4 Easy Ways To Get Hulu For Free

Are you also a fan of Hulu? If YES then how about if you get it totally free of cost? Sounds amazing right. Now most of people out there must be thinking that is it legal? You bet it is, and it is actually a good news for you, especially in the case if you have already cut your cable connection to save some extra cash from your monthly income. Without having Hulu how else you can keep up yourself with the Masked Singer or with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?
After all paying $5.99 per month from your monthly income doesn’t seem too much in return of what Hulu has to offer, because they have more than 85,000 on – demand episodes of your favorite Tv shows.

If I get a choice to choose between paying and getting it for free option then I will always go with the get it for free option.

If you love to stream your favorite TV shows and binge on Hulu originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale (my fav show) then simply stick to us and we will show you 4 easy ways to get Hulu for free and legitimately.


1 Microsoft Rewards

Have you ever thought of earning Hulu gift cards for surfing the web and being paid just for playing games? That sounds crazy right. However, with Microsoft Reward program it is possible.
If you use Bing as your search engine then every time you enter a query earns you Microsoft reward points that you can cash in for gifts like Hulu gift cards. That’s easy right!
In addition, if you are a safari or chrome user then switching yourself to Microsoft edge to your PC, smartphone and tablets will help you to increase your points even faster.
Points pile up for more than entering search items, shopping for computer, games, tablets and software in the Microsoft store will get them too, plus buying digital content on Xbox can also boost your points higher.
Earning points to trade for movies, games, apps, gift cards for Hulu or any other retailers or even donating those points to any charity even is also possible, also, there are thousands of rewards are available for you to pick.


How to Initiate

Simply visit rewards.microsoft.com from your laptop, computer or tablet and click the button that says “sign up for free” enter the information of your Microsoft account login or you can also create a new account to proceed.

Start searching with Bing to increase your points once you are done with signing up yourself with rewards.microsoft.com. To get closer to your goal you can also start claiming daily bonus points, taking quizzes, playing games or by answering the daily can also get you closer to your goal.

The only downside of this is that it will roughly take you three months to earn points for Hulu gift cards but it is worth $25, which is enough for your four month of service. This leaves pretty much of time for you to grow your rewards before it runs out.
You can also earning it in a really faster way by using this trick.

A Hulu gift card costs of 28,000 points and if you will choose Walmart gift card that will only costs you 26,250 points, then you can buy Hulu gift card by using your Walmart gift card and by this way you can save 1750 points.


– Microsoft is a well trusted name in business
– Earning points for searching the web
– Points gets piled up faster with Microsoft Edge browser


– Takes longer time to earn
– Changing browsers can be annoying


2 Swagbucks

Well the only thing people knows about Swagbucks is that they pay off people for completing surveys or taking surveys online but believe me that it is much more than that.
You can earn Swagbucks points by shopping through their portal, playing games, searching the internet, watching videos and sign – up referrals is a possibility too. By performing these tasks you will earn Swagbucks points which you can redeem for gift cards of your favorite retailer, which also includes Hulu.

It will only take you almost two months to cash in your Swagbucks points to redeem a $25 gift card for Hulu if you search, shop and answer surveys often, and to get four months of Hulu service you only need 2500 Swagbucks points.
Usually Swagbucks has some deals for those new subscribers of Hulu, which sign up through their site. For example, Swagbucks recent promotion rewarded you with $30 back towards a gift card from Amazon or through a PayPal payment for new or those returning subscribers.
For an offer like that, you would pay for one month and return you get four for free. Then you can continue earning Swagbucks points to get Hulu for free for as long as you want.


How to Initiate

Simply visit Swagbucks site and get a $10 bonus for signing up. Enter your login information if you already have an account and if you don’t have an account then skip this step and just enter your email address and pick a password for it.
At first, you might feel that the dashboard is overwhelming but take few minutes to get well – known with the site and learn your way around it. To get more information about it you can also read the Swagbucks full review.
Also to earn Swagbucks points more quickly you can set your default engine to Swagbucks. Also don’t forget to check out the Swagbutton, a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft edge and by this you can gain them even more faster.


– Occasional promotions for better deals
– Also $10 bonus for new accounts
– You can earn through multiple ways
– Bonus rewards for browser extension


– It will take you almost 2 months to earn
– You might find the dashboard overwhelming first


3 Sprint

Have you ever heard of Sprint? Nope? Let me tell you that Sprint is the popular and well – known wireless provider. Do you know it not only comes alone in fact it comes with a free Hulu account? But the thing is that it is only available as an option with an unlimited plan only and if you are streaming your favorite Tv shows or anything then you should be thankful for all the unlimited data.

Using the Hulu app or the browser for streaming it at home or on the go is a breeze. You can also switch it between using it on your smartphone, TV, tablet or app on the PlayStation or on Xbox.
The best thing is that in includes all of the best shows and your selection is the same if you would bought an independent Hulu subscription.


How to Initiate

It is simple to cash on this offer if you have a Sprint Unlimited Plan.
Just visit the Sprint official website and get yourself navigated to the exclusive Hulu offer page. As you are on it now just, click the “Activate Now” button and sign in to your Sprint account.
You can also select your device (smartphone) on which you want to enjoy Hulu and select the option to change service add-ons. Pick Hulu from there.
To complete your account setup you will get the link via text message with instructions.
Already paying for Hulu? Do not worry though because Sprint will walk you through combining your current subscription and it will switch your billing. By this way, you can enjoy the free access to Hulu easily.


– You don’t have to worry about the overages with unlimited data
– Free Hulu subscription
– Already existing customers of Hulu are also eligible


– It only requires the Sprint account
– It is only available with Spring Unlimited Plans
– You will get only 1 Hulu subscription per account


4 Hulu’s Referral Program

Have you ever heard about that Hulu also has a referral program?

Well there is a little known secret about being a Hulu subscriber and that is the ability to earn free money when you tell other people about the service. The all it takes you to earn money is your referral code and it is a piece of cake.
You will get $10 prepaid Visa Card from Hulu for each person who will sign up using your referral code, you will still get their first month free and you will get some cash. It is as easy as a walk in park for both of you.

It only takes one person to sign up and you can easily pay for your entire Hulu month easily. Since it costs you only $5.99, which equals to a free month and you still get $4.00 in your pocket.

It doesn’t count if they cancel it after the trial period of 30 – days, that’s the only catch. Before you earn the referral bonus through them, they have to be the paying subscriber of Hulu.

You can also help recruiting your family and friends by sharing your referral code on social media, to get the word out. If you are a bit much more ambitious then you can get your referral code printed on your shirt and by this way, you would be advertising it wherever you would go.
Worried about your referrals and rewards? If yes then stop worrying about it because you can track your referrals by simply logging into a third party administrator portal known as Ambassador, and from its dashboard it would be easy for you to keep an eye on your earnings and add ups.


How to Initiate

Simply follow these directions to start earning money and head over to your account page. After that in the payment information section the thing you need to do is to click on the “Get $10” link.
After clicking on that link, you will get a code, now pass out this code to your friendzone or share it on your social media. Signing up can be done through web browser or they can use their mobile browser too. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that they use your referral code to sign up because without it you will not be paid.
Right after their trial period ends and then they will be charged for their second month, that $10 prepaid Visa Card from Hulu can be all yours.


– You can share your referral code anywhere you want to
– It is easy to set up
– It only takes one referral for a free month


– They should must use your code to qualify
– If they cancel their subscription after their trial period is over then it doesn’t count.


At the end, we will only say that well the Hulu’s low package, which costs you $5.99 per month, is well worth because of all the streaming content they offer. The thing is that why are you paying out of your pocket if you have these ways to get a free Hulu subscription?
Among the reward points, combined service package, cash back and their own referral program it is as easy as to walk in the park to save money on your Hulu bill.

Also we would love to hear from you guys that which one of these above mentioned ways you have tried and how it has helped you out in saving your Hulu bill. So simply drop a comment below and let us know let us know what you love most about Hulu and if there are any other ways to save money on Hulu bill about which you already know. Share your answers with us.

Posted on: 06/26/2020

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