5 Amazing Ways to Always Pay Discounted Price on Anything

I mostly write articles about how to save money on different thing in your daily life, but this one is a bit different from all of them. Because in this article we are going to show you, some different ways through which you can always save money on any thing you purchase or shop for. I have been using these ways for a long time to always pay discounted price, or less price than the actual price, but that also doesn’t mean that I have never paid full price or I never will but if at possible. I always try to find a way out to save money on anything, we are buying or we are going to buy. Over the years, I have learnt pretty much, about how to save money on everything and to be honest; I have gotten to be great at figuring out the tricks for saving on almost everything. In fact, at one stage, I even figured out a way to get an annual Amazon Prime Subscription for free, and that happened simply because I figured out how to save money on something.

Well without stretching it up, I would like to come straight to the point. If you are also looking how to save money on almost everything then here are the 5 amazing ways that I have figured out easy ways save money on everything probably. So simply stick to us and we will show you how to save money in different ways.


1 Use Cashback Sites

As this is 21st century and there are many people who shop online, either it is about to buy a new dress or jeans or it is about to buy stationary there are many people who shop online. These days and if you are also going to shop online then the easiest way to shop online is to shop through cash back sites such as EBates. Actually if you shop through EBates then Ebates allows you to earn a cash back on your every online purchase up to 40%. Another great thing is that you can even use coupon codes on your purchases to save more!
Purchase Used Items

Well that’s the fact that whenever you get to hear used items the first two things comes in your mind are yard sales and thrift stores, but the thing is that they can be a great option to find things at low rates and they aren’t the only place to look.
If I talk about myself then I really love to look for second hand items on EBates and Craigslist. The best thing about those sites are that you can look for the exact things, which you want to buy. Well few days ago when one of my friends was looking for used Ikea furniture pieces to redecorate her home she got the perfect things for her home by using Ebates and Craigslist. She had to be patient because she lives in a big metropolitan area and she was looking if she could find those things on Ebates or Craigslist. They have low rates other than buying brand new items at high costs and honestly within couple of months she got everything she wanted just through EBates and Craigslist, and their price were really less than the new ones.

2 Look For A Sale

Whenever it comes to money saving, usually your best friend is your patience. Now after reading this most of people must be thinking WHY? Because if you are willing to buy something then just stay patient and wait for a bit. You can almost get anything even on discount, which you were willing to purchase because it goes on sale.

There are many stores, which have sale cycle, and mostly they turn up their sale cycle to run after every 4 – 6 weeks.
There is one more little trick which you can use to save even more money is to use coupons with those sales to save even more money. For instance few days ago JCPenny frequently sends out $10 coupons and I received one and I was willing to buy 2 shirts for my son which were on sale for $5.99 each and by adding my $10 coupon to it I bought 2 shirts for my son at just $0.99.


3 Shop Through Daily Deal Sites

We all know that everyone loves to shop online by just laying on a bed at home, then the daily deals sites are the best option for you. I have mentioned my favorite and best sites below

– One Kings Lane
This site has some of the best variety related to home decor and kitchen items and I mostly use this site to buy home decor items or kitchen items.

– Groupon
If you love food and outside meals then you should check this out because Groupon offers great deals on their tasty meals. I love to order food from there whenever there is something special at my home.

– Zulily
To be honest this site is kind of all-rounder site because here you can find almost everything such as clothing, home decor, toys, household items and many so don’t forget to check this site if you are going to shop online.

– Groopdealz
If you have small kids at home and you also love shopping then instead of going out you should visit this site because this site offer a huge variety on home decor, clothing and baby clothing too.
The one and only downside of these sites are that the deals on them are just for limited time only so you have to keep an eye on those sort of sites. You can get advantage of them or the other way is you can do as I do just simply occasionally pop in to see what they are offering and buy it if you want to.

5 Ask For Discounts

Well now, I am now very surprised by that how often you can get an extra discount when you are buying something just because you have asked for it. This is actually true especially if the item have any kind of flaw or if it’s price is high and you are paying through cash.
Few days ago, we went to purchase a new bathroom vanity and we noticed that one of the vanity we were looking at had a counter top put on incorrectly. Then my brother knew that he could fix it and he pointed out the flaw and we asked them if they would give us a discount, and the result of that tiny effort was that they actually gave us a discount.

So sometimes the only thing you need to do is to ask for a discount and chances area you will get it probably, so don’t hesitate to ask for it if in return you can save some extra money.

There are amazing ways through which you can save some cash and pay discounted price for anything almost. Don’t hesitate to tell us that how they helped you out. Let us know in the comments, what you think and if you have any advice to share our amazing audience!

Posted on: 06/20/2020

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