quicker as compared to better quality clothes.
So rather than buying cheap clothes you should buy quality clothes that will last more longer than the cheap one’s. This way you’ll find yourself saving money in a long run!


4. Shopping in off-season

One of the best ways to save money on shopping is to shop out of season. For example if you want to buy your summer swimwear then instead of buying it in summer you should buy it in the depth of December and if you’re willing to buy a long winter coat then buy it in the heights of summer.
I know it might feel a bit awkward and strange but trust me this logic make sense because brands knows that the shoppers will be after seasonal stuff so it’s a great time to buy clothes in off-season which you need in the next season.


5. Sales

Sales are your first end to score great discounts on clothes. Those days are gone when shops only had discounted sales twice a year, first one is post-Christmas and secondly Summer.
Now we are treated to special discounts, mid-season sales and some sort of random clearance sales making it approximately foolish to pay full price of an item of clothing.
Don’t forget to sing up for all of your favorite sites and shops so you will be the first one to hear about upcoming sales.

6. Host a swap party

Want to get rid of some clothes? Why don’t you host a swap party instead of throwing them. It’s the best way to clear out all of the clothes you dislike, never worn or they don’t fit you.
Simply invite all of your friends, get variety of people involved and don’t forget the more people means the more clothes. Inform everyone so they can gather together lots of lovely clothes with a variety of size, shapes and style for sure.
Food and drink. Ask people if they can bring a dish and some drinks along with them so this way it won’t be a burden on you to host the event.
Enjoy the party!


7. Charity shops

Before you think why a charity shop let me tell you that there are plenty of great items to be found in charity shops. You might just have to do a bit of research around. Plan a day for it and visit all the charity shops around your town.
Keep in mind to look for a winter jacket there because you might find yourself a beautiful jacket without paying a crazy price. The only thing you have to do is to dry clean it and it will be as good as new.


8. Think before you throw

I won’t talk about all over the world but only in USA alone over a million textiles are thrown away in a year. Before you throw your clothes away just think once about this ridiculous figure and help a bit to reduce it.
Instead of thoughtlessly throwing your old clothes away think of different ideas you can use them. Why don’t you turn that worn pair of jeans into denim shorts or instead of throwing your old dress how about turn that old dress into a new style top.
Get creative with your sewing kit and you can transform your old fashioned clothes into brand new items.
There are lots of options other than a bin if you really want to part with an item, such as donating it to a charity shop, give it to a friend int need, sell on eBay or gather up a load and host a swap party.


9. Outlet stores

Outlet stores, factory shops, and factory outlets all are project oriented towards bringing you designer products and many other discounted sales and coupons. In these stores you can find as much as up to 70% off the retail price of some products you just need to make up your mind about where to go.

These were some of the best ways to spend less and save more while looking up to date with the trends. Happy Shopping!

Posted on: 09/21/2020

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