10 Best Travelling Discounts Websites

It is been said that whenever you feel low or need a break, you should go on a vacation or simply. If you have been on vacations in the past you must know that traveling costs a lot. Like you have to pay the flight expenses, hotel expenses and the food costs. When you sum up all these it becomes a big number and you must find a way to get some discounts in order to enjoy your trip with full spirits. You can also find 7 cheap places to travel too.

Sometimes the travelling is not for the vacations, it could be for business and some personal matters. But in that case it is obvious that you cannot miss those trips. Thus today I have bought up a list of some services and websites that will help you to save money while you are travelling. These savings could be in flight costs, hotel rents and other expenses. There are different methods to get discounts from each service or website. So let us start from the first,

1. Trip Advisor

One of the famous websites for booking for your trips and reading people reviews is Trip Advisor. There is a lot to find on this website and you can make your trip more comfortable by using this site. When you will search for different hotels, flights, restaurants and other services you can read people reviews about that services and then can book according to your requirements. You can find discounts and packages for trips on Trip Advisor. You can also use their app to plan your days while you are in a vacation as this app will let you know about all the popular spots of the city in which you are residing.


2. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights is one of the best ways to get discounts on flights. Using this site will help you save more than 50% of your flight costs and I will tell you how. The working of this site is much different from the other sites. You will have to sign up for their emails and then they will inform you about the best deals. All the flight prices are often decreased at times and sometimes companies lowers the rates. So whenever there is a change like that the Scott’s Cheap Flights will inform you through the email. They have a software that keep’s on checking the changes and it will also calculate the time that these prices will remain for. So by using this site you may have to change the time and schedule of your trip but you will be able to save a big amount on flights costs.


3. Booking.com

One of the most famous travelling website is Booking.com. You can book for hotels, flights, car rents, tours and other activities that are involved in a vacation. You can get discounts on almost every service they offer and you can also get special packages while you book for more than one service like a hotel and a flight.
You can also earn from Booking.com as it will let you list your home or apartment for rent if you live in a famous place. So you can use Booking.com as the same as AirBnb in order to earn money. While you are on a trip instead of leaving your home empty you should list it to Booking.com so that you could save more while you are on the trip.


4. Hotwire

Hotwire is another place to book for hotels, flights and car rental while you are planning for a vacation. You would have to pay as much as the price of direct booking but you can save more money by booking hotels and flights at the same time. This would help you to save a good amount of money. This site also has express deals that you can take. In these express deals you will not know the exact name of the flight and the stops but you can get a good discount. So if you do not have any issues of time then you can take these deals which will help you save more money.


5. Priceline

Priceline is the one of the simplest website that you can use to book hotels, flights and cars. There are many options available for you when you are looking for hotels or flights. You can boost your savings by getting discounts and packages from this site. When you book for the hotels and the flights at the same time you get a vulnerable discounts. There are express deals on this site that does not allow you to see the hotel details until you have booked but gives you the maximum discounts. This type of express deals are best for those people who does not have any issues in living in any part of the city.


6. Kayak

Kayak is a site that will help you to get the best deal available on the internet with maximum savings. This site is basically a search engine with the best deal aggregator. The company also gives a lot of offers and promotions and will also let you know about an offer even it is not from their websites if it suits you. You can get the best deals on flights, hotels restaurants or even a full vacation package while using Kayak.


7. Orbitz

Orbitz is one of site that is used to book hotels, flights, cars and vacation packages. They have a different method of giving away discount that is they have their own rewards program in which you earn cashbacks on the services you buy from Orbitz. You will get cash backs in the form of Orbucks and then you can use these Orbucks to get discount on hotel stays. You will get 5% of cash back when you will buy a hotel service from Orbitz. 3% on hotels and 1% on vacation packages. You can earn more rewards by using most of their services and can then get discount on your next hotel stay.


8. Hotels.com

Hotels.com is a travelling website on which you can book flights, vacation packages and hotel bookings. This site has one of the largest listing of hotels around the world and you can find hotel prices as less as 50% if compared with the regular ones. There are many deals available at their site anytime and you can avail many if you want to save more on your vacations. You can also get last minute cut rate deals if you want to book hotels after you have left for your journey.
Another way to save money from Hotels.com is its reward program which will help you to get points and then redeem it for discounts on number of hotels around the world. To earn a reward you will have to stay at a hotel for 10 nights that you have booked from their site. You will get an average cost of the 10 nights as your reward points.


9. Jetsetter

One of the other place to save money on travelling is Jetsetter. This is an online magazine that will also offer you deals so that you could save maximum money on hoteling. You can only book for hotels on Jetsetter. They also offer flash deals on their website from which you can save on 50% of your hotel expenses. There are not many options available so if you want to have a good saving you will have to show some flexibility about where you want to go but if you do so it is worth it.


10. Travelocity

Another place to save money on your vacations is Travelocity. It is one of the travel agency where you can book flights, cars, hotels, cruise and even full vacation packages. You can become their member so that you could get 10% off on your next vacation hotel and as a member you would also get some special deals that you can avail for your vacation. If you are not a member you can still get some of the best deals as this site posts public deals too. So if you want to get one you would have to keep checking their website.


So these were some of the best travelling apps and services that you can use to get discounts on your travelling. You can get discounts while you are travelling for any purpose. There are some other tricks that you should keep in mind so that you could maximize the savings. There are sites like Rakuten that gives cashback to its users. So whenever you are booking for your flight or hotel, you should open the sites like Rakuten and then in that site you can search for the desired travelling website. There are no charges for cashback websites so you will be able to earn some free money while you will avail discount on the travelling site too. Another way is to keep checking the airline ticket prices as they fluctuate the prices many times on weekly basis. So you have a good chance of saving money if you keep a check on it. Thus these simple tricks could help you even save more money while on a trip.

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Posted on: 09/10/2020

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