4 Tips & Tricks for Students To Get Free Stuff

When you are a needy and contending student, stuff free of cost can actually cheer up your week. An actual free voucher for an eye test or a free pack of crisps from the store – it is not important- when it’s for free!

Some companies, banks, restaurants and bars want you to be with for many years. Therefore, it’s important to take this opportunity and start getting some free stuff.

1. Select the perfect student card

Do not simply become a part of a card you see at first – shop all over the place and see what others are offering.
You have to take a decision what is best for you. Either your aim is to save money on eating out, save money on shopping or capturing free of cost cheeseburgers.
Shop all over the place and start creating notes about them, I know this is a bit extra but by making a little much effort like this can make you save a lot of your money.

2. Get social

If you’ve already signed up on social media then that’s great if not then sign up on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and start communicating with the companies you love most.
It is one of the best ways for you to get to know about any new and upcoming products, and be the first one to find out about any freebie giveaways or competitions.
Note: if you are apprehensive about your street credibility then here’s a solution for you. Simply make brand new accounts on social media for your freebie finding.

3. Birthday entertainment

Looking for birthday freebies? Here is a tip for you, simply sign up to as much newsletters as you can and look forward for birthday vouchers, free drinks and many more!
If you discuss that in your friend zone and ask all of them to do the same thing, you might end up saving a small fortune on eating and drinking out for yourself. The reason behind some companies are giving away birthday freebies is to get you to bring your friends along with you and celebrate with them.
Just memorize to keep an eye on your mailbox leading up to your birthday. You have no idea about what treats and offers you are going to get.

4. Blog

Are you good at writing or willing to write some words about something? If you have an interest about writing on different topics or giving your opinion about them then it is the perfect time for you to get a blog. It is one of the great places to review local places and share them with your friends and family and others. Once you start getting big following then local places like restaurants and others may summon you to try their new products and menus. You can also check out how to make money by doing side hustles.

Note: start your blogging today on Blogger or WordPress.

Posted on: 06/08/2020

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