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You would have heard of Swagbucks before. It is a website that pays people for doing daily routine tasks you do on the internet like watching online videos, playing games, surfing the internet, filling up the survey forms and voting in polls. So Swagbucks will pay you for all the activities listed above on their website and you will earn points. So to earn more money you should also consider more sites and you will be amazed to know that there are 18 other websites that work same like Swagbucks. Some of them differ in mode of payment and number of activities. These websites are free to use and join so you could take a start on any one of these. There are so many methods to earn on Swagbucks and some of the sites do not include all the methods and only have some methods to get money from. So starting from the 1st website,


1.  InboxDollars

One of the most familiar sites to Swagbucks is the Inbox Dollars. Like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars will pay you for the activities like playing games, watching videos, doing task assigned and taking surveys online. One of the easiest award that you can earn is that you will earn $5 on just joining this site. If you compare Inbox Dollars with Swagbucks the system to get paid of Inbox Dollars is much clear and straight forward in comparison to Swagbucks. When you complete a task you get points and you can convert these points to gift cards, PayPal cash or you can get your payment in checks. Inbox Dollars is a very t rustable website and the user of this site has made $57 Million since 2000. These sites also has an Apple and android app.


2. Panel PayDay

If you want to earn more money every day then this site can give you a lot. The process is very easy and as you join this you get $25 as a sign up bonus and you can earn up to $100 according to the task given. The task may be to fill up a particular survey form, do an online job, shopping or focusing in a particular field or group. One of the easiest way to earn money is filling up survey forms and Panel PayDay will provide you more opportunities than of Swagbucks so this site can have a lot for people who are looking to earn through taking surveys. The opportunities are never ending as Panel PayDay is partner with many other organizations that provide people the opportunity of paid surveys.


3. Prize Rebel

Another website like Swagbucks is Prize Rebel. Prize Rebel is a user friendly website and the process to sign up is short and easy. This site is in business since 2007 and 7 Million people have participated in their polls since then. Like Sawagbucks you can earn points for watching videos, taking surveys and shopping and then you can redeem your points in to different gift cards or PayPal cash. One of the best thing about Prize Rebel is that they have the lowest payout that is $5 which is the lowest when compaired to other get to paid websites. Another plus point of this website is that you can redeem your points into crypto currencies like Bitcoin or you can directly get your amount deposited in to your bank account. You can also get $2 Amazon gift card on this website.

4. My Points

This site is in business since 1996 and you can term My Points and Swagbucks as sister websites because both of them are owned by a same company named as Prodege. To earn money on My Points you will have to read sponsored emails, watch online videos, playing games, shopping and surfing the internet. The reason to sign up on My Points is that they offer different payout methods in comparison to Swagbucks. You can redeem your points in to Visa gift cards, PayPal cash or you can redeem them in to 70 different kind of retail gift cards.

5. MintVine

Another website like Swagbucks is Mintvine, on which you will earn points for shopping locally or online, voting in polls, using social media and filling up the survey forms. A drawback of this website is that their payout is higher than other websites but you can get with it if you shop locally and if your friends are using this site on your referral then you can get 15% of their earnings. You will get $2 on joining MintVine and you can get your cash when you reach 1000 points and your points can also be redeemed in to gift cards.


6. Survey Junkie

On the most famous site for filling up the survey forms is Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is a site that specializes in survey forms. The process is very simple and easy you get yourself registered and then you will get survey forms that match to your profile and the brands you use. You can make money on Survey Junkie anywhere as they have an android and apple application. You will be paid as your account reaches $10 through PayPal.


7. InstaGC

Another website like InstaGC is Swagbucks and they are famous for their $1 gift cards. InstaGC has the lowest payout option and their $1 gift card can be used on 360 different brands. On InstaGC you can earn for watching online videos, searching the internet, shopping and filling up survey forms as you do on Swagbucks. For every point you earn on InstaGC you owe a penny but you cannot redeem your these pennies in to PayPal cash. You can only redeem these points in to gift cards that can also be counted as a good reward if you are a user of the brands or restaurants. The sign up process is very simple and you will earn 10 points for that and as you are signed in you can start making points.

8. Harris Poll

Another site to earn mostly by filling up survey forms is Harris Poll. This is one of the oldest site in business and more than 74 companies are working with Harris Poll to provide people more chances to earn. The process is easy to sign in and as you get yourself registered you can start earning. You will get points termed as HI points or Harris Points as you will complete a survey and to increase the amount you earn you will be automatically added up in the bi-weekly and quarterly sweepstakes. If you are selected in a focus group you can than earn cash too otherwise you will have to redeem your these HI Points in to gift cards. The survey forms you will get on Harris Poll will ask you about the products and brands you use and some other topics for NGOs and other institutions.


9. Rakuten

One of the methods to earn on Swagbucks is to shop online through their website and if you use Swagbucks for this purpose then you should join Rakuten. On Rakuten, you can earn more than you earn on Swagbucks. On Rakuten you could be ask to shop at places and you will be paid for that and you can avail 40% of cashback from 2000 online stores while using Rakuten. To increase your savings you can connect your Debit card or Credit Card with Rakuten so that you can automatically avail cash backs on 30 national retailers and restaurants. After every 3 years when your balance is at least $5.01 you can get your payment in the form of PayPal cash, gift cards or even check. As you will make your first purchase of $25 on Rakuten you will get a bonus of $10.


10. MTurk

Do you know about Amazon? I am sure you would know as it is one of the largest online stores. MTurk is like Swagbucks of Amazon. It is site run by Amazon where you get direct cashbacks on shopping from Amazon or you can earn points on doing certain tasks or surveys and you can redeem your points in to Amazon gift cards. You can get survey forms to fill up and earn on MTurk and most of these surveys are of educational purposes. On MTurk you could be ask to transcribe a certain audio or video, Web research, Data entry or checking survey results. Mturk could be good side hustle if you want to earn a bit cash in your time and it can give you the most if you use Amazon store for shopping.


So these were some of the alternatives that you can look for instead of Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a unique way to earn money but there are some sites that offer better services in some departments that you should avail like some have a lower payout rate or some have more opportunities than of Swagbucks or some offer more simpler tasks. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of making money through one of these sites.

Posted on: 08/04/2020

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