A Complete Guide to DoorDash

As people are getting wise in their finance sections, they have come to know the fact that having a secondary source of income is also an important thing in life if you do not want to fall in to debt in your hard times. A part-time job or a side hustle can pay well in this regard and today we are going to talk about a side hustle that is helping many people in the country to earn according to their own time and schedules.

Side Hustles has become one of the emerging jobs that helps people to boost their income and by following the job they can achieve their financial goals in time. These type of jobs comes with many benefits as you work on your own terms, you do not have to make any commitment neither to maintain a schedule. You can earn according to your potential of working. Today will talk about one of the famous platform for side hustle and that is DoorDash.



DoorDash is a mobile app that people can use to order food for themselves. You can join this company as a driver and as a driver you are called off as a Dasher. This app contains restaurants listed on their app and people can place their orders via app. When an order is placed, the app notifies the dashers and the one willing to do the job takes it. The DoorDash provides all the necessary information to the dasher and the dasher picks the order and delivers it to the destination provided.
Becoming a dasher is more like a freelancing job rather than being an employ because you are not asked to work in specific hours and you have no certain time limits to follow. There is no dress code too. You can work whenever you want and for that you will just have to sign up to app and then work till the time you want. DoorDash will provide you work till you are online.


Making Money on DoorDash

As I said earlier, you can earn according to your working potential. You will be thinking that how much you can earn. Let us get in to the details of this. The amount you can earn depends upon many factors such as how quick you deliver your orders and how often you work, you can sometimes earn $100 to $250 depending on the amount of hours you do. The earning also depends upon the time of your work as there are peak hours in the day when you can receive more orders that means more money. According to the DoorDash website, the riders can earn in 3 three different ways.
Firstly you will get a base pay from the orders you take. The base pay depends upon a number of factors such as the time of the order, the distance covered and the complexity of the orders. As if there is an order that most dashers won’t take then it will pay you more. You can earn a base pay of $2 to $10 from an order according to the complexity of the work.

After the base pay, you will earn the promotions. These promotion amounts are of different types. For example, there are peak times when there are more customers than the normal routine and at that time you can earn more money. When it’s the peak time, you will be notified on the app and you can check its requirements from the menu. Apart from these peak times, you can also increase your earnings by completing challenges. These challenges are made for the drivers so that they could work more and work quickly. When there is a challenge, you get enrolled in to it automatically and if you complete it, you get incentives. Other than these two promotion payments, there is another promotion and that is of large catering orders. But only an experienced driver can take these large catering orders. To be an experienced driver you need to have at least 100 rides with a rating of 4.8. If you fulfill these requirements, the app will send you an invitation.
The last promotion payment that you can get being a dasher is the tip. You can get tips from all the orders if you provide good service and with DoorDash, you can keep 100% of your tip for yourself. And the tips you earn would not affect your other payments.


How to be a Dasher?

One of the reasons of DoorDash being famous is that it is super easy to become a dasher and it only takes some minutes to sign up. The process is pretty simple, if you want to become a dasher, go to website of DoorDash. At the website of DoorDash, you will see a tab named as Become a dasher. You need to click on the tab and then you will see a page that will demand your information and you will have to provide information like email address, zip code, phone number and Social Security Number. By providing these you can make an account on DoorDash. After your registration, you will be invited for an orientation session and you will get an activation kit and that is it. Now you have become a Dasher.
There are no tough requirements to become a dasher and all you need is a driver’s license, insurance and you must be 18 years old. You can use bike, motorcycle, car and you can even walk according to the rules of your area which you can check in the app.


How Much It Costs For Becoming a Dasher?

When you take a job or a side hustle it cost some money. You can become a Dasher for free but you will have to pay some costs like you will have to pay for your gas and phone charges. You will need to pay for the insurance by yourself so that you can stay a dasher. One of the thing that you must do here is to keep a track of all your expenses so that you could know how much money are you spending and how much are you making from being a dasher. This will also help you in the tax season.


Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and it disadvantages of any job you take and these advantages and disadvantages depend upon your preferences. Before signing up you should think about it briefly.
Talking about the advantages, there are many advantages of being a dasher. It is a type of job which does not requires tough requirements. There is no interview or fee and you can start with a smart phone and a vehicle. Another advantage of DoorDash is that you can start it easily and in no time you can start making cash. On DoorDash, You can work according to your own hours because you are not an employ of DoorDash rather you are a freelancer. Apart from these advantages, DoorDash is an fast growing platform where you can get a lot of earning opportunities and specially in big cities it is widely expanding. Another advantage of this side hustle is that you can make extra cash by just inviting your friends to this site. Although it has some restrictions on earning a bonus but you can still try by inviting your friends to become a dasher, hence creating a bonus opportunity for yourself.

Now talking about the disadvantages of this site, one of the drawback is that there is not an exact amount of income that is guaranteed. Your earning will fluctuate according to the type of hours you are working in and if you are not working mostly in the peak hours you will not make much. Another problem of this is that it is only a side hustle, you can never take this as a full time job because you will not make much amount by that. Another drawback of this site is that the amount of bonus and incentives you will get depends upon the city and area in which you are working. You will not earn the same amount as of a person whose is working the same like you but in a different city.


Maximizing your Income with DoorDash

As I have told that the amount of income you will get will fluctuate and it will not be the same all the time. So you should try to maximize your income in a better way. According to some dashers they earn a $25 per hour. The first thing you must do is to increase your income is to look in to orders and only take those orders that can pay more money as you are free to choose which order to take or not. Also try to work in an area where you do not get any traffic and hurdles by this you will get more orders and deliver in time. Try to be a good man with the customer and provide them the best service care by this you will get a higher rating and you will also get some tips too.

So, these were the ups and downs of DoorDash. You can get it through and after reading the details you can choose for yourself that whether you want to take this job or not. In my opinion, you must try this because this is a super easy job with less requirements. Do comment in the section below and also let us know if you have any queries.

Posted on: 08/17/2020

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