5 Things Which You Shouldn’t Buy New

If I tell you something about myself then my wife and me have never bought a brand new car even though we can easily afford the price of one brand new car, and the matter of fact is that we buy many second hand things.

Now most of you must be thinking that why do we do that? So the answer to your question is that we have figured out that if we get those things for less which we need so we will have more money left over for traveling and other important goals. If you also feel the same way like we do then you must know that by buying used items you can save a lot of money.
We agree that there are few things which you may not to buy as a used items, if I tell you something about us then we only have shoe and mattresses on our list of buying new things. Buying used things for pretty much less than buying new things actually make some sense for those things, which fits, perfectly in any of these categories.

Items Which You Won’t Use Much

So if you are only going to use the sink–strainer removes for once or twice-in decades then why don’t you buy it at a used tool shop for literally the half price as compared to the new one?

Products Which Works Same Way Either They’re Used Or Brand – New

Frankly speaking, a decent coat rack works the same way whether it’s a brand – new one or a ten years – old piece, so why don’t you buy an old one from a junction or from Facebook Garage Sale Group?

Like – New Items

Those items which are used with a bit more care are usually sold for a fraction of their original cost, then what’s the point of buying a new one if you can get a perfect piece by spending a bit less?

Refurbished Items

Refurbished items are generally a bit cheaper than the new ones and the best thing about those items are that they usually come with warranties.

Whatsoever With a Much Lowe Lifetime Cost V/S The Cost of Buying New

Let say that a used toaster might have only half of its life used but it looks good and costs only $3 in comparison with $20 new, well, you can do the rest of math yourself.
By keeping these criteria in mind, here are 5 things which you shouldn’t buy as a brand – new item.


1 Furniture

There is a possibility that you may want to avoid buying used mattresses and cushion furniture used now that the prevalence of bedbugs is rising. On condition that if you are buying couches or second hand beds then make sure that, you check them thoroughly before bringing them in to your house.
Furniture glass, metal or wood are easy to clean and the matter of fact is that they can look good for years and last a long time without replacing them. At a rummage sale, me and my wife found a oak bedside table for just $20, and it would have cost you at least $120 to buy something alike new.
Used furniture stores and consignment shops will generally have items for 50% off what they cost new. Thrift stores will usually have the discounts of 75% or more than that, and in case, if you find the perfect rummage sale then you can sometimes find a nice furniture of wood for 90% lower as compared to the price of new.


2 Books & Textbooks

I frequently buy books for a penny on Amazon.com. Obviously the real cost of shipping is $3.99 but if you join Amazon Prime or Amazon Student (Free Trial) then you will get free shipping. At thrift stores and rummage sales you can find even cheaper used books.

Buying used textbooks certainly can actually save you a fortune. Websites like AllBookStores.com  connects you with the best deals online from all around the world. Buyers actually saves an average of 61% as compared to buying new ones, according to BigWords.com and savings can get up to 90% off. They assert that a college student can save near about $1000 per year by just buying the lowest priced textbooks determined by their system.


3 Appliances

At the time of buying used items, it is not easy always to examine if they have a serious problem. You should be safe if you are shopping at a store that offers a warranty period for at least 60 – days. Back in time once we bought a washing machine for $80 US dollars only to have it die a week later but the storeowner who guaranteed all of his appliances for a time period of 90 – days after the date of purchases, fixed that washing machine the next day and after that it worked perfectly for years.

An additional option you will have is to buy returned appliances – machines that someone bought but hardly used them. These sort of appliances are not usually advertised, so to get your hands on them you will need to ask sales manager that if they have any returns, which they can sell for a good price. Once I have used this tactic to get a clothes dryer that had been used just for 12 – days by the previous customer, and for that dryer I paid $80 and since that time I never had a problem in that dryer and now it’s been six years since I owned it.

While buying returned appliances expect a discount of 30% or more than that and make sure to ask the reason that why the item was returned. If it was just not a color of the customer’s choice then its fine because that’s not an issue but in case if the problem was with the functioning of the appliance then be sure it was repaired properly.

Now at this moment of time most of you guys must be thinking that should you buy used appliances straightway from their owners on Craigslist or from any other resale site? Sure you should but keep in mind that you will need to be more careful. Don’t forget to test an item before you make a final decision about them. If something goes wrong then you will have very less options so make sure that you are getting the best deal and you are prepared to pay for repairs.


4 Computers

You can save a lot of your cash by purchasing used laptops, desktops and tablets. Buying from a garage sale obviously might not be the best idea for these type of items. Rather than buying from garage sales, you can buy the properly refurbished items and prefer those one, which come with the warranties.
A search of Walmart.com about the used computers provides hundreds of results, and some of them starts at even less than $100. An HP Pavilion same like mine, which I bought new for more than $500, will only cost you $182 and I could pick it up and return it, if needed at my local Walmart. Similar to many choices which are listed on the site, it also has a warranty of a year. We have mentioned some other places below from where you can buy refurbished computers:



5 Cars

The long duration cost of buying used cars is pretty much less than buying new cars. And you might already knew this but maybe you worry about the struggle of repairing a used car more usually.
A great settlement based on Consumer Report is to buy a car, which is only 2 – 3 years old. The terrible of that rapid new car devaluation is past, insurance generally costs less and a young and less used car will frequently be under warranty.

Well we agree that the interest rates for used car loans are normally higher as compared to the loans of new cars, but borrowing less can also mean that you will have much lower payments anyway. Furthermore, if you buy a car, which is cheap enough, then chances are that you will also be able to pay the whole amount of cash yourself.

Doing so often means that you will get a better price and you eliminate any interest expense.
The least costly method is probably to buy a used car that is sitting in someone’s with a mark on it. Of course, they are selling it because of a reason, so don’t forget to ask seller the reason. If it possible for you then you can also have, a mechanic look at it.

Dealers normally have a high price, but occasionally they sell cleaner cars that has been checked out for problems. There are also some dealers who offers a satisfaction guarantee. For instance, CarMax allows you to return it in a time period of five days in case if you don’t like it.

Here is a list of those 5 things which you shouldn’t buy as a brand new item if you want to save some money for yourself or your family, please let us know below if you have any more tips.

Posted on: 06/16/2020

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