9 Legit Ways to Earn $100 in a Day

Making Money is not that easy all the time and sometime you have to do a lot of work in order to earn $100 but today I have come up with some of the best ideas through which you will be able to $100 in a day or even $600 in a single day.
There are many reasons of earning money and one is that you need to make a living or if you have confronted with an unexpected expenses and you are out of cash. Whatever the reason is you need cash. So let us start from the first idea so that you could earn cash quickly.


1 Grocery Delivery

It is not about pizzas every time now with the ease of online shopping people also need other stuff delivered at their door step and you can take this as an earning opportunity. There are many companies that are working to deliver grocery to people’s home and you can easily join one of them to make a $100 in a day and sometimes even more.

Instacart is an app that people use to order grocery stuff because they don’t have the time to go to store by themselves. You can join this company very easily and start delivering grocery to people’s home. You will be paid according to the delivery you have to make. Another app is DoorDash that is used by people to order food. You can also join them easily and you can earn tips too while driving with DoorDash. So it is easy to make $100 from both these apps.


2 Rent Stuff Out

There are several products in your house that you do not use often. They can be an opportunity for you to make cash if you rent them. This could be anything a free room, a free bed, a car or a storage space. You can rent any of these to make a $100 in a day.

To rent your house, room or even a bed you can use Airbnb or VRBO. Airbnb is one of the famous app that helps tourists and travelers around the world to find a cheap place to live. So if you have free space in your home then why not rent it out and earn some fast cash. You could earn more if you live in an area where there are tourism attractions or you can charge more by providing more facilities.

To rent out your car you can use Turo. Turo is a similar app like Airbnb which tourist and travelers can use to rent out cars. You can earn according to the type of your car. You can choose your days and time on which you want to rent your car. One of the benefits of working with Turo covers up any damage to your car if it happens.


3 Drive People Around

If you are not interested in renting your car then you can drive people around and earn cash. There are apps named Lyft and Uber that will help you to find people who need a ride and you will be able to earn some fast cash through it. This is one of the methods through which you will be able to earn a $100 or more in a day. You will have to fulfill certain requirements in order to join these apps. Once you are eligible to drive you can easily signup to these apps and starting working. You can work according to your own schedule and there is no requirement of time by the companies. You can also choose whether to take a ride or not. Once you will accept a ride you will have to pick them from their place and drop at their desired place. Your earning depend upon your car, your city and some other factors. You can also earn tips by giving good service.


4 Sell Free Stuff

There is no need to keep your house full with items that you do not use very much. These items could be an opportunity to get some cash if you sell them out.
One of the most traditional ways to sell your extra stuff is to hold the garage sale. You just have to clean your stuff and put it in an organized manner. Post some ads on your street or Facebook and people will visit you. It would be very easy to make a $100 in that day.
Another way to sell your stuff is eBay, as if you do not want to get in to a garage sale then this option is the best for you. You just have to post your items and you will get customers. Try to put the rate a less than of other peoples so that you could get a customer quickly.


5 Do Gigs Jobs

There are number of short tasks that you can do to make a $100 in a day. You can use the site like Craigslist to find small gigs. On their site you will find a gigs section and in that you will have jobs like mowing, helping someone to clean their house, painting or for help in a party and some other simple tasks like that. You could easily find legit tasks that will help you earn a $100.

One of the app that you can use to do gigs is Gigwalk. You can use this app and become a gigwalker. You will have to do tasks for retailers and clients, you will have to do mystery shopping and other tasks like that. If you become a good Gigwalker you could earn $100 in a day.
Another app that you can use is Fiverr. It’s a bit different from the above two as you will have tasks like writing a poem, designing graphics, singing song and other stuffs like that. You can earn from these tasks easily and it will help you to earn a $100 in a day.


6 Babysitting and Pet-sitting.

One of the easiest way to earn $100 in a day if you like to spend time with babies and pets is babysitting and pet-sitting. Many professionals make more money than that. You can make a profile at Care.com where you will get some work easily. If you want to earn more, look after more babies at the same time.

You can also earn a lot by Pet-sitting is the same as of the baby sitting you will have to look after the pets of people who do not have time for them. One of the way to make fast money in this category is to walk dogs. As people do not have enough time for themselves, they need people who can take their dog for exercise so you could be the one. You can post your service on sites like Craigslist or you can ask your local veterinarian for the service.


7 Teach

If you are good at a specific subject and could teach then you can easily make $100 in a day. There are many online companies that hire online tutors for school or college students. You can use the site VIPkid to teach English language to people and all you need is a computer with a good internet connection. You can also work on sites like Chegg.com that hire tutors and pay them per hour. You could help school students do their homework or college students in their assignments. You can also teach your local language to the foreigners. If you do not want to teach online you can offer your services in your local community. By this you will easily make a $100 in a day.


8 Deliver Pizzas

One of the method of making a $100 in a day is delivering Pizzas. You can contact your nearest pizza place in order to find a pizza delivery job. If you work in a longer shift and are time efficient you will be able to earn tips. There are more chances of getting tips on weekends so these are the days in which you could easily make a $100. If you have a fuel efficient vehicle then you will be able to earn more in a day.


9 Test Websites

This is one of the easiest methods to earn $100 in a day and all you have to do is to test websites. There are many companies that require people to test websites and there are many online sites on which you can become a full time website tester. You will have to review sites and the reviews could be in audio, video or written form. Sometime you will have to download an app or use it. Website owners need real reviews so that they could improve their products and they also pay for it.


So these were some of the legit methods to earn $100 in a day. These tasks are very easy and you could do them easily. Although each job has its own limitations but the output is fruitful in all of them. Give them a try.
Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of how difficult it was to earn $100 in a day.

Posted on: 06/21/2020

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