10 Best Places to Sell Your Used Laptop

So you have a laptop that you do not need because you bought a upgraded laptop. So why should you keep that in your draw and left it under your tables. Pick that up and clean it and sell it and use that cash. Selling your used laptops is far much better than to keep them in your home. The amount of money you would get for your laptop depends upon how old it is and how long you have used it and to get the best price make sure to put the charging cable, manuals, its bag and all other accessories. By this you would be able to get a very good price for your used laptop. Make sure to secure your data by making a backup and deleting it then factory reset your laptop. Make some good pictures of your laptop so that it could attract the client effectively.
Today here in this article I have come up with options where you can sell your used laptops for a very good amount.

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1. Letgo

Letgo is one of the famous online market place where you can buy and sell items for free. This website is totally free and you can put your ad only in 60 seconds. The thing you would have to do is that you would have to make pictures of the item you are going to sell and put all the details. You will decide your price of selling and post the ad. When someone would need your laptop the website will inform you and you can then meet the person to deliver the laptop and collect the cash.
For your safety make sure you choose a public place for meeting so that everything remains safe and secure.


2. Gazelle

Gazelle is the leading online marketplace to sell your electronics that started in 2007. Here you have a benefit that you do not have to wait for a customer and you can sell your items in minutes. You just have to put the details of your laptop with picture and you will get the amount from Gazelle in minutes. If you would agree on that amount you can print a shipping label from their website and ship your laptop for free. As they have Kiosk locations for directly buying electronics from you but you cannot sell your used laptop there. For laptops you have their website only. Your payment process can be very easy as they can mail your check to your home and can send you PayPal payments and can even give you Amazon gift cards.


3. Swappa

Swappa is another digital marketplace to sell your used laptops. The plus point of this website is that it is safe and secure. Your Payments are made from PayPal and you do not have to pay any selling fee as it is adjusted in the final price and they buyer has to pay it. The process of listing your laptop to sale is quite easy and only take minutes to do so. The website has a drawback that if the screen of your laptop is broken or damaged and the keyboard is missing with buttons then the website will not accept your laptop for sale. Another drawback of this website is that you cannot sell your old MacBook. You can only sell MacBook that is released after 2011.


4. eBay

eBay is one of the most famous online marketing store where you can buy and sell items. Although you would have not heard of selling laptop from this website before but this is also a safe option. Selling your used laptop on eBay is a very easy task. All you have to do is that you would have to make an account that is totally free and then putting the information of your Laptop with some pictures. To choose the price you have 2 options either you can select a fixed price option or you can go for auction. That means the higher bidder will get your laptop. To get your payment on this website is also very easy you can either ship the laptop to get the payment through PayPal or you can meet the person and deliver the product and then take the cash. While you are going to meet the person pick a safe and public place to avoid any accident. Although sites likes these have number of user and a lot of competition so it would be a better idea to use other sites too with this to sell your product fast.


5. Next Worth

To sell your laptop in no time Next Worth is the best option for you. the process is totally free and only takes minutes to be done. You have to put the required information with pictures of your laptop on the website and then in a minute you will get your quote. If the price suits you will be sent a free shipping label and within 2 days of delivery you can receive you payment through PayPal. You can also ask for check but that can take a week to get you. An advantage of selling your laptop from this website is that you get insurance to protect your package from any loss or damage and you can track your parcel and get information about your parcel that at step it is.


6. Mac of All Trades

This prestigious marketplace is in business since 1995 and is being trusted by its users very much. If you have a MacBook then this could be the best marketplace for you to sell. They accept a number of used electronics and have paid almost $18 Million to people. The process is quite easy as others you will have to put up the required information and pictures and within a minute you can get your quote from them. If you want to sell your used MacBook in good price then always put the available accessories with them because these accessories put a big effect on your quote. Once you accept the price given by the Mac of All trades you get a free shipping label. The best part of this website is their payment procedure. You can get your payment within 3 working days after they receive your MacBook. You can get your payment through PayPal.


7. Facebook Marketplace

If you want to sell your used laptop locally like Letgo then Facebook marketplace could be the best option for you. You can gain aces to website for and you only have to be a member of Facebook to post your add. This marketplace is accessible to all Facebook users that are 800 Million in number. Yeah! That is a big number of people. To post an add as I said above you just have to be a Faceebook user and as you post your ad of used laptop the local people can see and contact you and as soon as you get a customer you can meet them and get your product delivered and get your cash.


8. Best Buy

Best Buy is also an effective marketplace to sell your laptop in no time. You will have to do the same as others and you will get your quote from them. Best Buy will give you the best possible price for your laptop. If you are looking to buy a new laptop and sell the old one then this site will be a good option as they do not pay cash for your used Laptops and instead of cash they will pay you Best Buy Gift cards that you can use. Best Buy is a well reputed company and they accept a number of brands. Another facility they provide is that if you do not want to ship your laptop you can sell it to any of the participating store they have.


9. Craigslist

Craigslist could be the best option for you if you want to sale your laptop locally. This marketplace is in business from a very long time and deals with a variety of items to sell and buy. You can sell your laptop of any brand on this website even if your laptop is damaged and broken. You have to provide the information and pictures for the ad and if you want to sell effectively you should write a detail description of your laptop. Once you will get a customer you can meet them to deliver the product and get your price. One thing to keep in mind is that you should pick up a public place for meeting to avoid any misfortune.


10. Gadget Salvation

If you want to sell your laptop quickly and cannot wait for a customer then you should go to Gadget Salvation. The process is easy and free. You only have to put the brand name, model and the condition of your used laptop. You will get a quote after that if you accept then you will get a free shipping label and you will mail your laptop. Your payment will be sent to you through PayPal, Venmo or check within 48 hours of the delivery of the laptop.

So these were the 10 places where you can sell your used laptops for cash. The process is very easy and effective so you should be better using these websites from now on for selling your old laptops. Do comment in the comment section below and share your experience of using these websites.

Posted on: 08/18/2020

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