Top Tips for our Freebie Rush Fans

The country is craving for freebies. There’s no miscalculation of the numbers of people who love freebies as it can be addictive. But before you sign up to our newsletter there are some rules you should keep in mind to make sure that you’re making most of it. Make sure you carry on reading, to make you a top Freebie Rush fanatic.


If it sounds too good to be true, it might be.

Be aware of what you’re getting in return because some companies might be willing to sell your soul in exchange of a tiny sample. Make sure that freebie sounds genuine before you go for it (no, its not possible that you are going to get $1000 free voucher for nothing) and always read the terms and condition before you sign up for it so you’ll be aware of for what you’re signing up.


If you won’t ask, You won’t get.

It would be helpful if you write letters to some companies or mail them and ask if they have some products samples that you can try out. There are a large number of people who has received huge boxes of free items or money saving vouchers when contacting businesses and let them know that the products were really useful to them and they’re really enjoying them. Equivalently if you don’t like something say.


Don’t hope too much

Most of the time the freebies you get are more likely to be in small packs or tiny envelope instead of full sized beauty sample, because full sized freebies are quite rare unless you are product testing. The main goal of getting freebies is to try them that if you like them for your purchase in future. So you’re not wasting your dollars buying the full product. Also you might not get freebie you apply for. It’s more likely that you’re going to receive only 70% of them if you’ve applied for every freebie going out there. If you notice that your incoming mail is a little bit scattered then don’t lose hope because the freebies will come.
Check the terms and conditions to see how many samples are remaining and how big they’ll be to make sure that applying for a freebie is worth your time.


Set up a email address just for freebies.

This is one of the most important tip for anyone who’s willing to claim freebies out there. To get rid of receiving spam mails, unwanted calls or texts, you need to set up an alternative email address and your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, or wheneever you need to claim freebies. You’ll thank me later.


Don’t feel convicted

Don’t anguish your favorite brands or companies aren’t losing out millions of dollars or pounds there, just because you’ve ordered a few free products. Literally they’re benefiting more than you can think of. There’s a potential brand new customer for every sample packaged and sent out. Lets suppose if are given a product for free and you really enjoy using it so you’re more likely to buy it again for sure.


Get ahead of the competition

There are many ways you can get brand new freebies before anyone else. First of all make sure you have signed up to our newsletter. Its pretty great, if we may say so ourselves. You will receive everyday’s top freebies straight to your email box at around 9-10am est  and before that we post on social media too. Simply sign up and we’ll send you a message as we’ll find something worth applying for. And at last, make sure you’re a member of our Facebook Page.

So that is the list to help our freebie fans which will help you applying for free stuff. Also we would love to hear from you, so drop a comment below and share your experiences with us.

Posted on: 06/22/2020

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