5 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Ever heard of Freelance writing? Nope? Okay let me tell you something about Freelance writing.

Freelance writing is the practice of writing for money while working on one’s own and not employed by a company or an organization. Freelancers produce whatever written text is needed by their clients, either working from home or anywhere.

If you have a talent for writing then check out the below ways you can earn a living from freelance writing.

Here are some of the most popular ways –


1 Start a Blog

Well before you start blogging you should know what blogging actually is.
A blog is an online journal or an informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where writers share their views on an individual subject or topics.

Well before I started blogging I have a few friends who were making money through blogging, but it seemed strange to me that can anyone earn money by just putting some words on internet? So I did more research about blogging that how can someone earn money by blogging so I found out that there are three main ways of blogging where you can earn money. So here are those three ways where you can earn money by blogging.


Sponsored Articles

Few companies will pay you for writing your reviews about their products or services. Lets say you have a blog about mobile phones so in that case a mobile phone company might pay you to write a review about their newly launched or upcoming products or about the new features they’re introducing.

Or lets suppose you have a blog about money saving plans so in that case an insurance company might pay you to write about their services and explaining their policies.

Sponsored posts of these types can pay you anywhere up to $100 dollars and above. As the audience of your blog grows or different sort of companies will get to you. They’ll might ask you that if you’re interested in having a sponsored article on your site.

Sometimes they’ll ask you to write blogs about there services or products or on the other hand sometimes they’ll have pre-written blogs they want you to publish on your site and for that they’ll pay you for publishing blogs about their products.


Affiliate Relationships

Another way you can adapt to make money by owning a blog is to form affiliate relationships. Affiliate relationship is a partnership in which an organization or a company will pay you for redirecting traffic to their sites. In that case these companies will pay you if you use links to their sites within your articles.

For example lets say that you’re writing an article about making money online. So companies that hires survey takers like SurveyJunkie or SwagBucks will pay you if you link them within your article.
Now you might be thinking that how it will work? So let me tell you after you link these companies within your article, when a reader of your article will click that link and sign up to their services or products you’ll get paid so the more numbers of readers that signup for their services or products, the more you make money.



Another most popular way of making money with your own blog is Advertising. Companies like Google’s AdSense will place ad on your blog.

Your blog will earn money as the reader will click on the ad, means more clicks equals to more money.

Understanding the beginner tips for making money blogging is one of the most important key to make good money blogging. Write about things that can help people (such as things about newly launched technologies).Start by committing to produce valuable content.

If you want to earn more then get involved into the community and help other bloggers. The more your blog grows the more you’ll have a chance to earn money from your blog.


2 Write for Other Blogs

Other than starting your own blog you can also make money by writing for other blogs. Since last three years it has been my primary source of writing income. Well I also started by writing for other blogs.

You might wonder how to get starting writing for other blogs. I suggest you to start by visiting blogs that you’re familiar with.
Start visiting, reading and commenting on personal finance blog if you’re a personal finance nerd. If you’re great at about writing parenting, then visit parenting blogs.

By doing so you’ll start to understand the theme and writing style for blogs. From there you can pitch articles to owners and managers of blogs you’re familiar with.

Explain that you’ve written an article on a topic that might be of interest to them. It can be helpful to have a pre-written article to send them. You can also ask them if they can publish your article on their website.

Ask them if they are a fan of your style of writing and if they want to hire you for their blogs regularly? Its helpful to look on blogs to see if they’re looking for writers.

Some blogs will advertise that they are seeking writers. They’ll ask for some specific steps to be completed if you’re interested in writing on their blogs. Apply as instructed and wait for a response.

Any opportunity to write for a blog will help you grow your writing portfolio. As your portfolio grows and your skills improve, you’ll have a springboard with which to get higher paying gigs.


3 Write for News Sites

If you often read articles on BBC news or Fox news or any other news websites, then freelance writers often contribute articles on them.

Most writing jobs on news websites are pitched to editors. You often send a well-crafted story pitch with example paragraphs showing and describing your idea and your writing flair.

Let me tell you one thing that this is a competitive market and you may need to start but writing for smaller news sites. Start small by pitching to less popular websites.

Well writing for other blogs can be helpful in this area where as writing for your own blog can be vital to be obtaining writing jobs from these news sites. By doing it this the sites you pitch to can see your writing samples too.
The more experience you will get in making money as a freelance writer the more opportunities will come your way. Yes you might have to start by writing for small sites but if you’re good at what you’re doing opportunities for larger sites will come your way too.


4 Write for Local News Paper

Almost every city or town has some types of newspaper. Their people get home delivery or buy them at stores or read them online. Some of these newspapers are metro flagships papers but some of them are smaller weekly or bi-weekly newspapers.

If you read these papers you may find that they’re looking for people to fill their paid writing positions. Large publication writers may write on local news, politics, business, entertainment, sports, arts and more.

You might get asked to write for community interest stories or you might get asked to write about a local resident who made it big in world if you’re working for a small publisher. Common things which you’ll see in these small local newspapers are human interest stories.

Other than that you might write about an upcoming event such as a carnival or a race or events like that. Similarly you might get asked to write an article about top areas attraction such as top 10 parks nearby or top 10 restaurants.

Smaller local community papers are mainly focused to get people connected with the community or area. If you don’t see any notice published in newspaper itself then you can contact the local news paper community and inquire about the writing positions.


5 Write for Business Websites

You can also work to get to write articles or reviews on business websites. In my career I’ve done dozens of articles for business websites in variety of niches.

By one of these three ways you can get writing gigs for business websites.

– Well first of all search for the companies that provides work opportunities of writing articles for business sites, such as SEO company. SEO stands for Search Engine Organization.
– Directly get in touch with different sort of businesses and ask them if they’re interested in paying for fresh and relevant articles for their websites.
– Check job websites such as MediaBistro or Journalismjobs.com or Problogger to search for writing gigs for business websites.

Articles having successful pitch or an independent working contract for business websites is going to take credentials. You’re probably going to have to prove that you have some knowledge of the business you’re going to write for.

There might be a specific set of requirements for job listings if you’re searching job on Problogger. You’ll probably get asked to fulfill those set of requirements to gain an interview.
Well if you’re applying directly to businesses via their websites. You might need to share about your skills and specialties. Let them know what you know about business and about writing.
You can attach articles from your portfolio or your personal blog. The more information you’ll give to them the better they’ll be informed to make a decision about hiring you.

Posted on: 06/18/2020

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