12 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online

Do you spend your free time by watching videos on the internet? If yes then why you do it for free? There are some ways by which you can earn money by watching online videos. So if you have spare time in the day that you waste by just watching videos then you could make this beneficial by earning from it. There are many sites and apps that provide this opportunity and every app and site has its own methods and it is up to you to decide which to use. Earnings from these side hustles can gradually increase your income.



1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most famous and legit site to earn from doing short tasks you usually do on the internet. For watching videos on Swagbucks you will earn SB points. These videos could be of world news, sports events or any other videos. This site also pays its user for watching sponsor videos. If you want to earn more SB points you can take surveys on this site or vote in polls or just surf the internet on their site. One of the method to boost your income is to do online shopping on Swagbucks. There is a certain limit to be get paid and when you reach that limit you could redeem your SB points in to PayPal cash or you can get gift cards to use at famous retailers.


2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a get paid to website having a trust pilot rating of 4.1 out of 5. This site provides an opportunity to you to earn points for watching online videos. This site is one of the famous among the listed site and has paid $400 million to its users till now. You can watch videos from number of topics daily to earn points and if you want to boost the amount of points you earn you can play games, sign up for offer or take surveys to get extra points. This site also offers points for reading sponsored emails. After reaching a certain limits of points you can redeem the points in to gift cards or PayPal cash. One of the best thing about this site is that you will earn $5 for just signing up.


3. Viggle

This app specializes in earning by watching online videos. This app provides one of the easiest method to earn money and you just have to watch TV or your favorite shows and you will earn. You will earn one point per minute on Viggle and to earn you just have to open the app and watch your shows on Amazon, Hulu or Netflix. There are some shows that will help you to earn bonus points and if you want to earn more you can watch new shows because you will earn more points for new shoes. Another way to earn points on Viggle is to play games with in the app with your friends. The points you earn can be redeemed in to debit card cash or gift cards. You can use Viggle on both Android and Apple devices.


4. Netflix Taggers

Netflix is one of the most famous app to watch shows. If you are a user of Netflix and use this all the time then you should know that there is an earning opportunity for you here. On Netflix you could earn by becoming a tagger and you would have to watch videos and then suggest the appropriate tags so that people could easily find what they are looking for. To get a job regularly visit Netflix job board. This job is a time taking one and will not pay that much enough but if you are wasting your time just by watching videos at Netflix then this could be a good replacement for that.


5. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel is an app that gives you an opportunity to earn cash by providing your feedback for products and sharing your shopping history with them. On this app you will get video surveys and advertising campaigns of products which you will have to rate and then you will earn point for them. You can earn from National Consumer Panel if you have an Apple or Android phone. To boost your income on National Consumer Panel, regularly scan your receipts at their app.


6. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a smartphone app that will pay you to watch ads. This app works differently from other apps and site. This app shows ads on your lock screen and whenever you unlock the screen you see an ad. You are rewarded for watching the ad and checking the advertiser’s website is not necessary. To avoid the ad you will have to slide it right or if you are interested in that you could slide left to proceed to advertiser’s website. These ads maybe YouTube Videos or activating coupons and much more. To boost your income you can invite friends so that you could earn for referrals you make and linking your Facebook account is also a method to get more points. You can use Slidejoy on both Android and Apple devices.


7. Nielsen Digital Voice

This is a site that will pay you for sharing your browsing history and sharing what you do on the internet with them. This is an easy to use portal and the earning is legit. To get started you will have to download their app and after that you just have to use your smartphone as you use it normally. You can either watch videos or do any other web activity and you will earn rewards for that. In order to boost your income at Nielson Digital Voice you can also take part in surveys. One of the benefit of this app is that you are automatically entered in their monthly sweepstake when you use their app. You could win the grand prize of 10 thousand dollars or you could be the one in 400 who wins smaller cash prize.


8. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen TV ratings is one of institution that provides ratings of the TV shows. Unfortunately you cannot join them by your own will and Nielson choose randomly for this. They pay people for watching TV and record their watch history. For many years ratings for TV shows is collected by these families. You will have to check your mail so that you could check whether you are invited to become a Nielson family. There are more chances of becoming a Nielson Family in the sweep season months that are February, May, July and November.


9. Send Earnings

This is another get paid to website that pays you to watch online videos. Send Earnings is owned by Inbox Dollars and have almost the same options as Inbox Dollars but with some expectations. On this site you can also earn points by shopping, surfing the internet or taking surveys. You will be rewarded with $5 for joining this site and the points can be redeemed in to cash or gift cards.


10. Quik Rewards

Quik Rewards is a get paid to website like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks. You will earn for the little tasks you do on the internet. You will earn points for the activities you do on Quik Rewards. You can earn points by watching online videos, reading emails, taking surveys and completing other tasks. One of the method to earn more points is shopping through Quik Rewards and on top of that you can earn 25% cash back. You can only access Quik Rewards if you are a resident of United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The points you earn on Quik Rewards can be redeemed in to gift cards that you can use on famous retailers and you could also ask for PayPal cash.


11. Creations Rewards

Creation Rewards is also a get paid to website that will help you to earn cash for doing short tasks. These tasks include watching online videos, playing games and reaching certain levels, surfing the internet and new websites, taking surveys etc. you are also rewarded for referring your friends on this website. You are rewarded $5 when you join this website. Shopping is one of the activity that will help you to earn more points on this site. The points you earn can be redeemed into PayPal cash or gift cards just like other get paid to websites.


12. Paid2YouTube

This is an amazing site that will let you earn by just watching YouTube videos. You will get points for every video you watch of any topic. To earn you will have to join their website and watch YouTube videos posted on their website. You will earn more points when you will rate videos, do comments or subscribe to channels. You will also earn when you will invite your friends to join this website. This is one of the easiest method to earn money and when you will earn that much points that could be redeemed for $10 cash then you could ask for a payout via PayPal.

These were some of the apps and sites that will help you to earn cash by watching videos and TV shows. You can make your earning opportunities more flexible if you have smartphone and that will enable you to watch videos wherever you are. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of watching online videos and earning from them.


Posted on: 09/09/2020

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