5 Different Ideas To Save Money On Movies

When it comes to watching movies, all of us love it. Either it’s some sort of rom-coms or summer blockbusters action movie, every one of us love to watch them but what our budget don’t love is to pay the price of those movie tickets.
Maybe your budget won’t allow you to make your favorite new release but you can still watch your favorite new releases without disturbing your budget. There are many ways through which you can save money on movies without ditching your favorite snacks and drinks. We have made some extra effort to make a list of 5 best ideas through which you guys can save money on movies, so Let’s Get Started!

Here’s the list of those 5 idea which you can use to save money on movies –


1 Connect To Reward Programs

There are many theaters, which offers a loyalty program that rewards you on behalf of your regular visit there. One of those theaters is The Regal Crown Club, which allows you to collect points, and you can cash in those points on movie tickets, swag and concessions.
This loyalty program is always free but don’t forget get your card scanned or purchase your tickets online.
AMC offers 3 programs – AMC Stubs Premiere, AMC Stub A-List and AMC Stub Insider. Their most basic program is free which gives you a large popcorn free of cost, provide you a reward back for dollars spent, or grant you access to $5 ticket Tuesdays.

Other than AMC there is one more theater which offers same perks as AMC and it is known as Cinemark’s Connection. Cinemark’s Connection offers you the benefits including upgrades on your snacks, promotional items, digital downloads, tickets and much more. Just don’t forget to scan your QR Code while making a purchase of your tickets or snacks.

Disney Movie Rewards offers you the points for movies either you view in the theaters or you buy them for your home. The only thing you need to earn those points is to sign up for an online account and provide them the codes from your DVD’S or click a picture of your tickets stubs to claim your points.
Other than the above-mentioned theaters, there are many more theaters which offers you more discounts on their mobile app. So don’t forget to take a look on them before you go.


2 Visit Free Screenings

How about seeing a new flick before anyone else and totally free of cost? Take a look on the program that allows you to do the both and double up your benefit and entertainment. There are 3 trustworthy websites on which you need to look if you are interested in signing up including Seeitfirst.Net, Gofobo.com and AdvancedScreenings.com. Every program works a bit differently but mainly rely on having quick access to your email every time movie becomes available.


3 Avoid Buying Online

There are many third party websites where you can buy tickets online for your movie and other than those third party websites there are many theaters, which allows you to purchase tickets online in advance. On the other hand double check the bottom line before confirming the purchase while using any of these services, because whenever you are using any of those third party services they always charge you some extra fees and not only that sometimes the websites for your theater do too. You can save a bit of money by purchasing your tickets at the box office and spend that money on drinks and snacks instead of buying tickets online and paying extra charges.


4 Eat Before You Go

We all know that it is fun to squander on snacks every once in a while. Specifically when you buy them with your reward points – probably every time the food and snacks you buy at movie theaters are expensive than usual and their normal prices. You could buy the beverages for the whole week at the price you pay for to buy one drink. Think forward and have a healthy snack before you leave for your show. By this way you will be able to pay your full attention and your budget and body, both will thank you.


5 Sign Up For eClubs

Check out if your local theaters have an eClub service, sign up for their eClub for their newsletter to get the details on their special offerings. Historic Art craft Theater and Canary Creek Cinemas both of these theaters offers emails to their loyal customers. There is a possibility of that every email won’t contain a discount but it will inform you up with the movie times, dates, as well as their special events.

Posted on: 07/07/2020

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