6 Best Ways to Save Thousands on Car Maintenance

In this modern era when everything is getting expensive, car maintenance can also add up some amount quickly to your expenses, which can lead you to lack of savings. There is no need to worry because we have made some extra effort to sort out your problem and we came up with 6 best ways through which you can save thousands on car maintenance.
Here is the list of those 6 best ways which can surely help you in saving thousands on car maintenance.


1. Duck Out Yourself Being A Victim Of “Rules Of Thumb”

Almost every one of us must have heard that a car’s oil should be changed after every 3000 miles but actually this is nothing else than just a myth. Before you start following that myth, you should read your car’s user manual first and do as it says so.
Also, keep that in mind that if your father and grandfather have changed the oil of their cars at every 5000 miles then you should also do the same. Although this is the great guideline to work with, some car manufacturers guarantee up to 10,000 miles without an oil change. Now many of you must be thinking then what is the point of spending the twice of the money? So the answer to that question is that simply obtain the recommended figure from your car manufacturer and follow that whatever it say so!


2. Read Your Car’s User Manual Carefully

As you know that there are different brands of cars so every car is different and different levels of preventative maintenance are required to be performed at different stages at specific times and mileages. If you don’t have the hard copy of your car’s user manual in dashboard or the user manual of your car came in a different language then either you can contact the dealer of your car’s brand or you can contact their outlets, you can also search them online. You can search online for maintenance tips, because maintenance tips for most of the car’s model are available online too. This is an essential step as it can save you from being the victims of myths and rule of thumbs.
First of all the user manual gives you the basic and startup tips for your car, such as the right type of gas which you should use to initiate with your car. You can also find out about the basic tips of maintenance parts and the grades and standards of additional fluids.
If you don’t need then it is not necessary to go with all the premium fluids. The highest brands of parts and fluids are usually the most expensive ones, so try to stay away from them unless your car’s user manual don’t call for them. This way you can still save much of your monthly income.


3. Twist Your Tires Regularly

There is no possibility that all the tires of your car will be exposed perfectly to the same levels of wear and tear. It is kind of impossible for a vehicle to get the most out of its tires, when it has its own weight distribution which is doubled up with the weight of persons and the objects which are being transported inside it. Therefore, to maximize the life of your car tires, you need to get them rotated with in a specific time period. Your car’s manual will designate that when is the best time to rotate them.
Along with the rotation, make sure that the wheels of your car are well balanced and aligned. This will save you from changing your car tires on a short time period.


4. Execute Regular Checks On Your Vehicles

Before you drive your car at least walk around your car to make sure that you don’t drive on a flat off tire, this will hardly take your couple of minutes. By doing, this simple step you can save your car rims by being ruined in the process.
Also, check your car fluids at least once a week before going on long drives. Get yourself known with the location of your car’s electronic oil gauge, as well as with the location of different fluid reservoirs available in your car. Don’t forget to check your car’s oil level, brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant fluid routinely.
Accustom yourself with the clean golden color of motor oil on your car’s dipstick right after an oil change. If you have recently changed your car’s motor oil and it still gives you the murky and discolored look then it gives you the hint that there is something wrong with your car’s engine. Get it checked before your car’s engine is seized or croaked.


5. Don’t Forget To Change The Filters And Belts

Usually the oil filters are supposed to be changed at the same time oil change is performed and that specific time is indicated in the user manual. Most of the people freak out during the oil change and due to ignorance, they end up changing filter and belts too.

Getting the air filter changed is a separate task and it should be done by time which is indicated in the user manual or when required. Moreover, this is the easiest task, which a car owner can perform for their self. Normally these filters are placed in the box-like compartment and to change them you just need to pop out the old one and replace the new one.
Normally belts are expensive and they definitely don’t need to get changed unless the old ones are worn down. Most people might be victimized by the myth or the rule of the thumb when they get their vehicle belts changed by the mileage. Acquire the right number of mileage by reading the user manual or searching them online, but also keep in mind that these numbers are just a guide.
Let your mechanic check it out that if they are in bad condition or not, and if they are in bad condition then get them changed before any failure occurs and if they looks good then let them as they are instead of wasting money on a replacement.


6. Do Whatever You Can Do Personally

As I have told you guys before that this is not for everyone but it is relatively the easiest way to keep the hundreds of dollars extra in your pocket. Don’t hesitate to learn how to do oil change, belts or filters and when you start learning the list will keep going on. It is obvious that much more complicated tasks will get involved and more tools will also but at some point, you will feel more easy and comfortable to invest in tools that are more complicated just to take care of your car in a better way. As long as you feel confident to do it with on your own or with the help of some YouTube tutorials, simply go for it!


So here you go money saving fans, this was the list of those 6 best ways to save thousands on car maintenance and by following these steps you guys will surely save thousand of dollars a year just on the maintenance of your car and you will also be able to keep your car in a great condition.

Posted on: 06/09/2020

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