Tips for Saving Money on Energy Bills (Complete Guide)

Are you worried about saving money on your bills? If so then here are some of the best tips, which can actually help you, a lot to save your money.
To start saving money first you should take a look at your energy usage. No matter if, it’s by mistake or not but, a running tap and a lighting bulb without any reason or the heating on all night can quickly add some costs in your expenses.

Although it’s just not about saving money as being energy conscious all over the home is important for reducing your carbon footprints too.
Start saving energy and money within your home today!

Methods of saving energy & money in the kitchen

Purchase a teapot

Simply buying a teapot can save you hundreds if you belongs to a tea drinker’s family. Instead of boiling your kettle again and again on a continuous loop, get a teapot. This will surely save your water, energy, tea bags and money.

You can use a tea cozy to keep your tea warm for a long time.

Tidy your kettle

You can save more energy by cleaning your kettle daily and removing the limescale to make your kettle work more efficiently.

Don’t have any idea how to clean your kettle? Its OK just take a look on this easy guide on how to clean a kettle.

Take advantage of lid

To save your money and cook your food faster simply pop the lid on your saucepans as it helps to retain heat and it will cook your food quicker.

Size it perfectly

Make sure you use the right sized saucepans for the right sized hob and don’t forget to lower the gas pressure once the water has been boiled.

De–ice Freezer

Obviously, it annoys a lot when you take something out of the freezer and it says to defrost thoroughly.
Other than that the more annoying thing is that the waste of energy in the microwave oven to defrost it instead of defrosting it in the fridge the night before!

Keep your fridge well maintained

While making efforts to reduce the energy usage we completely forget about the reliable fridge.
You can improve the performance of your fridge/freezer by simply cleaning the condenser coils on the back of your fridge/freezer and it can improve its efficiency by up to 25%.


Tips to save money and time in bathroom


No doubt, that showers use less energy than baths. But do you know that you use 40% – 60% less energy and water while having shower than baths?

Make that figure a bit higher by showering for as long as you want and keep in mind turning off the shower when you apply shampoo/conditioner.

This will save near about 6 – 8 liters of water for every time you take a shower and nearly 3000 liters a year.

Turn off the tap

Always turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth, as it will save loads in water usage. Also, check your taps frequently to make sure they are not leaking so your water isn’t being wasted this way.

Spend Money in Insulation

Simple and effective way to save both your money and energy is insulating your walls

At keeping heat in traditional walls are less efficient as compared to cavity walls. But there are more ways to make your energy usage efficient as much as possible.

There are chances that you are having cavity walls in your house if your house was built after 1920’s

You can also tell by looking at the brickwork of your house walls because the brickwork of cavity walls are always regular brick patter and solid walls have an alternating pattern.

Effective wall insulation is well worth investing in – you can save up to $200 per year in heating bills.

Ever thought of getting roof insulation?

In an uninsulated house one-quarter of the heat escapes through the roof. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years, means it pays for itself for many times over.

Efficiently wash your clothes energy

Washing your clothes is important, but it surely increase your bills a bit much faster. Washing machine alone holds the 7% of your energy bills.

Don’t worry there are many ways to reduce the usage of energy while washing your clothes.

Eliminate spots before washing your clothes

If any of your cloth is stained or particularly soiled then try soaking them before you wash them and don’t forget to rub the collar a bit. Save your money and energy by avoiding rewashing.

Try washing your clothes on a 30°C cycle

The reason behind washing on this cycle is that most of the washing detergents/powder works pretty well at this temperature and consumes less amount of energy and time as compared to other temperatures.

Try not to use a tumble dryer

From a range of possibilities make a choice to hang your clothes outside to dry or in case if a weather isn’t suitable for that then try using a cloth rack. It will save your energy and probably money also.

Do full loads

Try avoiding half way filling your machine by waiting until you have a full load to wash. Keep in mind of saving water as you go.

Preserve money in living areas

Use radiator sensibly

It might seem clear but don’t you think that heating up the rooms you don’t use is a waste? Like why would you heat up the extra rooms such as a spare hall or room when there’s no use of yourself?
Same way your kitchen don’t need heating because it will automatically get warm by your cooker anyways.

That’s not all

Why don’t you just try decreasing your thermostat one-step down and we assure you that your family won’t even notice and it will cause you to save 40 euros per year.

Wear a jumper

Remember asking your parents that you’re cold and hearing “wear a jumper” in a response?

That’s the point before turning on the radiator make sure you’re having some thick socks and extra layers on.

Get cunning

Get up and take a look all around your house for any unprotected openings causing air currents. Cover up these openings by applying a sealant and stop those annoying cold air currents.

Not in a mood to use sealant?

If you’re renting a house or something like that then simply use a long cushion to block the draft.

Beneath doors is one of the most common place for those air currents to creep in. stuff some tights beneath the doors to stop those drafts and keep your room toasty.

Last steps to save money & energy in your home

By implementing on these steps, you’ll save money over the course of a year. Share them with everyone in your family and friends and make it more effective as much as possible.

Turn off your electrical appliances

About to leave your room? Make sure you’ve turned all of your electrical appliances off.
One more thing that you should keep in mind is that try not to leave your phone on charge whole night because it will be fully charged before you wake up and it will waste energy.

Set up energy saving bulbs

Its obvious that they will take a bit longer to reach the full light capacity but the energy they save is worth it.

By making small changes you will notice big differences because lighting holds near about the 15% of the typical household bills.

That’s it! These are my top ways to save money and energy around your home. By making these changes, if you are in debt, you can put all these savings to help you get out of debt and help you get rid of your credit card debt.  Let us know if you have any tips below!

Posted on: 06/06/2020

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