9 Best Places to Buy Tires For Cheap Price

There are many places from where you can buy new tires. But if you have bought it in the past you would know that it takes a big amount of money to change the tires of your vehicle. As you spend a big amount of money on the tires you always want to get the best quality. Thus today I am writing this article for those people who want to buy quality tires with a reasonable price. I Have found many options from where you can get the best deals on quality tires but I am writing about some of the best so that you could make a good deal and save money. You can get every variety of tires from these stores with an amount less than you spent in the past. We also offer car freebies to for you to check out, they have lots of good free stuff for you to apply for.

Many of the stores also offer amazing deals that you can take. For example, some retailers have a deal of buying 3 tires and getting the 4th one for free. You can also avail a number of discounts from different retailers and franchises on some special days and events. In the summers the prices are a bit lower than usual so you can take advantage of that or when it is the time for New Year, many companies offer some special discounts that you can avail.
Below is the list of those companies from where you can buy tires for cheap and of these from where you can get a good deal. So let’s start,


1 Goodyear

Goodyear is the oldest in town in the tire selling business and are working since 1898. The company was founded 60 years after the American Chemist Charles Goodyear has discovered a way through which rubber could be used for intense use. They have been famous for a long time because of their good quality tires. A single tire cost $178 on average. You will be thinking that the price is higher but the reason of this much average price is that Goodyear has a lot of variety to choose from. You can buy tires of all types from the Goodyear from any type of vehicle. Goodyear has a number of locations from where you can buy and if you cannot find any, you can also buy Goodyear products from Walmart.


2 Discount Tire

DiscountTire is in business since 1960 and is operating in over 36 states of the America. Discount Tires is one of the famous company to buy tires for cheap prices. They are highly rated by their users and provide any facilities such as customer service, free WiFi if you wait and some easy payment plans. The average cost of a set of tires is more than $500 on Discount Tires. They provide some of the finest deals on the pair of tires and you also have the liability to pay according to your own plan. They can give you some extra time to completely pay the money for the brand new pair of tires. If your car tires has a low pressure, you can fill them up for free on Discount Tires.


3 Costco

Costco is one of the biggest chain of warehouse retailers in the America and it has over 98 Million members. This business is also famous for their affordable prices, the users of Costco highly recommend them because of their affordable prices. On average a single tire will cost you a $160 that means if you want to buy a set of tires you can get in over $600. The prices are very affordable for quality tires and you can get that while you are shopping for your grocery from the same store.


4 DiscountTire.com

Although they have over 1000 locations in the US but you can make a good deal by sitting at your home from their website that is DiscountTire.com. You can choose a tire of your own choice with the most affordable price from the website and they will ship the item to your home. You can then take those tires to your nearest tire shop for installation. If you want to save money install them from your tire mechanic because the dealers of DiscountTire cost more labor than others. You can also pick up your favorite tires from your nearest outlet of DiscountTire even if you ordered online.


5 Big O Tires

Big O Tires are the ones with the most affordable rates for new tires. They are in business since 1962 and for now they are the 2nd largest tires sellers in the country. On average the price of a single tire on Big O Tires is $168. The average life of a Big O Tires tire is 60 thousand miles. One of the benefits from buying tires from Big O Tires is that you can qualify for a payment plan if you need more time to pay for the tires. The only thing you need to qualify is a good credit score of your credit card. But there is a drawback of paying the amount late and that is that you will have to pay an interest and the interest rate is 16%. So paying the amount late will not be a good idea but you can make a good deal if you pay the whole amount.


6 Priority Tire

According to website of Priority Tire, you can save up to $100 on buying for brand new tires from Priority Tires. They work in a bit different way than the other companies listed in the article. You can get a price up to 55% less than of a retail price for a branded tire. One of the best thing about them is that they provide free delivery in all over the United States of America. The tire will be shipped at your door step and then you can take it to your nearest tire shop for installation. Another best thing about them is that they provide a 90 day return policy for unused tires so if there is an issue you can return your product within 3 months. You can buy tires from all the famous brands such as Firestone, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Goodyear and many more.


7 Amazon Tires

Amazon is the world largest e-commerce business and I am sure you would have used it. Amazon is now selling everything that is possible to sell now. On the Amazon Tires page, you can buy any type of tire that you need. They have a number of brands to choose from. If you want to get some of the best deals from Amazon Tires, you will have to join Amazon Prime. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can purchase a tire as low as $26. On Amazon you can save a lot of money but you will have to spend more time than others site as you will have to make a lot search to find the perfect tires for your vehicles.


8 TireBuyer.com

TireBuyer is best for you if you do not know much about the buying of tires. You can set parameters for your tires when you are searching for it from their site. You can search for different brands and models on this site like the others. When you search for the tires, instead of showing all the results this websites filters the best results based on 120 different characteristics. This is here it becomes helpful for those who do not know much about buying tires. Then you can choose from the best that which one you want to buy. A benefit of TireBuyer.com is that you can get a number of discounts and offers from their site whenever you will visit them. You can also earn cashbacks by buying tires form this site. Thus you can make a good deal while shopping here at any time of the year.


9 TireRack.com

Another Retailer to get good deals on tires is Tire Rack. You can get the best suggestions on tires like the Tire Buyer. But there is a difference between Tire Buyer and Tire Rack is that on Tire Rack the cashback is directly paid by the tires manufacturer. Instead of filling the form online, you will have to mail your information to the manufacturer. Although it will take some time to get the cashback but the wait is worth the money. Apart from these cashbacks, you can also avail a number of deals and discounts on different brands and you can also get a Visa Gift card on your some purchases.

These were some of the best places to get cheap tires and discounts. But when you are buying the tires make sure you keep in mind the cost of installation of tires as the mechanic or tire shop will charge you for installing new tires. With the passage of time, the prices of tires has drastically changed and now it is difficult to buy tires. Thus this article could help you to save a good amount of money that you can use for other purposes. Try to use these deals and also purchase tires in those days of the year when there are some deals and discounts coming.
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Posted on: 07/26/2020

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