The Best Dollar Stores with Deals

There are many people out there who browse the internet to save money on big ticket purchases, but have you ever thought about those items which only sell for $1 or even less than that? Matter of the fact is that there are many online dollar store, which can actually help you in saving money on these kind of small purchases too. In this article we have mentioned some different only dollar store through which you can save some extra cash even on small purchases too. So simply stick to us and we will show you.


Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is known as one of the most popular online Dollar Store brands. And that’s because of their successful brick & mortar business. If you shop at Dollar Tree online or in – person you will find that, everything is just a dollar.
Dollar Tree also offers a free shipping to the store when you want to order online and want to save time and not combing aisles for the products on your list. With Dollar Tree, you can also get some exclusive advantages if you join their Value Seeker Club.



Hollar is another popular online dollar store. Hollar is a place where you can buy items ranging from office & party supplies, toys or baby accessories only for just $1. There are many Hollar items, which starts from $2 and ends at $10 max.
For instance, you can buy a laptop bag for just $4.75 and a hooded sweatshirt for men for $8.


Dollar 1

You can buy a variety of products at Dollar 1 for as low as $1. It actually makes no difference if you are willing to buy clothing, household essentials, jewelry, toys or beauty items. You can find some sweet deals.
If you spend at least $25 then your order will qualify for free shipping.


Rose Gal

Frankly speaking, you will have a hard time finding items, which are for $1, because the cheapest fashion accessories or jewelry you will find at Rose Gal would be of at least $2. However, chances are that women might be able to find some amazing deals on clothing with many pieces ranging between $8 – $30.
Other than that Rose Gal also sell some of the home & garden accessories and men clothing. Also this site has the largest selection and deals on women’s fashion.
The best thing is that the shipping is free for all orders to almost every country throughout the world. Also new shoppers can get 10% discount on their first order as a bonus and they can redeem their points in the Rose Gal rewards program.


Miss A

In case if you are only willing to buy beauty & cosmetics products then Miss A has a lot to offer, including cosmetics & fashion accessories for just $1.
You will be also able to buy hand – selected kits, which are a bundle of products and some of them, are costs more than $1 per piece. One out of all of the kits, which you can purchase, is the “Barely Basic Kit” which will cost you $20 and it contains 9 pieces.
Miss A provides free shipping to all of those customers who are living United States and make an online purchase of more than $35 and they are delivered by the U.S Postal Service.


Five Below

Five – Below is another well – known fun dollar store where you will find every item costs less than $5. Either to make a purchase you can visit their store in – person or you can also make an online purchase.
At Five – Below it is possible to buy food, clothing, toys, electronics, party supplies and sports equipment online. Although there are many products at five – Below which will allow you to choose a color of your choice (as they are available in multiple colors). You will receive a random color from Five – Below for certain items such as squirt gun.
At this moment of time Five – Below only ships to the Continental United States is known as a wholesale supplier to the grocery stores, dollar stores and the other discount retail stores throughout the globe.
With, you will have to purchase every item by the box. However, prices on the website will show you per item price but there is a drop down menu, which will show you that there are how many pieces in one box. In addition, to get a much better deal you can buy pallets of select items.
You can easily find thousands of products which are available for less than $1 and the best thing about is that you can get totally free of cost shipping on all of the orders which are above than $150.


So Freebie Rush fans this was the list of those different online stores where you will find mind-blowing deals and you can save some extra money by using any of the above-mentioned options. At the end we will only say that we would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to drop and a comment below and share your experiences with us and also let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried out.

Posted on: 06/21/2020

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