Best Sites to Sell Textbooks for Cash

If you was a person who have bought a lot of expensive textbooks in the past but now you do not have the time to read them. Do you have a lot of space filled up with books that you do not use? If this is so then instead of keeping those books in the cubic you should sell them to make some money. Instead of going to the traditional book stores now you can sell them with other methods. You can sell book in a much easy way than you would have thought of. So today I have come up with some of the methods through which you can sell your old textbooks and convert them in to cash. So starting from the 1st,


1 Chegg

Chegg is a multifunction website that you would have heard of. This site offers textbooks sale, buy and rentals. You can also teach here or could get help as a student. This site helps students to save a lot of money. You can sell textbooks of any kind and you will get a good price for that. But on this site you will have to do a bit a work as you would have to drop your books at your local UPS store. Your books will be then shipped for free and within 15 days of the shipping you would get your payment.


2 Amazon

Amazon is the world largest online store. They also trade books, they sell, buy and rent textbooks. You can sell books by two ways. One is to sell it to Amazon and Amazon will directly pay the price to you. They usually offer the 80% of the purchase price that is big enough amount. If you do not want to sell directly to them you could sell it as a third party seller and list your books. In this case you will have to pay the commission and shipping fee for the textbooks. You will be paid in cash or you could ask for Amazon gift cards.


3 BookScouter

One of the famous places to sell your textbooks online is BookScouter. You just have to write down the ISBN number and you can get a quote. You will get a good price as compared to the traditional stores because this store compares the quotation with 38 vendors at a single time before giving you a quote. As you accept the quote you can ship your books for free and when BookScouter receives your textbooks they will pay you at that time.


4 Decluttr

Decluttr is one of the famous sites on which you can sell your old stuff. This old stuff can include Textbooks, CDs and DVDs, Smartphones and video games. You will have to scan your item’s bar code and the site will provide you a quotation. If you accept the price they will send you a free shipping label and you can ship them for free. Decluttr will pay you for your products after reaches them within a single day. This site serves as a multifunction site as you can use it to de-clutter your house and earn some good amount for that. You will get cash and your house will be cleaner than before.


5 BooksRun

One of the easiest way to sell your old textbooks online is to use the site BooksRun. You could be rewarded in two different ways. One is that you will get offers for your books and second is that they will pay you cash for that. To sell your textbooks you will have to enter its ISBN number on their website. They will give you a price for your book. When you agree for the price and checkout from their site then they send you a free shipping label and you can print it and send the book within in 5 days. After your book is received at BooksRun, you will be paid within a week through a direct check or PayPal.


6 Textbook Rush

Another site to sell textbooks is Textbook Rush. You can use this site to sell games, movies, electronics and textbooks. They have a big number of books from different topics listed on their websites for sale. They also have a mobile app that you can use to sell the above mentioned stuff. You will not have to pay any shipping on TextbookRush and you can get your amount through PayPal, direct cash or even in the form of store credit.


7 eCampus

You can buy, sell and rent books at eCampus. This is one of the site that helps students to buy books for cheap prices and resell them. They also have a reward program that will help you to get discounts and offers that you can use to get cheaper books. To sell your textbooks on eCampus you will have to enter your books ISBN number. You will be paid via direct deposit, check or you can get store credit. You will get points for their reward programs for the number of books of you sell and you can redeem 175 points in to a $5 eCampus gift card.


8 Powell’s

Powell is a chain of bookstores that are located in the states of Oregon and Portland and some of its surrounding areas. You can buy and sell your textbooks at Powell’s store. If you got some vintage collection or rare books then Powell is one of the best options. You will have to take your books to them or else you could ship them your books from all over the country. You will be paid through PayPal or you can get store credit.


9 Campus Books

Campus books is the oldest website in town that is used by students to sell and buy books. They have a very good reputation among their users. You can sell textbooks of any types on this website. They do not accept books with missing pages or torn pages. You can use their app to sell textbooks in an easy way. When you will list your textbooks the site will automatically compare the rate of books with number of different buy back stores and will give you the best possible price. If you accept the price you could ship them for free and after shipping you will be paid through PayPal, direct check or even store credit. If you want to earn more on your textbooks then you should sell them in January or August as these are the months with highest demands.



Another place to sell your textbooks for cash is You can use this site to sell textbooks and graphing calculators. You will have to list your books at their website and they will offer you a quote. If you accept you can ship your textbooks for free via FedEx or U.S. Postal Service. You will be paid via direct check or through PayPal.


11 Sell Back Your Book

As the name suggest, you can use this site to sell your textbooks of any kind. They have a good user rating and have paid millions of dollars to their users. You will have to list your book on their mobile app or website. They do not accept the books without the ISBN number, encyclopedia sets and instructor editions. If you accept the listing quote, then you can ship your textbooks free via FedEx ground or USPS Media Mail. After they receive your books, they will pay you via PayPal or check.


12 Textbook Recycling

Textbook Recycling is purely a site for selling your old books. It was founded in 1997 and from then they have been buying old books and have a number of satisfied customers. Their headquarters are in Moscow and Idaho but they buy books from all over the continent US. You can only sell textbooks that have an ISBN number on them. This is one of the site that also accepts teachers or instructor editions. You will have to write your ISBN number and they will offer you a quote. Then you can ship your books for free and you will be paid as soon as they receive your textbooks.


13 BookFinder is one of the famous and oldest books sellers and buyers. They are in business since 1997. They have been acknowledged by many famous publications for their work in this field. There website is a bit old fashioned one but you will get some of the best prices for your old books. You will have to enter the ISBN number and they will give you a quote by comparing the prices with several vendors. You can ship your books for free if you accept their price. You can also sell and buy books if you live in the United Kingdom or Canada.

So these were some of the top sites to sell your textbooks online for cash. Some of them have different options then the other but the output is the same as it is cash. Now you should use these sites to clean your house and get a good amount of cash. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of selling your books to traditional book stores.

Posted on: 07/28/2020

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