Top Places to Sell Antiques

If you have a lot of antique pieces or vintage items at your home, then these items can help you earn a great amount of cash. If you know where to sell your antiques, you can earn the best possible price for them otherwise you will be in loss. Many people end up in a loss situation when they sell their antiques randomly. If you sell your antiques at a local shop, you may get some fast cash but not the most. So today I have come up with a list of places where you can sell your antiques for the most price. The options listed here can help you to sell products locally or online but I am sure there are higher chances of getting more cash than a local antique shop. So choose the one which can help you make more money. Starting from the 1st place,


1 Etsy

Etsy is one of best sites to sell your antiques. Etsy founded in 20005 in the state of New York. This website specializes in selling of handmade items and crafts. They provide a platform to those people who want to sell their unique handmade products or vintage products. As we are discussing about the places to sell antiques, we will go to the vintage section of the website.
You can sell home decorating items, jewelry, toys, games, movies, music, books, clothes and other accessories at Etsy Vintage section. You can only sell those items which are 20 years old. There is a listing fee on this site that you have to pay when you list your products and that is 20 cent per listing. Other than that you will have to pay a transaction fee depending upon the type of method you choose, normally you have to pay 5% of your transaction.


2 Bonanza

Bonanza is considered as heaven to sellers as said by its users. This site provides your products enough amount of advertising so if you are the one who have to sell antiques on regular basis then you should consider Bonanza. Bonanza is turning 12 and you can get awesome discounts from them on their anniversary. According to their site, they sell every product but not the ordinary one.
You do not have to pay Bonanza for listing and setting up your products but after you have made a successful deal you will then have to pay a fee of 3.5% of your transaction. If you want to advertise your products more, Bonanza will help you to advertise through Google ads but for that you will have to pay a 5.5% fee of your total amount. You can also advertise through other means via different rates through Bonanza.


3 OfferUp

This site was founded in 2011 and provides a platform for people to sell their products directly to customers without a third party being involved. This site was made in competition with Craigslist. The products here are sold locally and you can attract a lot of local customers using this site. There is special section of this site that is dedicated to sell and buy antiques. This site is quite famous so it can be termed as one of upcoming best site to sell antiques. Another benefit of this site is that you do not have to pay any fee for selling your product neither for listing your products. So it is fun selling here.


4 Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is one of the place that is dedicated towards vintage products. Ruby Lane was founded in 1998 and on this site, you can sell your vintage collectibles, fashion products, fine arts and other antiques. This site is best for those who sell antiques on regular basis. You will have to open a Virtual Shop at Ruby Lane, for which you will have to pay a setup fee of $100 and a monthly fee of $69. This can be a bit expensive to some if compared with other options.
There is restriction to sell products at Ruby Lane and that is that you must list 10 items at all times. Otherwise, your products would not get listed. Apart from that, if you list more than 80 items, then you will also have to pay a maintenance fee of 1 to 10 cents on each item per month.


5 ArtFire

Another place to cell your antiques and vintage products is ArtFire. This company was founded in 2008 and specializes in selling of handmade items and vintage collectibles. You can also sell your craft supplies at this site. On this site, you cannot directly list your products and to list a product you need to buy a virtual shop where you will sell your products. There are three options available for a shop, the first is the Standard Shop in which you have to pay $4.95 per month with a listing fee of 23 per item. In this case you will also have to pay 12.75% final valuation fee and you can list 250 items per month. The second option is the Popular Shop in which you have to pay a rent of $20 per month with no listing fee and 4.5% final valuation fee. In the Popular Shop, you can list up to 1,000 items per month. The last option is the Featured Shop in which you have to pay a fee of $40 per month with a final valuation fee of 4.5%. There is no listing fee in this case and you can list up to 2500 products for a month. The final Valuation price is dependent on the selling price of your products. This could be a good option for regular sellers.


6 eBay

eBay is ranked in one of the most famous and successful e-commerce website. This is the place where you can sell every type of product and you can use it whether you are a one-time seller or a regular seller. This site also has a page to list your antiques and vintage products. This site can be one of the best options to sell your products because according to the site it has more than 177 million shoppers around the world. So if you want your product to be famous in the world than you may consider this place.
If you are selling as an individual then there is no listing fee for you. However you will be charged a commission of 10% of your selling price after you sell your product. eBay is a great place to make money.


7 Craigslist

This is one of the best place to sell your product if you want to sell it locally. This site has a very large number of users and a special section for antiques and vintage products. This site can be best for both business and an individual because they have a very large number of audience and there is no fee to list your product neither any sale commissions. The time you take or the amount you earn depends upon the area you live because you cannot ship the item because there is no payment guaranties and you are completely one on one with the buyer. This can be a good site if you do not to pay any fee to selling store.


8 Auction Houses

If you got some of the best antiques in town then auction houses could be the best choice to sell your products. Selling antiques at an auction house can help you to get the maximum possible amount because there is a competition among the buyers and they tend to pay higher prices than usual. The auction houses take a percentage of the selling price as commission. So they also tend to sell your product more expensive and the amount of commission they take is spent on advertising of the auctions and they also spend money to make the auctions more interesting for buyers. If you get the type of audience you want in the auction then you have a very higher chance of getting a higher price.
This can be a good option if you have a large number of antiques and too unique antiques like the automobiles.


9 Facebook

I am sure you would know about Facebook. While so many people approach Facebook for entertainment, you can approach it for selling your antiques. You can list and sell your antiques for free on Facebook. Whether you are an individual or a business, this place can be a good option for you.

You can simple post on your timeline and reach your friends and followers. If you want to get a bigger audience you can post your product on Facebook Marketplace. This will enable you to get audience from around the world. Facebook could also be a safe option because you know the person from its profile before you meet them to sell your product.

So these are some of the top places where you can sell your antiques. Some of the options are good for individual and some are good for business. While some serve good for both of them. So you may choose the best which suits you best and start selling your products. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries in your mind because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 07/17/2020

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